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17th > January > 2014 Archive

IBM plays with its Lego, hits upon System X server redesign brainwave

New modular systems pack in Ivy Bridge Xeon E7s, eXFlash flash, and much more

Google Glass driver told she CAN wear techno-specs while on the road

If they're switched off. Glass definitely half empty for cops

FCC boss: I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never gonna keep net neutrality down

Watchdog'll be singing even when he's not winning

Put down that airbrush, now you can touch up hot models in REAL LIFE

Adobe wheels out 3D printer support for Photoshop Creative Cloud

Mexican drink-driver shopped to cops - by his own gobby parakeet

Owner has last laugh after dragging winged pal to jail too

Java, Android were THE wide-open barn doors of security in 2013 - report

Cisco research claims two techs led to nearly all of the exploits

Now we're cookin' on gas: Google crafts sugar-alert contact lens for diabetics

Finally, some real technology: Tiny gadget warns peeps when glucose levels are low

Riverbed: We don't want your steenkin' $3.1 BEELLION

Not for taking over our company, anyway, Elliot

'Xiaomi is good enough to break the American market' - Apple's Woz

QuotwPlus: 'No-one knows what the new Dell is or what is happening to their roles'

EU eyes UHF spectrum: What do you think, biz bods... broadband?

Steelie Neelie gives ex-WTO boss six months to gather opinions

KPMG cuts its funding for's Cyber Security Challenge

'We are not a recruitment agency,' snaps back CSC chief

MANIC MINERS: Ten Bitcoin generating machines

Product Round-upCrank out those coins: A selection of tools for the new Gold Rush

HP EliteBook 840G1: Sometimes it's an Ultrabook, sometimes it's not

ReviewA 14-incher that's more for spills than thrills

Pay-as-you-GONE: Help! T Mobile's swiped my phone credit – customers

Readers complain about disappearing mobile minutes

KC engineer 'exposed unencrypted spreadsheet with phone numbers, user IDs, PASSWORDS'

ExclusiveHull-based ISP investigates possible data gaffe spotted by customer

International child abuse webcam ring smashed after routine police check

Kids rescued after abuse vids sent to thousands of sick pervs worldwide

How flash storage raced from glory to despair in 2013

And back again. For some...

My name is Dabbsy and I am an EMAILOHOLIC

Something for the Weekend, Sir?I can give this up any time I want. Honest

Cybercrooks slide fingers into TELLIES+FRIDGES, spam splurge ensues

DON'T OPEN THAT - your media centre has become a FRAUDSTER

EE owners: Yeah, we're cool with things as they are... IPO? Nah, not really

Deutsche Telekom and Orange decide to hang onto Blighty's largest mobile operator

How to survive the end-of-quarter SLOGFEST

OpinionThank the back office for clinching that bonus

Bitcoin's so over. We're mining Primeco... Oh SNAP, my box is a ZOMBIE!

Malware writers target would-be fans of new cryptocurrency

LOHAN develops amazing mind-reading powers

Autopilot radio rig flies in ahead of Vulture 2 brain transplant

Array with you: IBM takes on upstarts with new RamSan flash cram

Up to 48TB of the fast flashy stuff

Ninten-DOH! Japanese giant slashes Wii U sales forecasts by 70%

Clearly they need a red boiler suit and some mushrooms

IBM pumps $1.2bn into 15 new data centres

Move will MASSIVELY beef up IBM's SoftLayer cloud capacity

Acer writes off MEELLIONS again, scraps raw materials

CEO grabs shovel in bid to 'dig' itself out of a profit-less hole

EMC confirms arrival of channel vet as COO EMEA

Ex-Colt and Computacenter man Walsh set to become 2nd in command

Google grabs slice of interwebs for EVERYONE (who speaks Japanese)

Chocolate Factory claims first gTLD with Japanese suffix

Tech City UK boss legs it, dumps project in lap of BlackBerry exec

Why be a CEO when there's a non-exec directorship up for grabs elsewhere?

Apple badmouthing of court's monitor proves it NEEDS him - judge

You like him, don't you?

Crippling server 'leccy bill risks sinking OpenBSD Foundation

We need $20k right now and someone to pay our future bills, is anybody game?

Feds to flog off $28m in Bitcoin from Silk Road drug souk seizure

Calling it a biz 'designed to broker criminal transactions' doesn't stop them cashing in

Smog-hit Beijing shows sunsets on a giant TV to remind people what the sun looks like

PicsHere's something to take your breath away, citizens

Obama reveals tiny NSA reforms ... aka reforming your view of the NSA

Prez announces tweaks here and there for ordinary American citizens

Intel confirms it will axe 5,400 workers in 2014

UpdatedLast year saw hiring – this year will see the reverse

Trio allege in court: You sold our ZIP codes, Apple, now hand over $5m!

Class-action suit claims touting personal info breaks Massachusetts state law

Dart 1.1 bullseyes JavaScript performance in latest benchmarks

Compiled apps now match or beat handwritten JavaScript

Do cops need a warrant to search your phone? US Supreme Court will rule

Two cases will decide whether police can peek at your selfies

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