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8th > January > 2014 Archive

Guess what happened when T-Mobile US's boss trolled AT&T's CES party

CES 2014What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas

Whoa, hold on, Earth: Wolfram's discovered the 'Internet of Things'

Your Panopticon starts here

Yahoo!, Summly to publish News Digest: An app for Generation-TL;DR

CES 2014Mayer & Co. reckon you're too lazy stupid busy to click on this link

Bosch launches obligatory Internet of Things push

New division consolidates sensor interests

Red Hat teams up with community-based RHEL lookalike CentOS

New partnership lends funds, devs to free Linux distro

Circuits so flexible they'd wrap around your hair

Stick this in your eye

ALIEN WORLD Beta Pictoris snapped by Earth's Gemini 'scope

May seem like a few pixels, but it's a decade of work

OpenSUSE forums hacked in ANOTHER vBulletin attack

Email addresses exposed but passwords safe

Ex-Sun mafioso sleeps with the VCs: Netflix guru quits to help fund startups

Got cloud? He's got a briefcase full of valley lucre and wants to know

Apple lifts skirt, flashes leg at shoppers on Chinese web mall

Cupertino opens TMall store to snare more PRC punters

Thought the toilet camera was weird? Try actual thumb flash drives from tech's supershow

CES 2014LaCie's weighted, rounded bottom was a big hit

Block The Pirate Bay? Arrr, me hearties, new P2P client could sink that plan

Crypto-friendly torrent tech aims to ditch DNS altogether

Pre-Xmas phone numbers: Apple slips, Windows Phone grabs 1 in 10 new sales

But US still dodging Microsoft's smartphone...

Oracle swallows Corente, hopes to kick rivals in software networking bits

Larry Ellison's firm joins the SDN crowd

Justice minister tries to further delay snoop silo laws in Germany

Opposes Coalition's position on EU data retention directive - report

Virgin Media spanked by ad watchdog over 'in your neighbourhood' fibs

Also whacked for claiming over 80% of a given postcode was connected

Indirect proposition: Inside IBM UK software supremo's profit plan

InterviewPartners and tackling that PC myth...

Low power WON'T bag ARM the server crown. So here's how to upset Intel

ExclusiveEx-veep spills beans on where chip upstart Calxeda went wrong

All-flash array fettler Pure Storage: Snowball, sueballs and... an IPO?

Source tells El Reg that startup is preparing to float

Campaign to kick NSA man from crypto standards group fails

Co-chair's ousting would 'limit the body of expertise', argues chairman

Sony seeks mojo reboot with 147-inch 'honey-you-can't-afford-me' 4K home projector

CES 2014The price tag for 'wow-inspiring' kit? It's ultra high dosh...

Apple asks judge to axe ebook price-fixing watchdog

Fruity firm begs court to punt Bromwich west..

Facebook spies Little Eye, gulps it down: They said we needed mobile

Zuck buys Indian startup that tests Android apps

iOS motion control iRing here at last ... but it's NOT made by Apple

CES 2014Waving, not clowning, with proximity sensing and SDK for all

Twitter co-founder wraps tentacles around Q&A market, squirts out Jelly

Biz Stone and Bono-backed app relies on, er, GROUP MIND

US Navy trials GIANT ROBOTIC SPYBIRD for coastal patrols

MQ-4C's 40m wingspan rivals commercial airliners

Microsoft's next CEO: Who it WON'T be – Ford turn-around chief Mulally

Round up the usual post Ballmer suspects, folks

Cygnus space truck poised for blast-off (again) TODAY

Update 2Private space station delivery scheduled for today

Infosec experts boycott RSA conflab over alleged 'secret' NSA contract

Pioneering security firm were allegedly paid $10m to use flawed algorithm

Shambolic search for new head of EU privacy watchdog halted

ExclusiveCandidates not up to scratch - position will be left vacant from 16 Jan

Whew! 13-year-old lawsuit finally over, but it did smack our bottom line - Micron

Still, there's $4bn in quarterly revenues - DRAM, bam, thank you NAND

Speaking in Tech: When will I buy a 4K TV? When they make one that LOOKS COOL

PodcastPlus: Really, people are STILL doing desktop VDI?

New snaps show dazzling young galaxies furiously spawning stars - 13 BILLION years ago

Luminous beauties found in Hubble's deepest ever pic of galaxy cluster

Google tickled with TINY fine from French privacy watchdog

Pathetic penalty is a record figure for CNIL, apparently

Let's-a go: Nintendo shares spike as China says yes to foreign console sales

Shanghai Free Trade Zone set to boost Chinese games market


Certainly one way to avoid furious San Franciscians

Prez Bush email hacker Guccifer is BACK: A-list celebs' inboxes 'raided'

Cyber-crook logic: Cops are on my tail, so I best confess my crimes to a reporter

No sign of Half-Life 3 but how about FOURTEEN Steam Machine makers?

CES 2014If you fancy a $6,000 Linux-powered games console, insert coin

Citrix counters Amazon's ambush of virtual desks with Framehawk gobble

Framebuffer-spurting tech is an answer to AWS Workspaces

Haters of lurid supershow CES: The consumer tech market is still SHRINKING

CES 2014Good news if you're sick of the annual seething mass of throwaway gizmos

BlackBerry CEO: I LOVE keyboards, so if you want them, you'll get them

CES 2014Future handhelds to feature real buttons 'predominantly'

Atlassian's UK-IPO plans: Smart business isn't a disaster

Start-up advocates miss the point

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