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6th > January > 2014 Archive

Chocolate Factory plans Oz Loon trials: reports

Google cosies up to carriers for Tasmanian test

US BACKDOORED our satellites, claim UAE

French sat contract at risk

Hacker backdoors Linksys, Netgear, Cisco and other routers

Does anyone take consumer security seriously?

China in MASSIVE rare earths industry consolidation

Back to the drawing board as Beijing takes control

Time travellers outsmart the NSA

No sign of them on the Internet - yet

Earth cops first asteroid impact of 2014

Tiny intruder nearly missed by everyone

Hong Kong to welcome planet's second EVER Bitcoin ATM

Cash-for-crypto-currency machines set for Asian invasion

Italian woman stunned by exploding artichoke

Police probe third case of volatile veg

China's Coolpad predicts 40 MEEELLION 4G sales in 2014

Smartphone upstart bids to topple Samsung in Middle Kingdom


Boffins fab 'gigayear' demo...'We didn't account for theft, nuclear explosion'

Bill Gates is once again the richest man on Earth

Ex-Microsoftie rolling in a cool - WAIT, HOW MANY BILLIONS?!?

Apple: C'mon, flick on iBeacon. Let us track you. You'll get BADGES

CES 2014Blue Peter for fanbois at consumer electronics show

Justice Ministry to spaff £70k finding out how prisoners like to use ILLEGAL mobes

Cheaper than 'prohibitively expensive' jamming gear

How to kill trolls and influence Apple people: A patent solution

Why Patent Ass. entities need a kicking

UNREAL, dude: Nvidia uncloaks Tegra K1 graphics monster for your mobile ... and CAR

CES 2014And guess what, tinfoil hatters: the little green men didn't make that 'crop circle'

Fasthosts goes titsup after storm-induced power outage

UpdatedIt's NOTHING TO DO WITH FLOODING. At all. Got it?

Planning to rob a Windows ATM? Ditch the sledgehammer and bring a USB STICK

Infosec bods demonstrate hack again in forlorn hope banks might notice this time

I'm Godden outta here: Coraid's EMEA top dog joins upstart Zerto

Peter Godden floats from scale-out Ethernet into the clouds

Two white dwarfs and superdense star. Yup, IDEAL for gravity lab in the sky - boffins

Unique system may help show ACTUAL SITUATION where general relativity breaks down

Bluetooth 4 BLING: Fashion, not tech, will sell those wearables – wireless chip maker

CES 2014With this ring, I thee web

Malware! tainted! ads! infect! thousands! of! Yahoo! users!

Visit homepage, collect a banking Trojan, do not pass go, do not collect £200

Dell confirms Chromebook for Blighty

CES2014But don't hold your breath for the under-£200 US price

Pervy TOILET CAMERA disguised as 'flash drive' sparks BOMB SCARE on Boeing 767

'Flashcam' causes emergency landing

Bitcoin blasts past $1,000 AGAIN after Zynga accepts cryptocurrency

Spend 1BTC, buy yourself millions of virtual farm acres

Seagate's LaCie whips out bonkers posh silver-plated storage ball

CES 2014Apple's not the only one with 'design' chic

Ex-VMware bods start up infrastructure firm, draw 'inspiration' from Google

Diane Greene-backed firm talks virtualised server data-sensing and analysis

NHS carelessly slings out plans to 26.5 million Brits

'Junk mail' leaflets scattered across England's nameless households

Naked Aussie gets wedged in washing machine

Cue cops, paramedics, firefighters, search and rescue team, olive oil

Post-BT crypto guru Schneier gets new gig at startup

Securo-boffin to join incidents response firm

Steam and Origin gamers knocked offline by SEPARATE DDoS attacks

OK, who hates fun?

NSA refuses to deny spying on members of Congress

Legislators 'have the same privacy protections as all U.S. persons'

Gorilla Glass fights dirty, dirty germs with antimicrobial coating

Ionic silver surface will help to keep fondleslabs clean

Telecomms dragging down services industries: AIG

Dogged by 'NBN uncertainty'

Bay Area plots Googlebus tax after local residents riot

Local gov takes crumbs from rich cos to salve anti-gentrification protestors' woes

Scientists discover supervolcano trigger that could herald humanity's doom

Turns out we may get very little warning before big bang

Data caps be damned, AT&T says providers can pay for mobile broadband

Carrier acknowledges data caps hurt internet business

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