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23rd > December > 2013 Archive

The Pirate Bay changes domain again … TWICE!

Evicted from .PE and .GY now back in .SE

RSA comes out swinging at claims it took NSA's $10m to backdoor crypto

In summary: Yes, the biz worked with spies. But it knew about a gaping hole? No, siree!

US Department of Justice details Kim Dotcom evidence

MegaUpload labelled 'Mega Conspiracy'

Feuding fanbois in a flap over piracy haven in new iOS 7 jailbreak tool

Controversy over Chinese app store

It's the dream: Bill Gates chucks cash at WEE-IN-YOUR-PHONE project

Charitable Microsoft kingpin supports urine batteries project

Eggheads give two robots vodka and tell them to text each other FOR SCIENCE

Cyber-pheromone cocktails shaken, not stirred

California OLDSTER in WILD golf course SKATEBOARDING spree

Still world's most boring sport...

DJANGO UNCHAINED: Don't let 'preview' apps put you off Fedora 20

ReviewDear Fedora peeps: Why, oh why, oh why?

Nato, UN, NGOs slug it out with namespace biz bods: IMHO... STFU

ICA gripes about demands for protection of acronyms

Gift-giving gotchas: How to avoid Xmas morning EMBARRASSMENT

Gadget... check. Wrapping... check. Content... check. Batteries... er...

We don't need no STEENKIN' exploit brokers: Let's FLATTEN all bug bounties

The good, the bad and the ugly - all $150k apiece

Will Amazon spin up its OWN disk-based archive in 2014?

Blocks and FilesNearline archive would be just the thing to fend off attacks from EVault's LTS2

BT tweaks WORDING of sex-ed web block after complaints

'Cos that was the problem, right?

HP: A firmware update is just for Christmas, not for EVA

... if you don't have a maintenance deal, you're out in the cold

HDDs? Array with them... All-flash pusher Pure on its plans for 2014

Storage upstart hopes to make headway against all-flash rivals

Official: Apple hooks up with WORLD'S LARGEST MOBILE OPERATOR

Not just a casual fling, they've signed a contract and all

HP: This Xmas, get the SACK... and not the one filled with presents

20 December email offers staffers chance to take redundo

Xyratex being bought by Seagate in $374m Xmas splurge

Yay, Santa's brought a stockingful of hard disk test kit and HPC arrays

Click here to beat David Cameron's web porn ban

Chrome extension gives grumble flicks - and other 'filtered' stuff - a helping hand

HP clampdown on 'unauthorised' server fixing to start in January

Exclusive'Budget-conscious' IT types, no more cheap deals for you...

Samsung: Men, our Gear smartwatch will make you a hit with the sexy ladies

VideoSouth Koreans hit 88mph, go back to the 1970s with creepy advert

Who's the best-built bot that makes the US military hot? SCHAFT!

VideoCan you dig it? Google-backed boffins bag DARPA robot contest prize

Self-destructing selfies? Not so fast! Snapchat now offers one-time Replay

'Sorry, I couldn't see – er – HEAR you the first time'

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