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11th > December > 2013 Archive

Poker ace's vanishing hotel laptop WAS infected by card-shark – F-Secure

Trojan on 'swiped' laptop could peek at player's hand, we're told

Oracle showers gold on OpenStack, dreams of open-source splashback

Joins the Foundation – but where are the code contributions, Larry?

Rambus versus Micron FINALLY OVER

Lawsuit fizzles with license deal

Nokia offers India £224 MEELLION to keep Microsoft deal on track

Finnish firm could be lumbered with HUGE Chennai factory

China's answer to AIRPOCALYPSE: Fire up the supercomputer

Tianhe-1A enlisted to analyse the cause of smoggy days

Oz couple get jiggy in pharmacy in 'banned' condom ad

NSFWAn earth-moving viral marketing success

ESA readies Rosetta for next year's comet touchdown

Pssst … time to wake up

GOV.UK's criminal record check IT job blow: Home Office snubs new design

Tough times for web bods as they also cough to 4-month rollout delays

eBay head honcho: Amazon drone delivery plan is 'FANTASY'

You keep farting about with flying bots; we live in the real world, says John Donahoe

NO XMAS PRESENTS FOR Google Now and Siri: Chirpy scamps get a C+

Analyst's test shows Cupertino dumping Google's results, both must try HARDER

Los Angeles' weather is just like Mordor, says Brit climate prof

And you oughta hear what he compares Leicestershire to

Got a one-of-a-kind N9? Get ready to adopt Meego's baby Sailfish

New lease of life for Nokia's cult classic

Ten top tech toys to interface with a techie’s Christmas stocking

Xmas Round-upGifts for the geek in your life - and that means YOU

Dell bundles data mgmt AND flash into 1.2m IOPS flashy array

Flashy upstarts, the big boys are coming for your necks

Unstoppable data growth in storage has ... er, stopped

EMC remains dancing atop shrinking storage sales number-pile

How the UK's national memory lives in a ROBOT in Kew

Geek's Guide to BritainEl Reg visits the National Archives

Drooping smartphone sales mean hard times ahead for Brit chipmaker

Imagination Tech says Big Two mobemakers shipping fewer units in Q2

Quadrillion-dollar finance house spams Reg reader with bankers' private data

ExclusiveFat fingers dump network dumps in 20,000 emails

What you need to know about moving to the Azure public cloud

Report from the frontline

Bjork, 500+ novelist pals ask UN for 1 bill of digital rights to RULE 'EM ALL

Global rulers are SURE to listen to United Nations, riiiiight?

Speeding cops, fearsome drops and Death Star shops

Game TheoryEnough next-gen kit already – here’s the best of the rest

Euro judge flings out Cisco beefs against Microsoft-Skype deal

We just want standards-based interoperability, pleads networking colossus

I KNOW how to SAVE Microsoft. Give Windows 8 away for FREE – analyst

Redmond would be better off flinging out latest OS while it still can, we're told

'PSST, HAVE A GO ON THIS!' Joyent racks up gear for Amazon haters

New 'eCommerce' tech targets people that can't bear to give cash to Bezos and Co

Hey Linux newbie: If you've never had a taste, try perfect Petra ... mmm, smells like Mint 16

ReviewUbuntu for oldskoolers

Sky broadband goes TITSUP ALL DAY, thwarts Brits' Xmas web shopping

Ho ho h– Connection reset by peer

In what-took-them-so-long news: Spotify touts free Android, iOS music app

And now you can shuffle a stairway to heaven with Led Zeppelin deal

Ballmer: 'We made more money than almost anybody on the PLANET'

And then Apple came along, sighs Microsoft's soon-to-be-ex-CEO

Just when you were considering Red Hat Linux 6.5, here comes 7

Next beta release brings usual enterprise improvements

Want more software built for HANA? Cry us a River, SAP. Oh wait, you have

New dev language for polishing backends, plus HTML5 tools open-sourced

New York City plans massive free Wi-Fi zone

Harlem to get 95 blocks of wireless coverage

Government launches 'rights and freedoms' inquiry

Corporate regulations really weigh on the individual

Meet NASA's Valkyrie: A silky busty robo superhero that'll save your life

VideoSpace agency thinks with its Johnson, builds Iron (wo)Man for Mars colony

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