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9th > December > 2013 Archive

Oz Government: TPP papers will stay secret

First we sign, then you see

DARPA seeks game players to join bug-hunt

No prize, but you get to play for free

Chinese gamer plays on while BMW burns to the ground

Nanjing man saved by incredulous passer-by

Cheap 3D printer works with steel

Next: a printed gun that's dangerous and affordable

A whopping one in four Apple fanbois uses OBSOLETE TECH

Just one in four fruity fans now lag behind the rest, warn earnest admen

'Leaked Intel roadmap' promises... er, gear that could die after 7 months

But don't worry, there's still two others coming in spring 2014

SGI flutters onto corpse of Starboard Storage, pecks away at assets

Failed upstart's tech will live on as production spools up again

iSPY: Apple Stores switch on iBeacon phone sniff spy system

Hey BOB, you sure you don't wanna iThing? Look, there they are! Huh? Huh?

WTF is... NFV: All your basestations are belong to us

Intel and rather a lot of telcos want networks to operate like data centres

Spinning rust and tape are DEAD. The future's flash, cache and cloud

Blocks and FilesI have seen the future, and it is white and fluffy

Amazon won't break into sweat about Google's cloud. Yet

Who's No. 2, Microsoft? declares digital success as PR, food shops redefined as 'tech' businesses

AnalysisArtisanal tripe to follow?

NASA invites you to sleepover: Stay up and watch 'FIREBALL RICH' Geminid shower

One weekend, lots of space debris, a waxing gibbous moon, a coupla beers...

Helghast-ly holiday: Killzone Shadow Fall

ReviewRed-eyed raiders are back in the PS4’s key launch title

PayPal 13 plead guilty to launching DDoS attacks

As Ebay chairman pleads: Don't make payback a bitch for them

Microsoft tarts up software licensing to fend off 'a few clicks and a credit card' rivals

'Why do I need to speak to a rocket scientist every time I buy Microsoft?'

If you want an IT job you'll need more than a degree, say top techies

Real world experience more highly valued, says survey

Trustmarque swallows Scot services house Opin Systems

First buy since summer MBO and refinance deal

Crown Representative: SME biz is huge... but I don't have exact figures

Look into my eyes, not around the eyes, look into my eyes...

EU legal eagle Legal: Data protection reforms 'very bad outcome' for citizens

One-stop shop for biz rule faces human rights challenge from EU Council

This one time at Apple Camp... Tech titan offers to school US fanbois on coding

Or they can sit down at Microsoft for an hour... if they can pay attention that long

HP fleshes out faster, flashier 3PAR storage gear

HP Discover conferenceSoftware speedup and bigger 7450 drives

Oi, Obama. Rein your spooks in, demands web giants' alliance

Where the US leads, the world follows – or so tech's big dogs hope

Developer CEO 'liable for copyright infringement' over unlawful tool

Court injunction bans 'JDownloader2', but exec may appeal

Where do HPC brainbox students go after ULTIMATE VICTORY?

HPC vidIf you're hiring or looking for an intern, check out these bad boys - and girls

To fel with you! There's an NSA spook in my World of Warcraft

By the blood elves of Azeroth... I'll bash that TROLL to BITS!

How UK air traffic control system was caught asleep on the job

We reveal the touchy culprit behind major NATS glitch

Tech Data granted one more stay of execution by NASDAQ

Time to get accounts in order or get off the stock exchange, distie admits

'Don't hate on me for my job!' Googlers caught up in SF rent protest ruckus

Ad giant's commute shuttle halted by angry San Franciscans

IBM turns plastic bottles into life-saving 'ninja' MRSA, fungus fighters

VideoEnd of the line for drug-resistant killer stalking hospitals?

NASA Mars tank Curiosity rolls on old WET PATCH, sighs, sniffs for life signs

PicRadiation readings suggest trip to Red Planet and surface sojourn is safe

FreeBSD abandoning hardware randomness

'Cannot trust them any more'

Grace Hopper gave us COBOL, 'debugging' and inspiration. So Google gave her a Doodle

DISPLAY 'Animated tribute to pioneer'. STOP RUN

It's true, the START MENU is coming BACK to Windows 8, hiss sources

'Threshold' updates to restore beloved UI in 2015

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