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7th > December > 2013 Archive

Frustrated fanbois rejoice as Facebook releases MIDAS Mac security tool

Open source framework lets admins homebrew their own tools

ICANN posts guidelines to avoid gTLD mix-ups

Admins advised to watch out for name collisions

Developer unleashes bowel-shaking KILLER APP for Google Glass

Glassholes will be making noise about this for years to come

US Supreme Court to preside over software patents case

Decision could help shift legal handling in code disputes

Apple's spamtastic iBeacon retail alerts launch with Frisco FAIL

In-store nagification system to be up and running in time for holiday spending orgy

Submerged Navy submarine successfully launches drone from missile tubes

Das Dröne

El Reg's contraptions confessional no.2: Tablet PC, CRT screen and more

Cache in the AtticSometimes old kit is the only tech that does the job

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