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5th > December > 2013 Archive

NSA collects up to FIVE BILLION mobile phone locations daily

Latest Snowden leaks expose massive mobile surveillance

United Nations launches fleet of surveillance drone patrols

Africa as test bed for new technology

Australian political games could see full TPPA treaty revealed

Secretive treaty with nasty IP provisions a step closer to scrutiny

FCC greenlights Verizon buyout of Vodafone

Approval given for $130bn deal

Customs cops shutter 700+ domains in global anti-piracy blitz

Sites selling counterfeit goods seized in US, Europe and Hong Kong

Quantum crypto pitches for data centre links

100 Gbps, ten channels, one box doing real live quantum crypto today

FCC boss hints at change to neutrality policy

'Pay for priority' set to be revisited?

Pivotal and CapGemini jump into 'Big Data Lake'

New partnership will see hundreds of devs swimming in same direction

Radio amateurs fret over interference

FM, DAB protected, not ham frequencies

Microsoft: Anonymous hacktivists DDoSed us? Really?

So Anonymous, we didn't even register their, ahem, 'total domain takedown'

Microsoft's new partner will TOUCH IT DOWN UNDER

Redmond and Melbourne Uni team on 'social natural user interface' research centre

Japanese mobes to stop punters TXTing themselves under a bus

Android app will flash friendly warnings about dangers of TXTing while walking

Consumer disks trump enterprise platters in cloudy reliability study

Spinning results about spinning rust's reliability rates

Hear that? It's the sound of BadBIOS wannabe chatting over air gaps

LANs-free prototype mimics notorious rootkit

Germany: SAP's software licensee conditions are INVALID

Court rules they're 'contrary to EU principles' after complaint from reseller

Hybrid flash mutant Tegile: Array with Dell, we say... 100 times

Upstart claims it's replacing giant's boxes

Lightning strikes USB bosses: Next-gen jacks will be REVERSIBLE

You can't jam 'em into existing slots, though... Apple-inspired connector to debut next year

In the cloud storage gateway game? Prepare to be Amazoned

The Bezos boys are coming

Oh no, RBS has gone titsup again... but is it JUST BAD LUCK?

StoragebodYou'll be SHOCKED at how recently shillings were still in play in some banks' systems

Obama's US website woes won't hurt us, says NoSQL Euro chief

MarkLogic predicts glory from pain, signups from lower prices

Brit inventors' GRAVITY POWERED LIGHT ships out after just 1 year

PicsLift a sandbag and light up your home - all for $10

Branded server vendors: Who ate our lunch?

Oh crikey, ODMs have got a belly full of cloudy revenues

NSA sez NO to prez: Spooks ban Obama from using iPhones

Leader of the free world now chained to 'super-secure' BlackBerry One

IDS finally admits what EVERYONE ELSE already knows: Universal Credit will be late

One-dole-to-rule-'em-all held up after implementation blunders

A private Dell makes sense. Doesn't mean it'll work, though

OpinionSound economics doesn't equal business nous

NASA opens its Jupiter photo album to honour Pioneer 10

Pics40 years of Jovian portraits for your delight and delectation

Microsoft 'cautiously optimistic' about Christmas sales

Happiness is a 4.5-Amazon starred review

Microsoft: C'mon, you can trust us... look at our gov spook-busting plans

We'll challenge NSA-shielding gag orders, thunders Redmond's top legal eagle dangles £10m sweetener over bumpkin broadband hopefuls

Autumn Statement 2013'This time, we will fix the roof while the sun is shining'

World's OLDEST human DNA found in leg bone – but that's not the only boning going on...

400,000-yr-old ancestral fling throws evolution into doubt

Bluetooth Smart to tap IPv6-powered Internet of Things after 4.1 upgrade

Smartwatches and other wireless gadgetry to benefit too

Three offers free US roaming, confirms stealth 4G rollout

Really, Steelie Neelie... what's the point of you again?

'Copyrighted' Java APIs deserve same protection as HARRY POTTER, Oracle tells court

Tech wizards renew billion-dollar lawsuit over Android OS

Sick of losing out to Walmart at Xmas? Apple to price-match iPad Air, iPhone 5c

Sorry Blighty - only in the US... and only in physical shops...

People's Bank of China bans Bitcoin over 'drugs and guns' trade fears

It's a virtual good, not a proper currency that we can control, sniff Chinese moneymen

Apple said to ink deal with China Mobile, adding 760 million potential iPhone customers

'We are still negotiating,' says China Mobile. 'It's a done deal,' say leaky insiders

Google lets users slurp own Gmail, Calendar data

'Let my emails go or risk my wrath – oh, thanks very much!'

eBay chairman: 'Don't make payback a bitch for Anonymous hackers'

PayPal 14 aren't felons, says merciful Omidyar

Send in the clones: Oracle, CentOS catch up to Red Hat Linux 6.5

Lookalike Linux distros take on latest RHEL

Apple's 'Smart Dock' patent filing makes Siri your new roommate

'Siri, why do I need another peripheral when I can just ask you questions directly?'

Ford says Microsoft CEO target Mulally not going anywhere

Top exec picks Detroit over Redmond

SHOCK! US House swats trolls, passes patent 'extortion' bill

Innovation Act looks set to rush through Senate

SHOCK REVELATION: Telstra manages its networks!

Post-Snowden reporting is getting very, very, silly

Apple bests Dell for first time as preferred US consumer PC choice

Tablets? Apple beats Amazon Kindle. Streaming media players? Apple beats Roku

Amazon punters get management access controls

Resource-level permissions arrive in OpsWorks

Want to code for Google Glass in C#? Xamarin's got you covered

Cross-platform tools bring Microsoft-style app dev to Google headsets

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