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3rd > December > 2013 Archive

Eagle steals crocodile-cam, records video selfie

In-flight videoLet's see David Attenborough try this

Microsoft leaks reveal 'Threshold' projects looming in 2015

Releases could see remake of three Redmond platforms

OCZ successfully sells self to Toshiba

$US35m cheque coming for for SSD tech

Apple gets into Twitter data-mining biz with mystery Topsy buy

Surprise social networking play is a head-scratcher

Salesforce ponies up ANOTHER $1m to settle hackathon headache

Second contestants will get cash prize for disputed coding contest

Amazon wants in on single-credit-card biz

Could Bezos swipe the Coin biz model?

Darth Vader outs self as iPhone fanboi

First Sith selfie shows Dark Lord has clearly embraced the Dark Side

Stuxnet 2 in the works, claims Iranian news agency

Is it as FARS-ical as it sounds?

Saturn's moon Titan had swamps, say astroboffins

Splashdown patterns suggest space rocks landed in something squishy

They're back: The coffin-punting naked Polish calendar girls

NSFWAshes to ashes, bust to bust

Google makes Compute Engine official

Googlified VMs now run SUSE or RHEL on up to 16 cores with 99.95% SLA

SaaS superstars' cynical sales schemes make them dinosaurs-in-waiting

Quadrant-sketcher says elasticity fibs will produce snap-back of a new buying cycle

Blighty's biz bods get their paws on Nokia phondleslab

John Lewis has consumer exclusive until March

We haul big-data-sifter CloudPhysics to the testlab slab

ReviewHow many tickboxes does it take to impress sysadmin Aaron Milne?

Tape straightens its tie, speeds away from villain's lair: I think I'll die another day

Reports of sales death plunge have been greatly exaggerated

SLAPPING an iPhone out of a corporate drone's hand: You're not the only one who longs to do it

Sysadmin BlogWindows Phone in the enterprise: Ballmer's fever dream or the new reality?

Fat-walleted execs? Nope, it's a corporate tax swerve that REALLY ticks Brits off

Biz ethics survey shows UK less bothered by crazy amounts of boss pay – survey

IT MELTDOWN ruins Cyber Monday for RBS, Natwest customers

RBS Group's online banking fails, cards are declined and ATMs refuse to give out cash

All change at the top of Westcon as CEO Douglas exits

Dolph Westerbos set to rock up as top dog in January


Quarter of a million next-gen PlayStations puchased in the first 48 hours

Bring Your Own Disks: The Synology DS214 network storage box

ReviewHome NAS rig gets less expensive, less hassle-some

What is thy bidding? Han Solo’s shooter goes under the hammer

Yours for at least $200,000, says auctioneer of iconic sci-fi weapon

The only way is Office: UK Parliament to migrate to Microsoft cloud

UpdateOffice 365 rollout to become default post-election option

On the matter of shooting down Amazon delivery drones with shotguns

It won't be there. But if it was, no, you couldn't shoot it down

PC market staging a RECOVERY. (Only joking, it's through the floor)

No mercy, no let-up.... It is down, down, down until 2017

Whiting drags himself out of Riverbed, moves to head up global Fusion-io's sales team

Kit-shifter joins rejigged staff at growing upstart

Brits won't have to pay for thieves' enormous mobe bills any more and phone providers agree to cap bills on lost or stolen mobile phones

Sony brags: We've hit over 2 MEELLION PS4 console 'sales' worldwide

House - no, not that one - lauds ‘best launch in PlayStation history’

Calling Doctor Caroline Langensiepen of Nottingham Trent uni

Your student Tom Watson's assignment to write in the style of the Register

Toshiba tweaks SSD model: She's flashy, but she's not dense ENOUGH

PX02SM gets a makeover: Ahhhh, now that's the write stuff

Losses widen but Daisy Group plans to keep wolfing down companies

Chairman says size matters

RM to schools: You can have third-party kit, just not from us

Signs commission-based hardware referral plan with reseller Misco

Indian MOM sails past the Moon on the way to Mars

Mangalyaan orbiter now over half a million kilometres into its journey

Google's new cloud CRUSHES Amazon in RAM battle

Henry Ford 2.0 has a new competitor, and punters should rejoice

Apple prepping 4K resolution 12.9-inch MaxiPad – report

8.3 megapixels to aim at your retina next year

Judge upholds UK ban on HTC phones, but HTC One gets a pass – for now

Infringe Nokia's patents, pay the price

Microsoft expands Dublin bit barn to slurp Euro-Data

Major expansion for data morgue

Telstra to kill CAPTCHAs

WCAG accessibility standards on the agenda too

Junior telcos tie knot in NBN Co copper plan

FTTN becoming an omnishambles

Joyent floats commercial support for production Node.js apps

UpdatedHead to head with StrongLoop for Node.js business customers

Alcatel-Lucent pushes carriers with plan for 600,000 small cells

Push aims to beef up service in cities by scouring out prime locations

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