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2nd > December > 2013 Archive

Nexus phones carry SMS crash bug vuln

You have 1 new message: You've been p0wned

Vodafone Iceland Björked after Turkish hacker pinches passwords

One in four citizens' details spaffed over internet

Amazon floats 'Prime Air' drone delivery plan

Copies Australian and Chinese companies with odd aerial-atom-delivery experiment

Climate change makes phones obsolete: ITU

Well, in emergencies anyhow ...

Solar enthusiasts rays idea of 'leccy farms on MOON, drones

And yes there will be LOTS OF LASERS to bring the power down to earth

Chester Cathedral smites net in Wi-Fi SMUT OUTRAGE

Unholy rumpus over unfettered smut access

China's Jade Rabbit takes great hop for mankind

Rover will start looking for moon carrots in mid-December

Half of all mobes sold in South-East Asia are now smart

That's another 350m people coming online

Sick to death of Xmas? Try these explosive gift ideas

Yule picture specialThe last presents you'll ever have to buy: Guaranteed

Your browser may be up to date: But what about the PLUGINS?

Watch out when shopping online this Xmas, plead security pros who'd love to help

Meet the cluster teams: Can Slippery Rock or Sun Devils burn?

HPC blogFirst look at Slippery Rock and Arizona State $2,500 cluster teams

Confessions of a porn site boss: How the net porn industry flopped

NSFWPart 2: How Gonzo porn led to jail for some unlucky producers

I thought I was being DDOSed. Turns out I'm not that important...

OpinionThe real pain came in dealing with UK cops

EC trade secrets plans: Infringing kit may be DESTROYED by order

Draft laws: Reverse-engineering still broadly OK, though

Inside IBM's vomit-inducing, noise-free future chip lab

Interference-free photography on a molecular scale

Big data minnow swallowed by security player Accumuli

Got a security headache? Need tools to analyse your IT estate

MPs back call to boycott low-taxed tat from Amazon over Xmas

Pour coal lumps into open stocking of mega-etailer

Windows 7 outstrips Windows 8.x with small November growth

It might not look like much, but it's still bigger than yours...

Keeping warm in winter the el Reg way: Setting a NAS box ON FIRE

Hardware TestCanadian Vultures deploy the fearsome flaming REID

Firewall-floggers in FLAMING MESS: Where'd our mystery margin go?

OpinionEndpoints: The world has moved on... and become a lot more complex

FalconStor flyaways Chen and the Liu Tan clan uncloak new biz

Storage upstart ProphetStor's not just in Cali either

Fun-killing fireshow-flunking ZOMBIE COMET ISON only LOOKED alive

Space rock just 'furious fragments', say boffins

Brit-boy Bates is Silicon Valley's pick for Microsoft's CEO

CommentThis proves Redmond needs a Ford man

Best budget Android smartphone there is? Must be the Moto G

ReviewMotorola’s cheap-as-chips assault on no-name handsets and iThings

DimensionData tables bid to swallow global services biz NextiraOne

Deal rests in laps of Commission gods... and Euro Works Councils

Fancy Kim Kardashian's ... nose? 3D bio-printing boffin can help

New technology will give you a bone

Akamai to gobble down Prolexic for its enterprise DDoS defences

Content firm buys cloud-based security company for $370m

French court: Google, Microsoft en ami must say 'au revoir' to pirates

Yet another attempt to block allostreaming and pals

What lies beneath Microsoft's Cloud OS?

AnalysisTrevor Pott compares and contrasts with VMware cloud view

How your data loss prevention plan is killing your business

AnalysisData stored factor? Repeat 1000 times

US Justice Department on Microsoft's Nokia acquisition: 'Go for it'

Next stop: The European Union's antitrust regulators

Top comet-watcher pens ISON's emotional obituary

'Born 4.5 Billion BC, Fragmented Nov 28, 2013 (age 4.5-billion yrs old)'

Drone expert: Amazon's hypetastic delivery scheme a pie in the sky

AnalysisFlying robot authority spills beans on challenges of tending a drone flock

iPhone slips in Europe as Windows Phone claims OVER 10% market share

5c expands Apple's market, but fails to hold off rivals

BlackBerry CEO: Reports of firm's death 'greatly exaggerated'

'We've had worse. 'Tis but a scratch!'

Online shopping tax slug not worth the effort: National Australia Bank

$AU800 million? Tell 'em they're DREAMING, son

HP dishes up FAIL-filled public cloud

OpenStack-based tech has more 'known issues' than 'features', says HP

US Supreme Court says 'no sale' to Amazon's New York sales tax appeal

Online sellers must collect tax like brick and mortar retailers

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