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27th > November > 2013 Archive

Juniper bags AARNet fatter pipes and SDN

MX routers for 100 Gbps-plus backbones

Microsoft pockets a HUGE '$28' on an Xbox One: But NOT REALLY

In your FACE, Sony! That's $10 more (according to new claims)

Exotic physics takes an arrow to the knee with new ATLAS results

Fermion evidence for Higgs boson decay

Verizon, BT, Vodafone, Level 3 'let NSA jack into Google, Yahoo! fiber'

Telcos cooperated with g-men in data slurp, claim sources

Dropbox is most pleasurable storage cloud for the old in-out

Boffins analyse cloudy contenders' overheads and put Amazon last

Want to reach out and touch your Chromebook? How does $299 grab you?

Acer serves up touchy-feely Chrome OS kit at tablet prices

NASA shines a light on rehab plan for crocked Kepler probe

Looking where the Sun don't shine helps probe to get its act together

Eurocrats recommend right to sue American companies over snooping

Citizens need protection against the NSA

US puts Assange charge in too-hard basket - report

It's a lovely time of year to visit Stockholm

I'm Feeling LUCKY OR LAZY™? Chrome gets hands-free voice search

When that finger simply cannot possibly be lifted

Sysadmin job ad: 'If you don’t mind really bad work-life balance, this is for you'

Games and comics site Penny Arcade posts WORST JOB AD ... EVER!

Beer giant San Miguel to become mobile operator

Router hops just took on a deliciously refreshing new meaning


Cute 'Yutu' robot will cruise the Bay of Rainbows

VIOLENT video games make KIDS SMARTER – more violent the BETTER

Says new study. Moral panic, meet some facts

Thai man reportedly dies clutching his scorched iPhone 4S

Third-party USB adapter again suspected of delivering fatal jolt

Boffins: Bonkless Brits fondling slabs, not each other

Gross Monthly nookie incident index down from 6.1 to 4.9 over 12 years

ROBOT SWARM positions itself over EARTH ... to probe our magnetic field

For the poles, they are a-changin'

Microsoft announces new Skype China partner

Guangming Founder gets the gig as snooping fears persist

Moto G: Google's KitKat bruiser could knock out, bury Landfill Android

Analysis'Loss leaders' and competitive advantage

IDC's explicit snapshot: Everyone who's anyone in object storage: In 3D

Magic Quadrant? Pshaw. Check out our boxtastic MarketScape

WTF is the Internet of Things and how insurers will use it against you

Sysadmin BlogThe humbling sensation of having your stupidity monitored

Micron: Our stacked silicon beauty solves the DRAM problem

Logic? You want logic? It’s at the bottom

Kobo Arc 10HD: The bookworm's fondleslab?

ReviewAndroid quad-core speed reader – unless you want to read PDFs, that is

Hey, boffins, Google wants you to train your AI on video games

'Who knew a constant diet of violence would lead to such a cruel robot army?'

Euro computer emergency teams need better support – ENISA

'We're here to help'

PS-PHWOARRR: We review Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4

ReviewIs PS4 the games console giant’s unfinished symphony?

How STEVE JOBS saved Apple's bacon with an outstretched ARM

FeatureAnd how a 'surprisingly small' UK company conquered the world

HOT AIR leads to RISES: Apple shares soar after iPad, MacBook releases

Peak AppleHope for Cupertino: Stock's up to highest level since January

NSA spied on 'radicalisers' porn surfing so as to discredit them, reveals Snowden

Ninety per cent of people surf porn, ten per cent are liars

Telcos can be forced to turn copyright cop, block websites – EU law man

Pirates can be choked... 'in principle', advocate general advises

Judge rules investors can sue Meg Whitman and HP over Autonomy

Shareholders claim that chief and company misled them about Autonomy's health

Tech Data goes for big gun credit man amid accounts probe

Hauls in former Sun and Oracle bigwig Kevin Corcoran

Visual Studio 2013: 50 Shades of Grey not a worry for MONSTER dev TOOL

ReviewImprovements all 'round, but buggy on cloud and devices

HP storage bods: We're not up there with EMC, but we're CRUSHING IBM

Though Big Blue's revenues have plunged quite a bit

Hello! Still here! Surface 2! Way better than iPad! says slightly desperate Microsoft

Kickstand, kid spying, man, what does it take, you guys?

Speaking in Tech: Amazon showed me a 1980s HAIR METAL bar

PodcastPlus: 'Dad, I'm so glad you're finally teaching me to use a Chromebook'

Halfway through Meg Whitman's HP turnaround time: Is it working?

AnalysisCertainly not in the bag yet, that's for sure

Amazon fires up worldwide Read Replicas for hosted MySQL

Write on one continent, read from replicas nearby

GCHQ was called in to crack password in Watkins child abuse case

Not just battling terrorists, it hunts down online predators too

Google tries to MAP its way out of competition trouble in Brussels

'We've gone the extra mile,' Mountain View claims

Bonobos 'face extinction from interacting with humans'

Humans just want to eat them

What are you, Apple? Storage upstart patents filesystem wrapper tech

A wee bit more technical than rounded corners, one hopes

Twitter mobs attack wrong celebrity Ian Watkins after child abuse case

Efforts to save Eurozone possibly imperilled - read on

Small software firm wins $28.4m after lobbing sueball at Lockheed Martin

Unfair competition: Jury rules firm was shut out of F-16 fighter jet manual market

World Trade Organisation chief warns global deals are ABOUT TO TANK

Negotiators 'stop making the tough political calls' in Geneva

Partners to Microsoft: We are NOT ready for cloudy stuff yet

Channel boss Sorgen 'inspired' by channel types, delays programme overhaul


Magical docile attitude is just a front for expert stalking skills

Fishy fishers' fishing figures fingered using Google Earth Gulf pics

Grad student claims thousands more tonnes caught than reported

COMET ISON's sun dive climax: RENDEZVOUS with DESTINY

Vid - UpdatedImagery shows iceball buffeted by solar belch

OpenSUSE 13.1: Oh look, a Linux with YOU in mind (and 64-bit ARMs)

ReviewModest, reliable, not trying to be cool. Bit like Debian, then

Microsoft, HURTING after NSA backdooring, vows to now harden its pipe

Snooping on private messages 'breach of the 4th Amendment'

Just who is Apple's most frustrated fanboi? Surprise – it's GOOGLE

Engineer claims poor support has driven advertising king to roll its own tools

Bitcoin value breaks $1,000 barrier in FRENZIED HYPEGASM

IT admin who lost his stash howls in anguish

Small-biz bosses: Want staff plans from Obama Care site? See ya in 2014!

Come back in 12 months, it'll probably be working then

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