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22nd > November > 2013 Archive

'Fatal flaws' in Google's revised search antitrust overhaul, says Foundem

Alleges Paid Rival Links are 'new form of competition abuse'

No bail for 'Silk Road boss' as SIX MURDER-FOR-HIRE CHARGES filed

Allegedly ordered contract killings to protect drugs market

Pro-fibre-to-the-premises protestors call NBN Day of Action

Marches to deliver petitions to MPs' offices

LG: You can stop hiding from your scary SPY TELLY quite soon now

'Don't worry, we'll switch that off for you real soon'

Kiss goodbye to quiet skies: Now FCC ready to OK in-flight cellphone use

Reviewing 'outdated and restrictive rules' that keep us sane on flights

Sony patents LASER-FIRING Wi-Fi SMARTWIG with sideburn buttons

PicThis is no bald-faced lie, the CHROME DOME is real

Richard Stallman decides Emacs should go WYSIWYG

GNU Daddy revives 25 year-old ambition to get graphical

New inkjet printer spits out cheap OLED monitors better than your inkjet prints letters

Imagine reinstalling the drivers for THAT

French Joli OS surrenders on the desktop, retreats to cloud

Work on Chrome-OS-like desktop to end on New Year's Eve

Pirate Bay co-founder Svartholm Warg to be shipped to Denmark

Extradition next week to face yet more hacking charges

Angry Nokia staff protest Microsoft deal in China

The workers, united, won't have their pay depleted!

The latest stupid yoof craze: Taking selfies - while DRIVING

Don't snap and drive, kids

Wolfram's new equation: Mathematica+RPi=child geniuses everywhere

Mathematica will be baked into future Raspbian releases

Fake X-rated Facebook scam vids of Selena Gomez: Man sued

Bloke tricked people into viewing ads, alleges ad-backed social network

China opens its ears to snooping in foreign tongues

Arabic, Japanese and regional dialects now discernible by Beijing's intelligence chaps

Stolen CREDIT CARD details? Nah... crooks desire your PRIVATES

Hackers need to get PERSONAL to score the big bucks - researchers

BOFH: Resistance is futile - we're missing BEER O'CLOCK

Episode 12Torture you, that's good, that's a good idea, I like that one...

Wintel must welcome Androitel and Chromtel into cosy menage – Intel

Chipzilla couldn't keep up with ARM-dominated mobe world

Bug bounty upstart thinks there's BIG MONEY in crowdtesting

They might be onto something by outsourcing it, though

Speedy brother joins Xyratex ClusterStor: And 9000 makes four

Brace yourselves: Quad prod range gets shinier

Doctor Who writers Neil Gaiman and Terrance Dicks talk to The Reg

Doctor Who @ 50The TARDIS, lingering love, Colin Baker's silly costume and more

Sweet little lies: Rumours from the flash world reach El Reg's scribe

Blocks and FilesLSI redundancies, new IBM array, and what's Dell up to?

Apple Schill-er: 'I was shocked - SHOCKED! They went and copied the iPhone'

QuoTWPlus: 'Samsung's so-called apology is derisory to say the least'

Microsoft gets GIANT GLASS HQ in FINLAND as part of Nokia deal

Most of the borged Nokia bods work in Espoo building anyway

FAT PIPE for ALL: Britain’s new tech firms take it from the telcos

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Comms-unist revival could put us in the broadband fast lane

Doctor Who: From Edwardian grump to Malcolm Tucker and back again

Doctor Who @ 50The Doctor in 12 – or possibly 13 – stages

US govt cuts squeeze crucial computer science, shoot country in foot

SC13 AnalysisBudget slashing ruins education, ruins science, ruins HPC, ruins planet

Rotund dotcom copies Miley Cyrus on XBox Day!

Enormous fugitive pictured rubbing self against pile of sleek consoles

Lead ONTO your pencil: Bill Gates pours cash into graphene condoms

Is there anything the wonder material can't do?

Berners-Lee: 'Growing tide of surveillance' is destroying the internet

Stop killing my baby, says British web daddy

Can't wait for 4G? Take heart, 5G is on the way

And Ofcom wants your views on where it should go

Oh GEE-Cloud: Billions of pounds of fresh tech frameworks on way

G-Cloud? Nope. CITHS, ITHS, Sprint ii replacements coming

Mystery traffic redirection attack pulls net traffic through Belarus, Iceland

There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear.

PANIC OVER DROOPING house prices hits MEMBER-shaped estate

Potential buyers likely to pull out, residents claim

Ultimate Doctor Tom Baker REGENERATES, RETURNS to WHO

Doctor Who @ 50Taking the old girl for a spin. Again

British visa website goes TITSUP... just before XMAS HOLIDAYS

Royal family teaset and tiny Big Ben replica suppliers feel the heat

Google puts Dr Who's Tardis onto Street View - and you can get INSIDE

It's not that big, compared to some we've seen...

Euro chief of scandal-smacked Serco leaves as cop probe continues

Bloated outsourcing giant seeks to 'refresh' love with

Google: Hey, devs - grab ahold of our Chromecast pipe and work it

Next-gen Chrome apps factory on the way

Best Start Schools 'superhead' quits amid probe into tech contracts

School's out for federation man Wallace

You can't have that many! China scuppers US, EU tech tariff talks

Duty-free IT negotiations collapse thanks to China's wishlist of exclusions

Meet the man who'll TAKE OVER if UK faces CYBER ATTACK

Chris Gibson to head up UK’s national Computer Emergency Response Team

Spotify reckons it's worth $4 BILLION - and Netflix investor agrees

Early backer shovels $250m into music streaming service

Vintage wine laid down in 1600 BC was 'psychotropic'

Possibly accounting for concurrent technicolour dreamcoat fad

Meet the FOUR-TON DINO that made little Tyrannosaurs SOIL THEMSELVES

Siats meekerorum - APEX predator

Stewardess first to book $250k Virgin Galactic 'space trip' with BITCOINS

We'll now take the crypto-currency, beams beardy Brit billionaire Branson

Moto's DIY smartphone Ara to be 3D PRINTED in exclusive new deal

3D Systems scoops contract to craft modular mobe

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 ships, but still no RHEL 7 in sight

Containers and KVM and cloud – oh my!

Those Xbox One first-day glitches: GREEN screens of DEATH, disc crunching

Sony fanbois rejoice, Redmondites ponder: Abort, retry or fail?

'High impact' Gmail password security hole blew accounts wide open

VidPayday for researcher who spotted webmail programming gaffe

Poor Intel TV dies on vine, its fancy pop-up shops turned into cafes, cinemas

Chipzilla puts on brave face in US holiday boutiques

XBOX ONE and PS4, you'll make us RUN OUT of INTERNET

The internet is finite, warn Blue Coat killjoys

Doom god John Carmack teleports from id Software to VR upstart Oculus Rift

First thing on gaming headset biz's to-do list: Solve motion sickness problems

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