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19th > November > 2013 Archive

Salesforce slaps Amazon, Google with glove: 'I'm THE FIRST $1bn-quarter enterprise cloud biz'

But faint whiff of trouble pulls shares down

Google coughs up $17m to end Safari STALKER COOKIE brouhaha

Lot of states, and lawyers, getting richer

Supreme Court can't find barge pole long enough to touch NSA lawsuit

US judges decide against probing globe-slurping spies

Nanowire laser is a GaAs, GaAs, GaAs (with a bit of arsenic)

Boffins demo room-temp nano-lasers to help marry optics and electronics

'PATHETIC' Galaxy Gear sales skewer smartwatch HYPE-O-GASM bubble

UpdatedSamsung shifting fewer than 1,000 devices per day – new claim

Feds cuff five more suspects in $45m bank mega-cyber-heist

'Packing bags to the brim with stolen cash' claims prosecutor

Oz gov sysadmins ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL

PRISM? They've heard of it but never thought to block it

Google deletes Maps satellite photos of 14-year-old's unsolved murder

Pictures haunt family, may take 8 days to remove

Indonesia turns Twitter into very leaky diplomatic bag

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono unleashes epic rant against spying

Old JBoss vuln in the wild, needs patching

Remote code execution, the usual thing

'FELSIC materials' find on MARS could rewrite Red Planet's history

More eruptions, more often, required to match feldspar find

Why not build a cluster out of WORKSTATIONS?

Oz chap explains how he powered 27,320 x 3072 pixel super-display

Pile of fanboi cash taking up space in garage? IPHONE UNDERTAKERS are keen to help you

Seek kickfunds, smashed-up iPhones so they can SELL you smashed-up iPhones

Samsung to throw fat wad of Won at rare earth alternatives

Korean titan gets its rocks off and chases optoelectrics

CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! Dell's Android PC on a stick to ship with Santa

$100 thin thingy will be looking looking for lovelorn VDI buyers under the misteltoe

China challenged to take down all of AWS and Google leaps great firewall by mirroring Reuters in AWS and Google

Patent law? It's all about Apples, Newton and iPads

Part 1 of 2Why even free marketeers love need IP

Apple MacBook 13in with Retina display

ReviewBuild it and they will come... after upgrading, natch

Autopilot guides Texan plane home from a dizzying 30,000m

LOHAN choice ArduPilot Mega shows The Right Stuff

Google WILL wriggle away from Euro probe... but THEN what?

AnalysisTurning monopoly into new revenue stream

Company selling you out? You've been TUPE-ed

A survivor's guide to being sold down the river...

Top-level execs get itchy feet at privately owned Dell

President Felice departs, channel head Davis in internal move

Decades ago, computing was saved by CMOS. Today, no hero is in sight

SC13HPC headman sees the future – and it ain't pretty

Samsung says knickers to poor Gear sales claim, eyes pants to sell more

And it is selling like Hot Buns, insists chaebol

From the Dept of You are Old: 'Selfie' officially 'Word of the Year'

Oxford Dictionaries heralds 'runaway winner'

Carl Icahn: I don't want to fight with Tim... but I will

Investor still pushing Apple for $150bn share buyback, won't make it buy Nuance

Bitcoin price soars after US Senate hearing on 'legit' currency

Virtual currency can be 'legal means of exchange', Feds tell committee

GALACTIC YO-YO: Doctor Who’s trips to Earth... and beyond

Doctor Who @ 50Data Visualisation: How stories shift from our planet to others and back again

3CX PBX for Windows: Everything you ever wanted from a phone system

ReviewPeople-friendly VoIP

Dropbox: We're worth $8 BILLION and we'll sell you a 3 per cent slice

Thirsty firm wants to slurp $250m in fresh funding


Bleedin' obvious as the nose on your face

Barclays says soz for titsup website, bank app

'Isolated server' blamed for web wobble, cause of app crap 'unknown'

Apple BIGGEST LOSER in Blighty's Battle of Fondlers

Growth of 8% in Q3? Hardly growth at all for Cupertino

The REAL JUICE behind leaked BlackBerry OS: Android apps to slip in without protection

AnalysisSeamless Android integration threatens repeat of 1990s PC wars

Lavabit founder: Feds ORDERED email providers to stay open

Plus: Moxie labels shuttered service's crypto no better than 'a promise not to peek'

What took you 2 years? LSI finally rolls out next-gen SandForce kit

Drawn-out dev cycle after acquisition

It's the games, STUPID: Sony makes 'about $18' on each PlayStation 4

But wait - Microsoft hopes to make a bit of cash too

Brit graphene maker poised to go public: Yes, wonder stuff WILL float

Applied Graphene Materials chief: 'We want to be one of the first to market'

Nokia's phone division burned us so badly we HAD to flog it, says CEO

Shareholders formally approve €5.4bn sale in Helsinki EGM


.GIFAmateur skywatcher snaps pics in a jiffy* using remote robo scope

Delia and the Doctor: How to cook up a tune for a Time Lord

Doctor Who @ 50Making music from broadcast test equipment the Radiophonic Workshop way

How to succeed in business: First, get Netscape kingpin to lob you some cash

InterviewStorage upstart's Yoram Novick gets candid with El Reg

Salesforce, HP pit newly grown 'Superpods' against Amazon jungle

Take on cloud giant with reservations at arm's length

Arista wants Cisco Catalyst 6500 scalp. Price on head? $35bn

Storm clouds gather over key Cisco switch franchise

Samsung pulls Galaxy S3 update as users moan: It's PANTS

Batteries sucked dry and mobes bricked, say mobe owners

Micron takes on Intel with 'breakthrough' processor for streaming data

Automata processor cuts through NP-hard problems like they're butter

Dark horse shocker: Verizon first to ship KitKat update for Moto X

US carrier gives Motorola fans first crack at Android 4.4

Samsung v Apple: Titans await jury verdict on damages of MILLIONS

Did Sammy really blunt fruity firm's innovative edge?

Gates chokes up, WEEPS to Microsoft shareholders amid talk of CEO hunt

First Ballmer, now Bill. Who isn't getting tearful at Redmond?

Obamacare website 'either hacked or will be soon', warns infosec expert

And it won't be from hacktivists wielding dud 'Destroy Obama Care' ray gun

Telco CenturyLink is moved to tiers: Biz gobbles Tier 3 cloud shop

Second Cloud Foundry tech swallow this year

US watchdog snaps on thick gloves to probe Tesla's FIREBALL e-cars

Musk says his flash electric motors will ride higher in the future

Salesforce boss Benioff foretells grim, unrelenting hyper-capitalist future

Comment'Remember who I am and the loyalty I deserve,' bellows cloud supremo

Arduino-powered probes ArduSats launched in space: Listen in to beacon

Signal caught by radio hams at 437MHz

Intel: 'Y'know that GPU-accelerated computing craze? Fuggedaboutit'

SC13Knights Landing many-core CPU to be a 'game changer,' says Chipzilla big cheese

Apple's secret 12.9-inch MONSTER needs a good fondle, say biz sources

Seeks to outflank Samsung with whopper 'iPad Maxi'

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