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13th > November > 2013 Archive

AMD will fling radical 'Kaveri' chips onto streets in January

APU13CPU and GPU to share memory in heterogeneous harmony

Amazon unleashes Australian Kindle Store

Local content, local prices

Bloke accused of using cop's innocent Facebook snaps in child sex chat

Officer and wife sues man for emotional damage in alleged swiped photos saga

Sysadmins forced to CLEAN UP after bosses WATCH SMUT at work

Security dunces in the C-suite handing IT all sorts of sticky problems

Makerbot vows to plonk a 3D printer in every one of Uncle Sam's schools

Taking a leaf from Apple's book

Samsung debuts its spanking new Tizen OS-for-mobes .... in a camera

Who needs an Android cam when you can go with patent-friendly Linux

Is Australia backing away from 'fair use' proposals?

A-G to freetards: we don't need no STEENKIN' REFORM

Another day, another Bitcoin burglary as goes titsup

Czech site shuttered after raid leaves 4,000 out of pocket, but irrational exuberance persists

Oracle unzips plan to wave cloud erections at Canadians, Germans

Why not run your databases in the lands of maple syrup and Weißbier?

VMware releases hypervisor INCEPTION tool

How deep can you go with nested ESXi?

Pacnet to splash $200m on new data centres

APAC bit barns could strengthen its NaaS launch


Overly harsh, perhaps, but for once you can see where they're coming from

Google goes looking for more GLASSHOLES

Waiting list for tech specs now open to all

Microsoft fears XP could cause Indian BANKOCALYPSE

Up to 70 per cent of public banks could still be using ancient OS

Europe, SAVE US! Patriot Act author begs for help to curb NSA spying

Says agency is out of control and mass surveillance must stop

Buggy software in need of patching? Hey, we got that right here – Adobe

Gaping holes in ColdFusion, Flash slammed shut on Patch Tuesday

MIT boffins show off spooky human action at a distance

Kinect-powerered 'Dynamic Shape Display' pushes physical gestures onto pixels

Death of the desktop: Virtual systems could kill off the biz PC

Blocks and FilesBYOD and ever-sophisticated VDI offerings are changing everything

What's wrong with network monitoring tools? Where do I start...

OpinionThat red screen? It's just embarassment

iTunes-for-corporates private app stores put firms at risk – survey

You'll pay three times when yon luser downloads it thrice

SPACE, the FINAL FRONTIER: These are the images of the star probe Cassini

Its 20-year mission: To boldly go where no robot of man has gone before

BT jabbed by ad watchdog AGAIN over fibre deployment fibs

Wrongly claimed Manc biz world was infinitely kitted out for Infinity

The micro YOU used in school: The story of the Research Machines 380Z

ArchaeologicAs old as Star Wars, one of Britain's first true microcomputers

ACID-friendly FoundationDB joins NoSQL millionaires club

Scepticism dissolved

Ricoh Theta 360˚ camera: Point and click immersive imaging

ReviewYour world in a digitally enhanced bubble

IE 0-day plugged up but TIFF terror continues in November Patch Tuesday

Plus: Adobe and Google also push out vuln-busting patches

New Internet Explorer chief is man behind Windows Phone reboot

Mobile exec Joe Belfiore's new role takes IE beyond PC past

Forget invisible kittens, now TANKS draped in INVISIBILITY CLOAK

Antennas bend space-time continuum e-mag waves around large objects

Revealed: EMC's SECRET XtremIO briefing doc that tries to snap Violin Memory’s strings

Violin veep: 'We're honoured they like to write about us'

PUNISHMENT gluttons: The Dr Who monsters that come back for more

Doctor Who @ 50Data Visualisation: The Doctor’s most commonly returning foes

Nookie becomes, um, a virtual reality for Oculus Rift gadget gamers

NSFW-ishWhat a load of old toss...

Enterprise giant SAP's systems take a probe to the wobbly bits - report

Penetration-testing securo-boffins show how hackers target corporate software

Twitter declares war on Storify, whips out custom curated timelines

Share and share alike, chaps

Microsoft bags another glamorous Office 365 customer

Poundland coughs for 1,200 seats, bins IBM Notes

LOHAN sees bright red over Vulture 2 paintjob

Tentative tin-rattling kicks off spaceplane livery

Oracle pours hot, steaming Java into heterogeneous heaven

APU13AMD, ARM, others welcome Larry & Co. into CPU-GPU uniting HSA Foundation

US stock markets unveil new IPOcalypse-BUSTERS to watchdogs

New rules to help combat IT glitches in share trading

Here comes the SAN: HP gives away virtual one

'Course you have to buy a ProLiant server first...

The truth about mystery Trojan found in space

Mystery ISS malware fingered

Usual suspects make Digital Services supplier list

£40m framework gives 'no guarantee' of business

Want to BUILD YOUR OWN Tardis? First, get a star and set it spinning...

Doctor Who @ 50What science today says about how we might travel backwards and forwards in time

Microsoft, Xamarin give Visual Studio a leg-up for... iOS and Android?

All the world's a mobe following open-source hug

Microsoft fires devs into the cloud with Visual Studio Online

Hosted services accompany Visual Studio 2013 launch

High-end Samsung slabs, cheapie Androids take healthy BITE out of Apple's market share

Q3 sales growth stalls but Redmond's Surface still waiting in wings

Stephen Hawking: 'Boring' Higgs Boson discovery cost me $100

Uberboffin also avoided 'factual knowledge' exams at uni

Publishers reject Google's revised offer to fix search biz in Europe

Proposal will not restore competition, lobby group argues

EMC tries to snuff out SolidFire before tomorrow's XtremIO-gasm

Rivals try to knock each other out with storage posers

Chinese web firms sue search giant Baidu for video piracy

UpdatedBut MPAA NOT joining copyright violations claim

Speaking in Tech: Hey next-airline-seat neighbour... stop yakking and go fondle your slab

PodcastAirlines OK tablets for takeoff, plus wandering into the Apple Store on launch day

Bay pride: WD slips out FOUR-DRIVE network FILE STASH

Torrent your heart out with WD’s single-core, quad-bay Nas box

Is it all up for LANDFILL ANDROID? BEHOLD, the Moto G

PicsKitKat bruiser for the masses seeks to bury Google-powered allies

Who! wants! Yahoo! flogs! domains! in! multimillion-dollar! sale!

How much would you pay for a

Oculus: 'Terrifying' virtual reality gaming 'will change the world', WE SWEAR IT

APU13Headset maker still ironing out problems, success still lingering on horizon

Rent a virtual desktop from Amazon: 35 bucks a month (PC not included)

re:Invent 2013Stream a 'workspace' to your office ... Citrix and VMware, take note

Unbelievably RARE, two-horned 'UNICORN' SPOTTED in woods

There's never a virgin around when you need one

Red Hat ships piping hot Ceylon to curry favor with Java-weary devs

First production-ready release for open source language

Turnbull takes control of spatial data policy

Remember when NBN Co said its maps were duds? Mal the Builder's in charge now

PlayStation daddy on new PS4: She's ALL 'PLAY', NO 'Station' this time

APU13'We spread ourselves a little bit too thin', admit Sony console brains

SECRET draft copyright treaty LEAKED: Meet the Trans-Pacific Partnership

DMCA robocops link arms with Monsanto triffids to take over the world in revealed docs

'A measly 3 Instagrams? NO!' Sexy selfie Snapchat spurns Facebook's $3bn

SSaaS whippersnapper has BIG eyes

Chromebook 11 CATCHES FIRE at last, FLIES off shelves

But not in a good way: it sets fire to USB chargers, gets withdrawn

BIG trouble in BIG China: Cisco shares fall off a cliff as CEO warns of slump

Networking giant disappoints Wall St, wobbles at sight of Huawei and pals

Dark HEAVY METAL star fires up jets, vomits hot ROCK into space

Black hole spews nickel and iron, intrigues sky-watching boffins

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