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12th > November > 2013 Archive

Boffins agree: Yes we have had an atmospheric warming pause

It was fixing the ozone layer wot done it but we're still in strife

Turnbull appoints Simon Hackett, Justin Milne and Patrick Flannigan to NBN Co board

Mal the builder picks Internode overlord, BigPond man and HFC veteran as non-exec directors

Security researcher Cédric 'Sid' Blancher dead at 37

Skydiving accident claims Wifitap author

Smartphones set fair to OUTNUMBER HUMANS - Ericsson

Telecoms electronics biz can't wait to talk about demand for telecoms electronics

Rackspace claws fistful of bucks from Amazon-ruled cutthroat cloud bearpit

Web biz squeezes just $3 extra revenue out of each server


Former drugs advisor Prof David Nutt spruiks for alcohol with an ANTIDOTE

Facebook hitches skirt, flashes 'Cisco-slaying' open network blade

OCP project heralds death of closed, bespoke gear in mega bit barns

Big Blue slaps patent curtain in front of green cloud

Follow-the-moon computing described with old-school DB thinking

Google to web: SHUT YOUR MOUTH or Chrome 32 beta will do it for you

Multimedia-blaring tabs to be named, shamed and given KILL switch

Japanese PM holds on for dear life in self-driving car

Shinzo Abe's selfie vid shows very nervous PM enduring rather smooth ride

Anonymous Indonesia gets it right, attacks Australian government

Spook sites go down, no suggestion of any secrets being purloined

Woz: Google Glass will be SO COOL... just like BLUETOOTH

Apple co-founder has his doubts about comedy techno-goggles

Japanese anti-nuke groups DoS-bombed by mystery attackers

Local cops have no leads - blame Tor again

LG's curvy Flex phablet and its self-healing bottom escapes Korea

France and Australia will get the chance to stroke LG's latest

MPAA, RIAA: Kids need to learn 3 Rs – reading, writing and NO RIPPING

Curriculum suggestion: 'Be a creator' not a pirate

Boffins boggled by ORB-shaped electrons

Standard Model's lovely spheres get some support

Chinese Bitcoin exchange disappears, along with £2.5m

Another one Bits the dust...

Virgin Media to hike broadband prices by nearly 7 per cent

Our top speed is twice as fast as crappy BT-owned copper networks, says CEO

Mixed bag of motors lifts India's budget Mars shot

Solid rocket boosters and hypergolic cocktails

SHIVER ME TIMBERS, it’s Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

ReviewLast one up the Old Seadog gets a lick of the cat

HUMANITY STUNNED - Apple Retina iPad Mini arrives. A solemn moment

What are you doing right now? You'll remember this day FOREVER

Every man, woman and child in the UK paid HP £21 last year

Plus other fascinating nuggets we found when carving into's IT spending pie

Our MOM's LATEST EGGS: 'Looking GOOD', chuckle Indian space boffins

Mangalyaan throws off slight rocketus interruptus issue

Day 2: Gov web catalogue CloudStore still in darkness

Can you hear the screams of public sector buyers? No neither can we.

Stale Blackhole leads to dried-up spam, claim badhat-probers

Infosec bods say malware-flingers have moved on to CryptoLocker

Hyenas FACEBOOK each other with their ARSES: FACT

It's like a business card, say po-faced boffins

Server, server in the rack, when's my disk drive going to crack?

Backblaze's 25,000-drive study scries the future of your storage

ETERNAL PATENT WAR: Apple and Samsung locked in battle again

It's just not going to be over by Christmas, this thing

Ultimate electric driving machine? Yes, it’s the BMW i3 e-car

First DriveThe smart ‘leccy car from the folks at Bayerische Motoren Werke

'Daddy, can I use the BLACK iPAD?': Life with the Surface Pro 2

ReviewReally nice indeed, but will people ever care?

Ten top stories from New Who

Doctor Who @ 50More DVDs to watch to celebrate 50 years of Tardis travel

Exit stage left: Two more Insight big cheeses clear their desks

EMEA marketing director and global sales veep cut and run

Feeling twitchy about nasty IE 0-day? Microsoft promises relief today

Patch Tuesday offers balm for latest cyber-blight

Google makes Gmail EVEN NOISIER, or should that be nosier?

Email service revelation... exposed

XBOX One SHOT DEAD by Redmond following delivery blunder

Blameless early adopter gets smacked with Redmond's banhammer

Three Men in a Tardis

StobVerity has discovered a pre-Doctor Doctor Who episode

Morgan Stanley: Web firms too fat and ugly to bother investing in

One-time 'attractive' companies now 'overweight', downgraded

HDS unveils embiggened array: We HAF vays of making you flash

All-flash array inside storage array

Titsup CloudStore reanimated... without the search function

'Continuing to work hard to restore full service' say G-Cloud bods

TalkTalk's broadband base continues to fall as TV subs grow

Boss raises sales forecast for the year despite profit loss

Trustwave gobbles up Application Security, gorges itself on tech

Fighting cybercrime, protecting data. Yo!

AIR TIME! Our expert cosies up with the new top-end iPad

ReviewThe original fondleslab - now even slabbier. How old's yours?

New Retina iPad Mini not sold out HOURS after launch - world REELS

What's going on?

Apple's new iPad Mini: ALREADY set for Black Friday PRICE SLASH

Fun-size fondleslab chopped for Thanksgiving

Cable Cowboy chats up Chipzilla with eye on its pay-TV biz

Liberty Global reportedly in early talks with Intel

Anonymous claims Parliament Wi-Fi hack during London protest

Cyber assaults 'slow traffic' as miscreants slurp email logins

Maxta chucks vSAN out of stealth and into El Reg review suite

ExclusiveMxSP promises to be as simple as you are

NAO: £4bn of gov work doled out to just 4 outsourcing giants

And HALF of them DIDN'T pay corporate tax

Dell aims for cloudy orbit with Sputnik Ubuntu developer project

An even cloudier ultrabook? We'll make it so, says Dell

T-Mobile US to raise nearly $2bn in share sale to splurge on spectrum

Mobile firm looks ahead to future government auctions

Why build a cloud when you can get one ready made?

Microsoft is source and solution of sysadmin Trevor Pott's problems

Android in FOUR out of 5 new smartphones. How d'ya like dem Apples?

'Amazing' growth in Windows Phone, don't ask about BlackBerry

Swish PaaS Bosh: Sons of VMware spin up Pivotal One cloud platform

Don't get locked in to the IaaS layer, get locked in to OUR PAAS LAYER

Host Minecraft on Shard Gaming? Grab your data RIGHT NOW before it goes completely titsup

Abrupt shutdown burns servers for loads of games

Mainstream Chrome spits ARM, Intel apps on the fly from cross-platform code

Architecture, smarchitecture ... Get .exe speed on the web

Denver robocops fit Nasal Ranger to perceive potent pot puffing pollution

PicDon't fart near this nose-mounted tech

Facebook makes Adobe fans change their horrible, horrible passwords

Maybe try '56789' this time?

Microsoft's EAT-your-OWN-YOUNG management system AXED

Dog-eat-dog performance measuring gets the boot, finally


OK, fanbiois, start your assemblers

Servers coming online at Microsoft's Australian Azure data centre

Sydney's bit barn ghetto lighting up as Redmond plays with expanded IP ranges

Boffins look down back of Amazon Web Services, find a SUPERCOMPUTER

Few clicks here, few thousands dollars there - bingo, a 1.21PFLOP beast in the cloud

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