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6th > November > 2013 Archive

A-list celebs, biz barons' privates EXPOSED in limo hire hack – report

Data harvest linked to Adobe source, database swipe

Oil execs, bankers: You'll need this 'bulletproof carbon-nanotube-built' BUSINESS SUIT

Just in case that boardroom showdown turns dicey

Child protection group's creep-catcher passes Turing Test

Online predators stung by avatar of ten year old girl

Build a hybrid cloud and save 50% ... eventually

OpenStack SummitCloudscaling founder reckons OpenStack could save you £$¥s

Anon hacktivists tear through Philippines govt in web graffiti rampage

'Expect us' ... in pretty much every country it seems

Mobe-makers' BLOATWARE is Android's Achilles heel

Chocolate Factory mostly absolved for security failings, say researchers

Cyber dragnet: Five new HACKERS join FBI's 'most wanted' list

'Operation Ghost Click' seeks its last fugitive

Microsoft's so keen on touch some mice FAIL under Windows 8.1

Redmond rushing out a repair after ratting out rodents

RIIIGHT. Sysadmins: Have you ever even MET an overly suave IT guy?

Not to put the BOFH crew down, but unctuous ladykillers we're not...

T-Mobile US brags of cash pile this quarter as biz gambles pay off

But still soaked in red ink

Google preps Chrome password-blab bug fix

A password to view your passwords

We can't go on like this for much longer, boffins cry to data centre designers

Whole racks on chips needed or scalability will SLAM into the laws of physics

None of your Bezos: Jeff's wife gives one star to journo's Amazon tome

I am less biased than his wife, tech hack snaps back

VMware reverses decision to kill off standalone ThinApp

Version 5.0 emerges, ready to give 64-bit apps a ride

IBM looks to soften the SoftLayer migration blow

In the meantime, how about a SmartCloud Analytics tool?

Australia hobbles self in tech tax chase

Some tax revenue is 'unrealisable' says new money minister

Microsoft CEO shortlist down to EIGHT ... appropriately enough, perhaps

Who wants Ballmer's sweaty seat? The prodigal, the revhead or the server wonk?

Huawei was never interested in buying Blackberry

That sound you heard? A thousand spooks' sphincters just unclenched

WTF is WRF? Student cluster-wrestlers cram for app SMACKDOWN

SCC 2013Last minute tips, tricks, and traps for procrastinators

Storage upstarts, you disappoint me. Are you building SHELFWARE?

StoragebodLooking for the exit when it should be all about the tech

Ex-HP VP predicts PC arm sell-off and life as IBM's number 2

InterviewWould Bernd Bischoff join the IT industry again? Mmm, let me think

Thought you didn't need to show ID in the UK? Wrong

Your papers please. NOW

Your kids' chances of becoming programmers? ZERO

Part OneWe had it all in the 1980s. Here's what went wrong...

Apple patents technology to STALK YOU in your own HOME

Do you really want the music on EVERY TIME you walk to the garage?

Google's Nexus 5: Best smartphone bang for your buck. There, we said it

ReviewNo wonder this one sold out in hours

It's the Shiz: Mutant RAT spotted gnawing at SAP apps

Mystery trojan peeps at your SAP privates - but nobody knows why

Space-saving ideas for improving storage performance

Uncork those bottlenecks

Anonymous hacktivists' Million Mask March protest hits London

'Remember who your enemies are' says protestor as 11 arrested

Crowdfunded audit of 'NSA-proof' encryption suite TrueCrypt is GO

Line-by-line code exam will blow hidden backdoor doubts into orbit, hope devs

McDonalds ponders in-store 3D printing for Happy Meal toys

Would you like to supersize that molten plastic? (the toy, not the cheeseburger)

Samsung: Get ready to BEND OVER – foldable fondleslabs 'by 2016'...

... but first, we'll need to penetrate 'technology barriers'

Virgin Media suffers growing pains as Cable Cowboy daddy settles in

Life under Liberty Global: Flat sales, big operating loss hit UK telco's Q3

EMC lobs sueball at Pure, tells court: Look what they told EL REG

Accuses rival of poaching staff, customers and trade secrets in complaint

Vulture 2 spaceplane STRIPPED to the bone

Detailed structural plans for your viewing pleasure

Cisco partners with Wilocity on hyper fast 5-gigabit Wi-Fi tech

Networking giant investigates launching 802.11ad into primetime

It's the Inter-THREAT of THINGS: Lightbulb ARMY could turn on HUMANITY

Fujitsu ForumCTO calmly illuminates us on the world's biggest potential botnet

More Azzurri execs run for the hills, turnover keeps sliding

Staff attrition rates at 18% as two more big cheeses walk

Twitter, Facebook and pals keep BEELLIONS from treasury with exec pay tax break – report

Stock option loophole helps 12 tech firms legally dodge $4bn, say activists

Microsoft CEO shortlist claim: It's just Elop, Bates, Mulally, Nadella and...

CommentNew Ballmer must navigate Nokia bump

EYE-GASMIC: Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina Display

ReviewA classy notebook - but can you live without discrete graphics or upgrades?

Prem Watsa takes control of BlackBerry as tech vultures circle firm

AnalysisWhite knight charges to the rescue, horse promptly keels over

Planet hopper: The Earthly destinations of Doctor Who

Doctor Who @ 50Data Visualisation: Locations of the Doctor's stories set on Earth


Even an intelligently designed watch is right twice a day, or something

Storage upstart Coho Data decloaks from stealth, slurps $25m

Xen(Source) and the art of starting a storage startup

Will small biz get a bite of mega IT pie? Yes: if it can pass the bulls**t sniff test

AnalysisObamaCare,, and paying for blusterguffs instead of technology

Acer suffers terrible let-down after unexpected withdrawal of Wang

Plan for the future? Shih ... it

Google's secret search offer to EU antitrust chief LEAKED by rivals

REVEALED: Ad giant is now Trigger happy

Supercomputer-maker Cray offers cold storage to hungry Big Data boys

Cryogenic arrays? Not quite, but it'll all end in tiers

Hey, Presto! Facebook spills petabyte-munching SQL brain sauce online

Zuck on that, Hortonworks and Cloudera

I survived Spiceworld 2013, heat and all: Here's how I did it

Sysadmin blogOur man from the North ventures into a humid Texas

The future of storage is a horror show - just ignore the biz strategists

Blocks and FilesThe simple days are long gone, folks

Cisco gobbles Insieme, belches software-defined network clouds

We'll break down hardware barriers - provided it's our hardware, says IT giant

Fujitsu fattens its all-in-one data protection box by 300 per cent

And gives it a 50 per cent throughput boost, for good measure

FACE IT: attempts to get Oz kids into IT jobs are FAILING

Is NICTA's new GroupX effort a breakthrough or fuel for the fire?

Make him a wiki he can't refuse: MafiaLeaks takes on the Godfathers

Informers urged to tattle on their capo di tutti capi

Google's MYSTERY barges floating off US shores: The TRUTH

Admen spill beans on what's planned for secret metal monsters

Pebble smartwatch app guys! Put your mind at WRIST: New SDK + iOS 7 alerts

But be warned: Software toolkit 2.0 will break your programs

Inside Intel's secret super-chips: If you've got the millions, it's got the magic

AnalysisJust what the heck are they building in there? We asked Facebook

Another DEVASTATING Chelyabinsk METEOR STRIKE: '7x as likely' as thought

NASA's checked its space rock maths and it's not good news

Cisco rolls dice with 'CONTROL EVERYTHING' softy networking launch

AnalysisEither a gratuitious lock-in, or reasonable technical strategy

Microsoft Australia calls fibre-to-the-premises 'best outcome' for NBN

Mal the Builder … will he listen?

Ogle high-end 3D models, games in a browser: Ask Amazon, Autodesk, Otoy

3DS Max graphics and gaming machines in the cloud

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