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4th > November > 2013 Archive

Off your bikie laws: Anonymous to Queensland Premier Newman

Online threat, real-world d0x ... and it makes a nice change from website defacing

Alca-Lu posts loss, share price rises

Not as horrible as it might have been

Assange anounces candidacy for possible WA Senate by-election

With 0.75% of the vote in the last poll Wikileaks Party is clearly on a winner

RED planet, INDIAN mission: Space probe prepares for voyage to Mars orbit

Just $74m, 16 months from drawing board to launchpad

BitTorrent awarded distributed storage patent

Pirate favourite now RAIDing the cloud

Facebook fans fuel faggots firestorm

It's just a really offal mix up over British meatballs ... bitch

Linus Torvalds seeks REDEMPTION for every coded SIN

Open source lord unveils Linux 3.12, floats idea of bug-fixes-only r4.0

CommVault contemplates analytics play

Workflow tools to groom data for analysis apps under consideration

Cyber-terrorists? Pah! Superhero protesters were a bigger threat to London Olympics

RSA Europe 2013Seb Coe: Taxi drivers blocked from 2012-only lanes were also a bit testy

Google Street View goes INSIDE a Royal Navy submarine

Chocolate Factory maps silent killer of the Cold War

Verizon to Intel Media: Hey chip-fryer. Guess who can help you with OTT TV?

60 million antennas to eliminate a retransmission fee? We think NOT

Cray scoops Brit switch maker staff and assets from administrator

Mops up after Gnodal collapse

ICO on beefed-up EU privacy rules: Biz bods will need 'explicit consent' to slurp data

Never mind what the prime minister said...

If you're not paying, you're product: If you ARE paying, it's no better

Build your own cloud - 1Host it yourself, it's the only way to be sure

Funds flung at 9-inch fan-built Raspberry Pi monitor

High definition screen tin-rattling proves bounteously fruitful

Is it TRUE what they say about the 'Moto G'? We FIND OUT on the 13th

Internet rumours conflict with each other - shocker

Another 5 years on Nokia's patent CHAIN GANG for Samsung

Actual amount goes to arbitration, however

Tim Cook stands firmly behind pro-LGBT, anti-discrimination law

Apple boss: 'Matter of basic human dignity and civil rights'

It's all in the fabric for the data centre network

At the beginniing of the SDN revolution, says Trevor Pott

Helium-filled disks lift off: You can't keep these 6TB beasts down

Low-friction 3.5-inch hard drives are cooler, lighter and less power hungry

Digital deviants: The many MAD COMPUTERS of Doctor Who

Doctor Who @ 50Through space and time with the universe's worst IT

That time when an NSA bloke's son borked the ENTIRE INTERNET...

... 25 years ago. 2 words that still stop old sysadmins' hearts: Morris Worm

LOHAN's mighty thruster poised for hot coupling

Rocket motor heater reports for duty

Apple will FAIL in corporate land 'because IT managers hate iPads'

HP exec plots biz slab assault as Windows 8 becomes 'more tolerable' BANS iPads from Cabinet over foreign eavesdropper fears

Ministers told to leave mobes and slabs in lead-lined boxes

Startups? Silicon Valley? SHELDONVILLE? It's the dotcom bubble again!

Profits? Don't be so narrow-minded...

Blighty promises £49m to get more British yoof into engineering careers chief boffin: 'Generous salaries' needed to find future grease monkeys

IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE! Google's secretive Omega tech just like LIVING thing

Exclusive'Biological' signals ripple through massive cluster management monster

iPad 4 is so OVER: 5 times as many fanbois now using iPad Air - survey

Weekend bonanza may give fruity firm its Xmas boost

Staying power: The small screen spans of the eleven Doctor Whos

Doctor Who @ 50Data visualisation: The total telly tenure of each title star

Yellow-bellied journo dons black tie, sees flip side of VMWorld

Sysadmin blogBish bash booth: Wrong event accreditation gives our man a glimpse into the future

Nuke-whisperers stuff terabytes of flash into heretical 'Catalyst' super

Intel, Cray, and Lawrence Livermore rethink supercomputer design

Want a Microsoft cloud subscription? You'll need to be 'committed'

Servers, tools and Azure discount offer (just don't mention the outages)

Twitter jacks up IPO price range as the blabbergasm begins

#theremustbeaprofitsomewhere #right? #RIGHT?

Happiness-challenged BlackBerry dumps CEO, gives up on sale

Last man to get top RIM job departs in a blaze of, well, not glory

Google lobs another €450m at cool Finnish data centre

Super-efficient server farm to expand over the next few years

Steve Wozniak: 'I wish to God that Apple and Google were partners'

Fruity firm's co-founder dreams of unholy tech alliance

The Schmidt hits the Man: NSA spying on Google servers? 'OUTRAGEOUS!'

Collecting info on everyone ... isn't that the advertising giant's job?

IBM menaces Twitter IPO with patent infringement BOMBSHELL

Might Big Blue be a-hankerin' for some shares of the li'l blue birdie?

Readers! Here's your chance to join the Celebrity Pro-Am Cluster Challenge

SCC'13HPC pros take on students in cluster showdown

Switzerland to set up 'Swiss cloud' free of NSA, GCHQ snooping (it hopes)

Gnomes of Zurich want spook-immune system

Amazon throws Kindle sale party after FAA aeroplane gadget fondle ruling

E-reading gear in 15 per cent price cut to celebrate

Galaxy is CRAMMED with EARTH-LIKE WORLDS – also ALIENS (probably)

Nearest ones are probably getting our TV from 2001

HP: Our NonStop servers will be rock solid – even when running on x86

But until then, here are some more Itanium boxes

No, it's NOT Half-Life 3 – it's Valve's lean, mean STEAM MACHINE

PicsThey won't all look like this, but yes, it really does exist

Apple scrambles to fix buggy Mavericks apps

Updates seeded for Mail, iBooks, Safari, Remote Desktop client

If it wasn't on Twitter, there's NO point talking to us: One in 10 Americans confess

Facebookers not as young, educated, mobile, affluent

Sysadmins! Microsoft now offers $100k for tales of your horrible infections

Software flaws wanted: DEAD or ALIVE

This month's BlackBerry CEO vows: I won't axe the smartphone-making biz

Can lightning strike twice for former Sybase head?

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