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30th > October > 2013 Archive

Virgin Media only puts limited limits on its Unlimited service

ISP adjusts traffic choke policy to ASA-approved 'moderate' level

IBM gives up fight to build CIA's $600m secret cloud, hands deal to Amazon

Withdraws injunctive action and scuttles back into shadow

Three million Adobe accounts hacked? Sorry, make that 38 MILLION

Could be as much as 150 million, Photoshop giant warned

Do+ you+ use+ Google+? Seemingly+ you+ DO+

Not a user+? Here's some video tricks to tempt you

NBN Co reports smaller-than-expected loss

And Telstra sues NBN Co over pit-access deal timing

Robo-drones learn to land by going bug-eyed

Let it bee

Microsoft creates new cert to make VMware admins 'bi-lingual'

Parlez-vous Hyper-V? Non? Redmond has free training to 'future-proof your career'

One in five Australian punters to buy wearable tech in 2014: report

The lesson for the rest of the world? Don't take surveys too seriously

Nothing to sniff at: Dell Ultrabooks REEK OF CAT PEE, scream users

'I have had to apologize to clients for the horrible smell'

HTC phone STOPS BULLET, saves Florida gas station clerk's life

Lucky escape for attempted robbery victim

Infosys set for $35m fine over US visa naughtiness

Report says company undercut rivals by using cheap B-1 visas instead of pricier H1-B

Laurie Love investigation stretches to Australia, Sweden

A Brit, a Swede and two Aussies walked through a firewall ...

Google's new broadband offer: 20-days of WiFi for a quid

Balloon-busting service only in Indonesia ... for now

Twitter, ARM voted on to Java steering committee

London Java Community also wins another two year stint on governing body

HGST pops out 1TB ultraportable travelstar drive

Also claims to have piled the previous model high, if not sold it cheap

Microsoft investors advised: Sack the guy searching for Ballmer replacement

'Conflict of interest' for John Thompson, say watchdogs

Fusion-io fortifies flashy SAN box - but it lacks handy real-world features

Shane Robison's rescue squad still on the uphill stretch

You're more likely to get a job if you study 'social' sciences, say fuzzy-studies profs

OpinionIt's OK! No need to work hard at university after all!

WD slips bullet between teeth, gets ready to hand $706m to Seagate

Alright guys, change the black ink refills for red. Dammit

ARM flexes muscle: Forget iPhone 5S's 64-bit edge – it will soon be standard

ARM TechConChip designer's mobile man: 'We'll play at the top end, the middle, and the bottom'

El Reg intros post editing for all

Readers' cornerTen minute window to clean up your typos

HOLY how-did-we-get-here?: Batman Arkham Origins

ReviewIt’s Dark-Knight-by-numbers as a new developer takes over the series

Shy, bashful HUMPBACK DOLPHINS expose themselves to boffins

Fourth variety of brainy mammals spotted off northern Australia

Like iPads? Like stuff called AIR? Here's our REVIEW ROUNDUP-squared

Our Media Boildown™ technique rebooted

Lenovo stands up rinky-dinky new Yoga tablet

‘Multimode’ Android 4.2 gadget to be your flexible friend?

Want to go to billionaire Sun kingpin's beach? Hope you're a strong swimmer

Co-founder cites 1848 law from before state of California existed

Microsoft dumps two distributors overboard in Blighty cull

Unlucky pair weren't part of Redmond's 'devices and services' revolution

Bloated tech reseller Systemax may be turning around, but it's still going the wrong way

Numbers hit the skids, CEO 'disappointed' as slide toward doom continues

DEAD STEVE JOBS chap becomes ENGINEER ... at Lenovo

Trivia: Ashton Kutcher actually DID study engineering. Sort of

Gasp! Twitter displays pictures in main feed as IPO looms

For now, it's just Drake Hands*, but prepare yourselves for the ad tsunami

EMC braces self for November's all-flash XTremIO launch

Hopkinton makes a play at the array world

So many 'cyberspying hackers' about... and most of you are garbage

RSA Europe 2013You're living off your reputation, sniff infosec boffins

Fusion-io founder Flynn gets $50m fuel to get Primary Data flying

Server flash upstart receives B-round funding – report

Arrow: global macro still 'unsettled" as profits dip

Large corporate tech buyers spending again? Maybe not... afterall

Apple under CEO Angela Ahrendts? Hmm ... (beard stroke)

AnalysisCupertino without a new Jobs is the skinny latte of computing

NASDAQ exchange stumbles AGAIN after 'human error' snafu

Some trading halted but stocks still moving, says exchange

Speaking in Tech: 'Pure Storage is defined by... Vaughn Stewart's hairdo'

PodcastPlus: 'LinkedIn's just a giant public Rolodex'

SAP: We just can't gobble BlackBerry. We're stuffed with 'mobile solutions'

Says mobe-maker just won't 'fit'

iPHONE 5S BATTERY: It may NOT just be you, it may be RUBBISH

More power in your pocket? Yes, about that...

Cisco: We'll open-source our H.264 video code AND foot licensing bill

Plus binaries for free streaming vid for all ... what's the catch?

FREEZE, GLASSHOLE! California cops bust Google Glass driver

Tough CHiPS for wearable computing

What's MariaDB? Google stitches MySQL Wire Protocol into its cloud

Do not as I do, but as I say, says MariaDB lover

What do we want? Strong consistency! When do we... oh, it's in Riak v2

RICON West 2013NoSQL datastore flexes muscles to woo enterprises

Need a job? The 'Internet of Things' WANTS YOU

ARM TechConDo you want to install patches for the rest of your life, or do you want to change the world?

Vocus turning Manly spur into a ring

Five minutes from fibre, a thousand miles from care

Windows Azure Compute cloud goes TITSUP planet-wide

Looks like a distributed system, breaks like a single tenant

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