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23rd > October > 2013 Archive

Microsoft crams fat Azure cloud pipe into delicate on-premises biz boxes

Fear not, NSA-tards - Redmond will let you keep data in your byte buckets

Google fires fresh salvo in war on FILTH: Chrome Supervised Users

Aw, come on, dad, can I look at 4chan pleeeeeaaase?

New MacBook Pro: What's actually new, here?

If you want Nvidia discrete graphics, go for the 15-incher

What's the first Kinetic Ethernet hard drive? Psst, it's the 4TB Terascale

Seagate tears wraps off 2.3PB object-storage monsters

HP to enter 3D printer market in mid-2014 says CEO Meg Whitman

Canalys Channels ForumFaster, cheaper, kit on the way for service providers

It's the '90s all over again: Apple repeats mistakes as low-cost tablets pile up

Canalys Channels ForumNo saviour this time around

EMC accuses Pure Storage of 'raiding' its people, IP

Sueball thrown at departing employee alleges 'unfair campaign'

Swedish teen's sex video fine slashed: Unwilling co-star girlfriend furious

'It feels like a slap in the face' says ex

ICANN approves Arabic, Russian and Chinese global domain spaces

Get ready for the .онлайн, .游戏 and .شبكة land grab

Lone sysadmin fingered for $462m Wall Street crash

'Knightmare' traced to forgotten server upgrade, shoddy software and risk management

HP CEO Whitman: We've built the PC that GOD wants

Canalys Channels ForumDay of rest for investors not far off as turnaround plan sticks

HP 3PAR kit wins X-Factor for mid-range storage arrays

Analyst hoiks out 'top 50 arrays' list

Nice job, technology. Now we have to work FIVE TIMES HARDER

Now that your phone is a computer, you're never off the clock

Met Police vid: HIDE your mobes. Pavement BIKER cutpurses on the loose

VideoSnatch 'n' grabs shown on camera... strangely mostly by two-wheeled culprits

Revealed: Stealthy hybrid upstart Maxta's vSAN domination plan

Firm promises the storage moon on a stick

Pimp my office: 10 cubicle comforts

ReviewWhere little things mean so much

PC addict RM finally quits its building habit, plans to axe 300 jobs

The only question is - what took education specialist so long?

THIS is the kind of clout a British Prime Minister has: Facebook pulls ONE beheading vid

Tells users: It's down to you ... bitch

How to stop intruders without knocking out the workers

Sysadmin blogFind the right balance

Speaking in Tech: Ah, developers. Or should we say DARK KINGPINS of the TECH underworld?

PodcastDevs are grabbing 'more and more power and influence'

Cisco: Us, competing with Amazon's cloud? You're having a laugh

Canalys Channels ForumBut competing with everyone else? Define compete... open to hiring ex-con hackers for cyber reserves

Justice League or Rogues Gallery?

Hands on: We play with the slippery Lumia 1520, Nokia's first phondleslab

Nokia WorldThe last ever 'proper' Nok?

Chrome for the slurp-weary: Cookie-binning Aviator browser arrives

Chromium-based software promises ad- and track-blocking

Samsung to take stake in Gorilla Glass maker Corning after LCD deal

Armoured window bods slurp joint venture stake for ten year supply deal

Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson battles bullfighting

Anderson letter to Spanish Senate slams 'cruel pastime'

Computacenter cashes in on support doom, helps corporates flee Win XP

Project work, product sales lift in UK, Germany ... France biz est dans les toilets

Pirate Bay captain pleads with Swedes: Don't make me walk Danish plank

Think of my HUMAN RIGHTS, shrieks panicked matey

Reply-all email lightning storm STRIKES TWICE at Cisco

MILLIONS of time-wasting messages bounce around network giant

Icahn trousered $700m from Netflix stock sale?! Er, it would appear so

Billionaire investor makes even more bags of money from canny video bet

Sueball-happy patent biz slaps lawsuits on 14 tech firms

Asks ITC to ban 'infringing' kit from Samsung, Nintendo, Panasonic, LG and more

Programmers! Have you been asked to solve a computationally intractable task?

Readers' cornerAnd do you ever solve algorithmic problems?

Long time ago? Galaxy far, far away? You ain't seen nothing yet

PicsPromiscuous early galaxy has a multitude of suns

It's NOT an iPad - but that's FINE: I learned to LOVE Microsoft's Surface 2

ReviewDelightful hardware, disappointing apps

Just HALF of 10m iPhone, Android BlackBerry BBM app downloads activated

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Juniper ELIMINATES 300 jobs, braces wallet for US gov shutdown blow

Heads on chopping block just in time for Christmas

What a twit: Obama aide FIRED for anonymous gov-bashing tweets

Parody account mocked public figures, leaked confidential info

NASA, start your torrents: 622 Mbps broadband link FOUND ON MOON

Stick that up your Wi-Fi, pal

Microsoft's APAC president denies price gouging in Australia

Canalys Channels Forum'We try to be competitive' says César Cernuda

OpenStack, OpenSmack. Eucalyptus 3.4 soldiers on with AWS integration

'If Amazon does a private cloud for the CIA, it's an anomaly'

Surface Pro 2: It's TOOL-PROOF and ultimately destined for LANDFILL

TeardownDozens of screws and a 'tar pit' of glue spell 'keep out'

Fearless slayer of lawsuit-lovin' patent trolls steps forward from shadows

New law drafted to tackle court battles sucking millions of dollars from US bizes

You. Netgear ReadyNAS owners. Have you closed your gaping holes today?

Firmware update slipped out to kill code-injection vuln

Call yourself a 'hacker', watch your ex-boss seize your PC without warning

Court rules coder's computer can be suddenly snatched in 'software knockoff' spat

LG opts for a Brazilian, lobs out low-powered Firefox OS mobe Fireweb

First gadget to launch with version 1.1 of Moz's phone code

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