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18th > October > 2013 Archive

Havana see your bare metal: New OpenStack v8 clinches containerization

Open-source cloud control freak emerges from shadows on Heat

Gasp! Facebook's hardware king joins board of ARM server biz Calxeda

Mournful puckering sound squeaks out of Intel HQ

So you want to develop for Windows 8.1? Visual Studio 2013 is HERE

Microsoft ships trove of tools for desktops, devices, and cloud

MEGA ASTEROID could 'BLOW UP EARTH' - Russian space boss

Space rock murder 200 times more likely than you winning the lottery

Lenovo sniffing BlackBerry's laundry, may purchase: report

It's getting easier to ask who doesn't want to buy BlackBerry!

Labor names Jason Clare shadow comms spokesbloke

Little evidence of tech savvy in new appointment's CV

Torrent site isoHunt to close

Founder fighting on to disprove causal connection between links and piracy

AMD avoids a red-ink-stained quarter for once, market says 'meh'

Increase in desktop CPU revenue and console boost can't excite Wall Street

Can't hear the sirens? Knobble evildoers with your massive integer

New project to help deaf people clobber criminals with BIG data

Twitter will leap into instant-messaging world with new app: report

Already testing direct messages between non-followers

Microsoft holds nose, shoves Windows into Android, iOS boxes

New native RDP clients bring Start button to smartmobes and fondleslabs

Snowden: 'I have data on EVERY NSA operation against China'

New York Times interview sure to interest Beijing

iPhone 5S autopsy shows WHY it can't tell which end is up – dev

How faulty levelling caused Jesus phone to lose its balance

Sketchy Soho denizens get mitts on London superheroes

PicsHP challenge draws animators to pimped-out workstations

Simplivity shows off VDI configs with Nvidia... Doh! VMware, what are you doing here?

Upstart looks up, sees established rival doing the very same thing...

'Microsoft Word is a tyrant of the imagination'

QuotwPlus: 'Steve Jobs was born in 1955 - WWII ended in 1945. Grrr'

Beyond: Two Souls - the game that thinks it's a Hollywood blockbuster

ReviewDo the dishes, then save the world? It can only be David Cage’s new sci-fi thriller

Extreme ultraviolet litho: Extremely late and can't even save Moore's Law

SMCWhy this is none of your DRAM business

Last living NEANDERTHALS discovered in JERSEY – boffins

Cavemen probably went extinct after the Channel Islands

Got a mobile phone? Then you've got a Trojan problem too

This time it’s personal

Amateur image-wrangler reveals stitched snap of Saturn's splendour

Magnificent mosaic from NASA's Cassini shots

Alarming tales: What goes on INSIDE Reg hack's hi-tech bedroom

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Wakey, wakey, hands off snakey

ITU to Europe: One charger for all mobes good. One to rule them ALL? Better

Wants to extend micro USB spec to all 'leccy gizmos

Not so Saucy after all: Ubuntu reveals Mirless Salamander... and what, no Britney?

ReviewFalls back on Plan B, but Plan B is annoying

Terminator-style robot busts leg in martial arts demo mishap

I’ll be back... but not until December

What the CUFF? Nokia shows how a smartwatch really OUGHT to work

VideoJust waiting for the technology to make it possible

Japanese pussies slurp 'meow meow' sex wine

PicsNyan Nyan Nouveau - Cabernet juice, catnip and a soupçon of euphemism

Fiendish CryptoLocker ransomware: Whatever you do, don't PAY

VidCreate remote backups before infection, advise infosec bods

SanDisk's so busy adding up its dosh, enterprise PCIe cards slip into 2014

Still, estimated full-year sales up a billion dollars, wha-hey!

Jury smacks Qualcomm for UNLAWFUL TECH in iPhone, Galaxy chips

ParkerVision rubs hands as shareholders sniff half-a-billion-dollar payday

Billionaire vows to turn 007's Lotus Esprit into actual submarine car

Ah, Mr Musk, I've been expecting you

Windows 8.1: A bit square, sure, but WAIT! It has a Start button

ReviewNew features just underline the sins of omission in Windows 8.0

Google's latest Brussels self-abuse proposal needs 'concrete tech'

MEPs urge serious testing of new SECRET Mountain View offers

Hey, how'd that guy get to be a BAZILLIONAIRE?

Sysadmin blogA quick guide to the flashcache market

Google's leaky ship spills new Nexus 5 photos, $349 price tags all over web

This just in: Next smartphone like the Nexus 4, only better

MacBook Air fanbois! Your flash drive may be a data-nuking TIME BOMB

Apple whips out tool, rushes to probe suicidal flash drives

Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2: Quick start guide for sysadmins

Sysadmin blogWhat do you mean you forgot your key?

America: Land of the free, still home of the BIGGEST spammers on the planet


FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS: Microsoft faces prising XP from Big Biz

Even Facebook is still running the 12-year-old OS, but the clock is ticking

DRAM whammed, thank you ma'am: Kaminario K2 flash bests sib at SPC-1

But will it remain king for very long?

Microsoft sharpens blade, slashes high-mem cloud prices in Amazon duel

Just how low can Redmond's instances go?

No plans for Friday night? There's a pile o' Windows Server ISOs feeling lonely

New Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2, Intune, Azure Pack and more looking for love

Apple's top bean counter: New spaceship HQ won't emit 'one atom of carbon'

VidCupertino's latest torus attraction to be 'best office building ever built'

Forget Wi-Fi, boffins get 150Mbps Li-Fi connection from a lightbulb

Many (Chinese) hands make light work

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