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7th > October > 2013 Archive

TWELFTH-CENTURY TARDIS turns up in Ethiopia

More than 100 missing Who eps found

Dutch oven overcooked in World Solar Challenge

Takes the lead, Day One, cops penalty Day Two

Police constable 1337 stunned by Lego lookalike

The Leet police dismisseth us

Hollywood: How do we secure high-def 4K content? Easy. Just BRAND the pirates

'You only have to get it wrong once, and you end up in prison'

Failover a dependency rich infrastructure and you bork the lot, right? Not any more

Neverfail rolls out network-mapping Architect tool

Stallman's GNU at 30: The hippie OS that foresaw the rise of Apple - and is now trying to take it on

AnalysisProvided we all dump Android for Replicant, yeah?

Web Daddy Berners-Lee DRMs HTML5 into 2016

Web drawbridge dropped for media barons pillage, says EFF

Tech Data: Computer 2000 brand taken out back and

Now falls under TD badge as accountancy probe continues

Alfresco's IPO is bad news for tech stock junkies

AnalysisGroupOn, Zynga and 3Com: How not to go public

Microsoft's Azure will bring tiers to your eyes

The joy of automated backup

Universal's High Fidelity Pure Audio trickles onto Blighty’s Blu-Ray hi-fis

Best music format we’ve ever had... since the last one

Cisco tosses cash, APIs at software-pushers: Here, make our customers 'appy

Canalys Channels ForumNetworking giant goes fishing for devs

Brits spend one in every 12 waking minutes online, say beancounters

Thus companies spaff ever bigger wads of cash on internet ads

Apple iMac 27-inch 2013: An extra hundred quid for what exactly?

ReviewDo Haswell, updated graphics and optional PCIe SSDs justify the price rise?

IP rights are for the PRIVILEGED FEW – media studies bods

CommentIf the data doesn't fit your hypothesis, muddy the waters

Investor lobs sueball at BlackBerry, says it 'misled' shareholders

Class action claims execs shouldn't have talked up BB10

Tech specs wreck: Details of Google's Nexus 5 smartphone leaked over internet

Rivals get an eyeful as LG wrestles with stable door

New Terminator-style 'bots can self-assemble, leap, climb and SWARM

Rise of The MachinesCreepy, limbless – MIT roboticists flywheel paves way for tiny, cube-shaped overlords

FlexPod upsets VCE in converged storage block-building test - analysts

But Cisco wins either way

Vohkus hauls in former Kelway officer as COO

Craig Compton taksed with building £100m sales engine

IPO-leery Avaya was hot to flog self to Oracle, but talks 'fizzled' – report

Larry Ellison and Co sizing up network node's books - reports

AMD's SeaMicro: 'We're the mystery vendor behind Verizon's cloud'

Big win for big box means proprietary hardware ISN'T DEAD, it's only resting

Three BILLION people now potential nodes for the transfer of cat videos

NYAN, NYAN, nana-nana-nana-NYAN-NYAN-Nyaaaaah

Spectra unveils top secret tape-based object store Black Pearl

Boulder bods about to set sail – you heard it here first

Bad for Bezos: Amazon's German workers threaten pre-Christmas strike

Verdi union wants more gingerbread for its elves

Acer names Marco Andresen as UK boss... yes, you read that right

Not the Netscape guy, our Swedish chief of ops

Apple's new iPhones dope-slap Samsung in US

iPhone 5s sales lead Galaxy S 4 at all major carriers, 5c at two

Percona channels Robin Hood, pilfers Oracle MySQL 5.6 tech

'Anything you can do, we can do cheaper'

Nuon, Tokai maintain six-race rivalry

No race records on the cards for 2013

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