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Robot WildCat slips its leash and bounds around parking lot

Video16 mph pseudo-feline moves in leaps and bounds

Unknown Aussie and Dutch family car spring solar surprise

World Solar ChallengeUnfancied entries take out time trial

Two years after Steve Jobs' death, how's that new CEO working out?

AnalysisIs 'Timid Tim' an 'unmitigated disaster'? Only for the crap Map app flap chap and card-carrying Apple-haters

Cambridge withdraws from World Solar Challenge

World Solar ChallengePractice prang left UK entry too much to fix in too little time

Cisco, Google and SAP may buy BlackBerry's bits: report

Intel, LG and Samsung also invited to auction for the sick man of mobility

Wacky racers – The Reg's guide to 2013's Solar Challengers

World Solar ChallengeWho gets to be Snidely Whiplash?

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