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26th > September > 2013 Archive

Oracle mounts cloud on FrankenStack underlay

OpenWorldA splash of Nimbula and lashings of OpenStack

T-Mobile pulls BlackBerry products from US retail stores

Stocking product that no one buys deemed 'inefficient'

A Tapestry of network complexity

Open source network scoring tool set for release

Apple Maps directs drivers INTO path of ONCOMING PLANES

Maps snafu ushered punters onto Alaskan airport taxiway

Brocade virtual fabric tells multi-tenant story

Claims better networking, easier moves

Icefog hit-and-run hackers uncovered in Asia

Less persistent but more focused targeted attacks hit hundreds

'Bet Lynch' types BANNED from zoo for upsetting not-so-wildlife

Garish onesie wearers also told to remove animal print prior to visit

China's lifting of internet blockade denied by state media

Party mouthpiece says Great Firewall will stay in Shanghai zone

Boffins: Internet transit a vulnerability

Mirror, mirror on the port, is this something I can rort?

MPs slam bumpkin fibre rollout, demand halt to further £250m cash spaff

And an end to BT's 'quasi-monopoly'

California kids win right to delete digital past

Power to disappear embarrassing pics, vids ... but not permanently

Microsoft to execs: Please don't leave us. Here, have some shares

Needs 'continuity' after Ballmer's departure

When the SSD came to storage land: How flashy upstarts got their break

StoragebodStartups rush in where vendor giants fear to tread

Asus NV550JV 15.6in full HD notebook - the one we didn't have to send back

ReviewCore i7 entertainer with a whiff of B&O about it

LOHAN rocket motor igniter goes pop at 20,000m

Pics+VidTest flight an explosive success

Blighty's great digital radio switchover targets missed AGAIN

DAB in sea of indifference

'Wacky' Spanish VoD squad launches people-picked online vid service in UK

We pick the best - from what we can actually lay our hands on

Google's boffins branded 'unacceptably ineffective' at tackling web piracy

Analysis'Not beyond wit' to block rip-offs say MPs demanding copyright safeguards

Google's latest PRIVACY MELTDOWN: Web chats sent to WRONG people

Now your buddies can play NSA spook

British Gas robo home remote gets itself into hot water

Never mind the bills, look at our touchy feely boiler-control tech

Don't wait up for BBM on iPhone, Android – BlackBerry

Botched launch means another delay (till at least next week)

Intrinsic now on third CEO in less than two years

Darron Antill joins the musical chairs game

WD unveils new MyBook line: External drives now bigger... and CHEAP

Less than £0.04/GB, but it loses the Thunderbolt speed

Fresh shift of 'nauts arrives at Space Station, planning torch jaunt

Soyuz crew confirms spacewalk planned to promote Olympics

Ericsson adds Dot to the office mobe coverage map

No more hanging out in the stairwell to get a signal

Is this the silicon chip KILLER? Boffins boot up carbon-nanotube CPU

Lump of posh coal runs MIPS code like it's 1946

Cisco, EMC love child VCE finally dangles rebate lure over channel pool

Only took us four years to get with the programme

Apple: Now that you've updated to iOS 7... YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK

You're stuck with those crayon graphics forever, chum

Boffins have constructed a new LIGHT SABRE. Their skills are complete

Truly, they are as powerful as the Emperor has foreseen

PayPal pays pals $800m for Braintree

It's an eBay no-brainer: buy a rival to branch out biz

Bill Gates: Yes, Ctrl-Alt-Del salute was a MISTAKE

VidBillionaire software baron still smarting over 2001 on-stage burn?

eBay unveils data center that runs on fuel cells

Filthy backup diesel generators worry about job prospects

15% of Americans still holding off from this newfangled interweb thing

The old, the dumb, the poor

Travel much? DON'T buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Sammy region-locks the latest version of its popular poke-with-a-stylus mobe

Apple iOS 7 makes some users literally SICK. As in puking, not upset

'Eye candy really is as bad as classical candy is for the teeth,' writes one

BlackBerry manufacturing partner Jabil looking to cut ties

In talks to 'wind down the relationship'

Google reveals its Hummingbird: Fly, my little algorithm - FLY!

Update brings Googleplex one step closer to sentience

Chinese building orbital lab by 2023 to make 'space medicine'

Not for weapons, honestly

US House Republicans: 'End net neutrality or no debt ceiling deal' – report

Leaked document reveals a shedload of anti-Obama demands

Microsoft to merge Windows, Windows Phone stores in 2014

Platforms to unite in ONE APP STORE TO RULE THEM ALL

Microsoft defends Azure with two-factor auth security

UpdatedLike Amazon, but it costs money

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