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19th > September > 2013 Archive

Google's BigQuery gets data slurping capability

'Streaming' feature lets it suck rows rather than nosh batches

BlackBerry's Heins readies the hatchet yet again

Looming layoffs could claim up to 5,000 workers

Japanese government pushes SDN out of data centre

Tech supergroup leaps the LAN and bounds towards virtual WANs for 8K TV

Oracle halves cost of ExaLogic middleware platform

How much would you expect to pay for this quality elastic platform?

Mach 8 Scramjet flies but sends no data

$14 million burned as rocket flies but doesn't ignite

Apache Foundation embraces real time big data cruncher 'Storm'

Does for real time processing what Hadoop did for batch processing

Google driver flees after Street View car crashes

Camera-laden Googlemobile takes out three cars in Jakarta

I, for one, welcome our robotic communist jobless future

CommentEverything will be so cheap, you won't NEED a job

Apple brings iCloud bookmark sync to Windows

Scurvy-free curs sail t' seven seas with shiny Chrome and Firefox swag

Korean stealth-scraper plans will turn 450 metre tower INVISIBLE

'Tis just 8 sea miles from Incheon, spike me if it ain't

Windows Phone overtakes Apple's market share ... in India

Yarr, feel me salty wake on y'r chops, fruity boy

Data Direct Networks prepares to board Amazon S3. It's cutlasses now, lads

Wizard of WOS drops screen, reveals trillion object storage array

Nokia Lumia 625: Quality budget 4G phone ... but where's UK's budget 4G?

ReviewBlast this cut-price box, more worthless than a scurvy-blighted galley rat

'Kissing couple' Trojan sent to slurp fanbois' data... Syrian Electronic Army fingered

She'll pop yer scuppers, but can't scuttle ye ... for now

Cloud storage biz, one careful owner, six years on the clock... any takers?

Nirvanix keels over, careened by Channel consort, d'ye see?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it ... Win Phone 8? No, it's APPLE'S iOS 7

ReviewArr, 'tis colourful. Belike Microsoft weren't lubbers after all

Final preview of IE11 for Windows 7 uncanned

Microsoft has a browser for ye scurvy consumerrrrs

Tracking the history of magnetic tape: A game of noughts and crosses

FeaturePart Two: 'Tis a spool's paradise, t' be surrrre

IT bloke denies trying to shag sheep outside football ground

Ewe a Spurs fan, me hearty?

OK, we're flogging a disk array, but cut us open and we bleed TAPE – SpectraLogic

Spinnin' rust? Yarr... we'll be walkin' that plank

Five reasons why you'll take your storage to the cloud

And five reasons why you won't...

So, Linus Torvalds: Did US spooks demand a backdoor in Linux? 'Yes'

Bless me barnacles, tha' tricksy Finn be joshin' ... yarr?

Live now: LOHAN igniter test flight

Canny crew will dodge yon Spanish mountains, yarr

Cisco email accidentally sent to 1000s of employees causes message list MAYHEM

ExclusiveScuttlebutt says jabber lubbers scuttled 'emselves

Hiroshi Yamauchi, bizlord who gave the world Donkey Kong, dead at 85

Venerable old cap'n stomps his last goomba

Knock, knock. Hello, delivery person: I am this building's SKYPE OVERLORD

100% DesignOi told 'ee I'd open door for ye as ye sit 1,000 fathoms away

Rotten Apple iOS 7 fury: Glitchy audio or is today's music really that bad?

Avast, me Cupertino treasure sank overboard before crew could stow it

We saw you admire that rack: UK server sales are finally recovering

Splice the mainbrace, boys! Bulging treasure chests GREW in Q2

Roll up, roll up: Cash, Bitcoin and booze offered for iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner hack

Back and fill, infosec maties... keep t' grog comin'

Obama Zucker-punched: 'NSA PR bungle whacked public trust in web giants'

Facebook's Cap'n Zuck ain't goin' down with his frigate, yarr

Apple CEO Cook: 'We're not in the junk business'

Sailing the smartphone seas in a gilded galleon, not a Chinese junk

New ransomware strain forces hapless users into becoming Bitcoin miners

Locks you out, throws away the key, hands you a virtual pickaxe: 'Start digging'

Red Hat and dotCloud team up on time-saving Linux container tech

First they conquered the seven seas, now containers be forcin' VMs to walk the plank

Ex-CEO Elop's plunder to total $25m in voyage from Nokia to Microsoft

Sets sail for Redmond with chests filled with Finnish booty

Apple iOS 7 remote wipe: Can it defeat the evil scrumper scourge?

'Victimisation of fanbois must end,' thunder NY, SF gov attorneys

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