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18th > September > 2013 Archive

LinkedIn joins Yahoo!, Google in squeezing gov for NSA request info

Dear [REDACTED]: Spies have [REDACTED] your profile

Study finds fraudsters foist one-third of all Tor traffic

Anonymizing network 'disproportionately associated' with online skullduggery

TPG floats fibre cherry-pick

Wants to connect half-a-million to basement broadband

Open ZFS wielders kick off 'truly open source' dev group

Filesystem daddy Matt Ahrens gives seal of approval

Redmond cash splash follows mobile hash

Will a bling fling bring grins in ka-ching rings?

THE TRUTH about beaver arse milk in your cakes: There's nothing vanilla about vanilla

Eager Swedes probe butt-scuttle scuttlebutt

China's 'Big Vs' disown selves online to avoid new gossip laws

Weibo celebs seek anonymity as police round up on rumour-mongers

'Honker Union' sniffs 270 hacktivism targets

Chinese group to mark Manchurian Incident with cyber nationalism raids

Microsoft puts something hard and sensitive in your pocket

New security cert for Windows Phone gets Redmond closer to BlackBerry

DARPA: You didn't think we could make a Mach 6 spaceplane, so let us have this MACH TEN job

Cheap rockets? Bah! Give us a hyper-hydrocarbo-scramjet

‘Priceless’ unique Palm ‘FAILEO’ laptop goes under the hammer

PicsNever-released ‘new category of mobile device’ up for grabs

So, rocket boffin Dr Adam Baker: Will we live long and prosper in SPACE?

InterviewKingston Uni’s Mr Space mulls manned Mars missions and more with El Reg

So you think you know all about configuration management

Well think again

Got it taped: The business of tape-based disaster recovery

FeatureTaking a risky - or risk free? - hike up Iron Mountain

Apple beckons fanbois back into its golden era... of, er, 2010

Thought Cupertino had abandoned your trusty crusty iOS 4.0 iPod? THINK AGAIN

Phil Collins' daughter 'will give you A VIRUS' – security bods

Watch where you put that pointer

Gorillas, StorageBeers, sexy flash models: It's all here in Speaking in Tech

PodcastSomeone's actually USING Google+ Hangouts ... it's the Reg podcast team

Brit reseller Kelway chops off some heads to shed costs

Seven years, seven acquisions... plus profits down 20%+ in fiscal '13

You thought slinging Photoshop into the cloud would fail? Look who's laughing NOW

Clue: It's Adobe's CEO (while profit plummets)

Official crackdown on Apple fanboi 'shanty town' ahead of London iPhone launch

Exclusive'Help us, Tim Cook. No, we don't want 5Cs'

MPs: This paperless health service plan isn't worth the paper it isn't written on

Dumped patient record system spunked £10bn up the wall

Everyone's waving their 5-inchers: BlackBerry outs new supersized Z30

If at first you don't succeed (Z10), try (Q10), try (Q5), try again

One year to go: Can Scotland really declare gov IT independence?

Get ready for Hadrian's partial firewall

Just how flash is your enterprise storage rig?

MinipollIf you're still a rust and tape lover, we want to know

DRAMA at 75,000 FEET: Our Playmonaut's TERROR PLUNGE from EDGE of SPACE

PicsPlucky Reg operative finally found in remote valley

Meet the Unmagnificent Seven: The critical holes plugged in Firefox update

The Old Man was right. Only the hackers win. We lost. We'll always lose

BLAST OFF! Antares launches Cygnus on commercial cargo test mission

Shipping pants and chocs to scruffy, sugar-starved 'nauts

Our second attempt to give LOHAN a good banging: Live tomorrow

You need a hot thrust for a proper trip to heaven and back

Leaked docs: NSA 'Follow the money' team slurped BANK records, CREDIT CARD data

German mag spills beans on monitored global bean-spilling

Google fluffs DEATH DEFEATING startup Calico

If we're all filthy rich, why haven't we become immortal?

Open source Android fork Cyanogen becomes $7m company

Plans to build 'world's largest' mobile OS contender

Telstra to DNS-block botnet C&Cs with unknown blacklist

What could possibly go wrong other than a C&C net sharing your colo barn's IP address?

Oracle revenues miss expectations – AGAIN

Hardware division sales continue to shrink

BlackBerry Messenger to launch on Android, iOS this weekend

Free downloads to open BBM to rival smartphone platforms

Victorian agencies criticised for poor telecomms management

Auditor-General not impressed

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