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13th > September > 2013 Archive

Amazon spits out offline DynamoDB tester

Even disconnected devs can now crank the Dynamo

NASA: Humanity has finally reached into INTERSTELLAR SPACE

Voyager probe exits Solar System after 36 year journey

Push mail outfit Good Tech wins CC cert

Not-so-good news for BlackBerry as secure messaging becomes more common adds IMAP, OAuth

Microsoft puts mail on the mashup and apps map

Borland's heir Embarcadero says one dev tool can rule them all

One preciousss codebase delivers apps for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android

Lip-wobbling boffins: Eating Chinese food is like kissing a vibrator

Szechuan pepper 50Hz so good...

Torvalds: 'We're not doing Linux95 … for a few years, at least'

Linux 3.12 gets 'Suicidal Squirrel' moniker as Linux Lord recovers from SSD FAIL

French ministers told to use only secure comms post-PRISM

Reminder of best practice issued after Snowden's revelations

Zuck off, Zuck: Brit duo's JustDelete.Me nukes clingy web accounts

Bad news if you ever signed up for Gawker or GoDaddy, though...

Privacy lawsuits: Will sueballs lobbed at US cloud services hit you where it HURTS?

Sysadmin blogProbably not... yet

One day we'll look back and say this was the end of the software platform

CommentBallmer has scribbled the epitaph of his own era

'Who knew in 1984 that Steve Jobs would be Big Brother?'

QuotwPlus: 'I assure you, Moore's Law is alive and well'

Moving from permie to mercenary? Avoid a fine - listen to Ben Franklin

IR35: Dear contractors, if you quack like a staffer, you're a staffer

Massively leaked iFail 5S POUNDS pundits, EXCITES chavs

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Frantic ‘experts’ backtrack as new iPhone unexpectedly sucks

Huawei CTO insists: 'We are not a threat to UK and US national security'

ExclusiveWe're just a box and packet shifter like everyone else, says Sanqi Li

IT distie Tech Data must end accounts-unbungling probe within a fortnight

NASDAQ compliance D-Day edges ever closer for distie behemoth

TWO can play this 64-bit mobile game, says Samsung, crossly

Anything you can do, we can also do right after you, Cupertino warned

ZTE Open: This dirt-cheap smartphone is a swing and a miss

ReviewHands-on with the $80 Firefox OS mobe

Nokia's 41Mp Lumia 1020 'launches' in UK - but hoi polloi must wait

Gazillion-pixel flagship mobe now on pre-order, shlebs party away

New head for disk drive array upstart: Coraid moves CEO to board

And pops ex-NetApp big cheese into hot seat

Dominant web ad giant (Google) possibly 'weeks' away from Euro slapdown

Watchdog Almunia refuses to rule out fines in antitrust probe

Extreme Networks coughs $180m for 'no overlap' rival Enterasys

Doubles customer base without treading on own toes, reckons beancounter

Hortonworks licks lips, sets sights on snaring fresh SI partners

HP, Dell, Accenture and Cap Gemini in crosshairs

Microsoft's swipe'n'swirl pic passwords LESS secure than PINs, warn researchers

Too easily brute-forced and guessed, say securo-boffins

Private Dell: We will not suddenly try to cut out the middleman again

No return to worshipping the direct-sales cult, insist bigwigs

It's official: The iPhone 5S bling-mobe IS chavvy. OR, Burberry isn't

Could the 5C actually be aimed at Waitrose mums left cash strapped by school fees?

Microsoft announces iPad amnesty for fanbois

Hand them in and we'll say no more about it. And heyyy ... have a voucher

Amazon cloud goes down in Northern Virginia

UpdatedOldest data center beset by YET ANOTHER cloudopocalypse

Apple updates Mountain Lion, fixes Mail, Wi-Fi bugs

OS X 10.8.5 makes Mail messages reappear, doubles 802.11ac transfers

Senator halts Google's taxpayer-subsidized executive jet fuel deal

Your tax dollars at work

Cold-blooded, INHUMAN visitor hitches ride on NASA moon rocket

Green-skinned creature spotted by ground cameras

Happy Friday the 13th! It's Programmers' Day

Why you can't find your development team

It's about time: Java update includes tool for blocking drive-by exploits

Whitelist clamps down on web-based code

Couchbase relaxes NoSQL derrière into mobile seats

Couchbase Lite sits a small JSON DB atop iOS, Android

What's in it for server buyers now that Intel's Xeon E5-2600 v2 is here?

More oomph per socket – and maybe just a tiny system price hike

Teen buys WikiLeaks server for $33,000 – with dad's eBay account

'A serious conversation' to be had, dad says

The future of PCIe: Get small, speed up, think outside the box

IDF13Plans range from smartphone storage to InfiniBand competitor in HPC

Billionaire engineer Ray Dolby, 80, dies at home in San Francisco

ObitThe day the music died

Microsoft reissues September patches after user complaints

A fix to fix the fixes that didn't

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