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5th > September > 2013 Archive

Apple throwing separate Chinese iPhone event

One more thing, in one more place …

Samsung stakes claim to smartwatch market with Galaxy Gear

$300 for an arm-mounted mobile terminal

Cassandra trundles into 2.0 release

Facebook's database steps into expected future

Qualcomm reveals 'Toq' smartwatch

Multi-day battery and wireless charging are the big ticket items

myOpenID to close down for good in February 2014

Users of the OpenID registrar will have to go elsewhere

Bulging racks top of mind for Dell's new switch

S6000 drinks VMware's NSX Kool Aid, spaffs data over 40GbE

Hypersonic 'scramjet' aims for Mach 8 test flight

Take it very high and drop it very fast

Boffinry breakthrough OF THE DECADE: Teens 'influenced' by friends

Facebook, MySpace, yes, MySpace turn kids into BOOZY ROISTERERS, claim brainiacs

Australia's opposition cuts funds to IT research outfit

NICTA's future in doubt as $AUD42m funding chopped

Windows 8.1 to freeze out small business apps

TechEd AustraliaISVs can forget about modern apps for shops with under 100 seats

Panasonic to build Toughbook-style smartphone

Japanese giant abandons consumers for more rugged customers

Sysadmins hail Windows Server 2012 R2's killer ... clipboard?

TechEd AustraliaCut and paste between VMs wins spontaneous applause

Gov IT write-off: Universal Credit system flushes £34m down toilet

MP warns against 'yet another catastrophic' Whitehall tech failure

Your nicked iPad now likelier than ever to show up in Mongolia

Ooh la la! Fences are so much more international this year – study

Nasty nuke-lab data-slurper EVOLVES, now feeds off new Java hole

Latest version of data-stealer targets Uyghur dissidents

Campus Party: Did it start Silicon Britain or let 5,000 geeks sleep together?

PicsWhat went on in all those tents under the O2 dome

LOHAN cops a faceful of smutronyms

Name that doomsday box compo takes a turn for the schoolboy

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: The mobe for CHUCK NORRIS TYPES

ReviewPadded up for prang protection and dips in the drink

VMware's latest trick: Virtual gyroscopes and compasses

Virtzilla refreshes desktop hypervisors Fusion and Workstation

Autogyro legend Ken Wallis hangs up wings at 97

RIP, father of Little Nellie

Continuous delivery: What works (and what doesn't)

Software on the assembly line

Dixons in talks to offload loss-making online mart PIXmania

Tells German VC: C'mon, buy our gadget souk. We'll give you €69m

Microsoft, Nokia and the sound of colliding garbage trucks

Opinion$7.1bn... quite a hefty price tag for joined-up marketing

EMC rolls out next generation of hot VNX models in Milan

And flashes us a glimpse of hush-hush Project Nile cloudy platform

It's the software, stupid: Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch bags big apps

AnalysisArmies of Evernote, RunKeeper, Path users summoned in latest wrist war

Hunt's 'paperless', data-pimping NHS plan gets another £240m

Sharing is caring, health secretary tells sick Brits

Jury reckons Motorola wasn't 'fair and reasonable' to Microsoft

Googorola to hand over $14m after trying to charge excessive patent fees

Australia's anti-smut internet filter blueprint lasts LESS THAN A DAY

Version control problems strike Oz baby-kissers

When it doesn't get boring in series 8: Adaptec touts RAID RoCket fuel

12Gbit/s SAS RoC doubles adapter speed says 'да' to half a BILLION dollars, flogs its 14m Facebook shares

Russia's richest man cuts firm's Facebook holdings loose

New online banking Trojan empties users' wallets, videos privates

Don't fall for the old .pdf.exe wheeze

Hey, EMC. You and I are seriously falling out over this marketing crap

StoragebodI like you really, but what's with this Mega Launch hype?

FTC slaps TRENDnet with 20 years' probation over webcam spying flaw

Insecure code is a Peeping Tom's charter

Tor traffic torrent: It ain't the Syrians, it's the BOTS

'No humans are behind these clients'

iPad 5, Retina iPad mini with 'A7X' chip home for the holidays – report

Tim Cook's China outreach leading to broader product line, longer life for older slabs

Reports: NSA has compromised most internet encryption

There goes the neighborhood

Oz government-in-waiting releases new online child protection policy

Removes mandatory filtering and explains social media takedown laws

The Solar System's second-largest volcano found hiding on Earth

Massive Tamu Massif as big as the British Isles

Salesforce invents a telephone book for corporate data

Rebrands Chatterbox as Files

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