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29th > August > 2013 Archive

Tor usage up by more than 100% in August

Secure network usage spikes worldwide, reasons unknown

Qld Health starts briefing industry on IT refresh

Practice makes perfect

Fujitsu to push 28 nanometer limits with Sparc64 X+

Hot ChipsDrop-in upgrade sports more oomph for Solaris shops

Selfie twerks its way into the dictionary

Our beloved mother tongue gets down with the kids

Quantum crypto nearly ready to go mobile

Boffins demo 'QKD for smartphones'

Finance watchdog: Big fingers + tiny mobe screen + banking = doesn't end well

I meant to send £100 to 'The Dev', not £1,000 to Silent Kev

NASA's nuclear Mars tank REBELS against human control

Red Planet gets self-driving cars before Earth does

Huawei Ascend Mate: The phondleslab for the skint

ReviewGood screen, decent performance, nice price

Hey, Bill Gates! We've found 14 IT HOTSHOTS to be the next Steve Ballmer

AnalysisStop fretting, check out these peeps. Now you can go back to swimming in cash

Nintendo is FLATLY UNHINGED: New 2DS is a handful of game

PicFlat toy plays games in your palm ... just like every iThing, Android, WinPho out there

Women in IT: ‘If you want to be taken seriously, dress like a man’

CommentOur troubleshooting engineer on beating the boys at their own game

Vodafone mulls $100bn Verizon stake sale - now about that $10bn tax bill...

US giant is back to sniff around Brits' tasty meat

Scale Computing bares teeth at VMware, reveals more SCRIBE details

Binning GPFS, integrating with HC3 - but as for flash...

Oh, a Wyse guy, eh? Why I oughta make you Nexenta's new CEO

Tarkan Maner is third big cheese in 2013 so far – and it's only August

Now your iPhone apps can be FAT losers: Apple gobbles data diet upstart

File too big to decompress? Børk! Børk! Børk!

IP telly upstart stuffs Comedy Central, MTV in Freeview box

VuTV to flog bulging package ... but no prices yet

We've cracked riddle of ANTIGRAVITY mountains on Saturn's Titan - boffins

PicUnderground roots of ice fingered after Cassini probe's bizarre readings

Dopey dope-growing dope smoked out by own dope dope-growing vid

Thrown in the cooler for months, he's now a dope on a mope

UK gov dials 999 over Serco prison escort fraud claims

Minister warns outsourcing giant ALL of its massive contracts are at risk

Steelie Neelie accused of killing €0.01-per-megabyte roaming fee cap in Europe

Fresh plan for Euro telecoms leaked, appears to be stuff missing - report

Skype: 3D video calling is the FUTURE

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope of using up all this bandwidth

Dell to axe 1,000-plus call-centre bods, enterprise staff in prep to go private

Fresh waves of layoffs every week, say sources

Android chief leaves Google for Chinese fork seller Xiaomi

Joins ex-Googlers who stuck an Android fork in PRoC

Amazon's GovCloud upgrade hints at CIA cloud tech

Automagic deployment tool comes to ITAR-compliant cloud

Apple tops target list for litigious patent trolls

Follow the money

US mobile app dominance threatened by ANGRY BIRDS revolution

Non-US firms playing larger role in app market, study finds

Look out ARM, Intel, here comes MIPS – again

Imagination CEO: 'We are trying to get MIPS back to its glory days' with 25% share

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