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Climate change even worse than you thought: It causes war and murder

It has happened throughout history – why not now?

Moto X: It's listening to you. But can voice control finally take off?

US factory will deliver your custom phone in four days

Google rolls its eyes, gives Windows Phones five more months to sync

Redmond says its fix will ship by year's end

Did Linux drive supers, and can it drive corporate data centers?

AnalysisThe place where Linus gets his paycheck says the Penguin was driving

Terror cops swoop on couple who Googled 'backpacks' and 'pressure cooker'

PRISM, SCHMISM: Employer called cops over departed worker's Google history

Mystery object falls from sky, area sealed off by military: 'Weather balloon', say officials

Even if it was, nobody's going to believe THAT

Apple snaffles low-power wireless firm Passif Semiconductor

Cupertino's new wireless kit can be charged by microwave

Weekend project: Mulch your old PC to save the world

Boffins find powdered circuit boards can suck up toxic metals

Samsung brings back clamshell phones with added Android

'Galaxy Folder' can be fondled like it's 1996

Latvian foreign minister speaks out against giving up alleged Gozi writer to US

Look at Gary McKinnon!

Buy a household 3D printer, it'll pay for itself in months!

Hey, you like iPad docks made of hammered snot that don't have cables, right?

'Chromecast - recycle it after a long fulfilling life of kitten videos'

QuotWBallmer: 'We built a few more devices than we could sell...'

Base stations get high on helium, ride MUTANT kite-balloons at the football

Wheeee... coverage, squeal Euro boffins

Who's who: 12th Doctor has been chosen, will meet you on Sunday night

'The decision is made', declares Steven Moffat

IBM CIO's Great Refresh: No, Sales Guy, you can't JUST use DropBox

CIO interviewRip XP from 500k boxes, bung software in cloud, install Ffox. Coffee

LOHAN lays mitts on second Iridium sat comms kit

Replacement RockBLOCK unit for vital ballocket mission task

Ubuntu puts forums back online, reveals autopsy of a brag hacker

Canonical hardens security, shows Sputn1k_ only wolfed down useless salted hash

Hundreds of UK CSC staff face chop, told to train Indian replacements

IT giant wants to suck brains amid 750 layoffs

Why you wanna go and put STaaS in their eyes? Toshiba pays $3m for Zadara

Another 'X-as-a-service' upstart, but this time with cash

Snowden picks up 'Epic 0wnage' gong in Vegas... well, not literally

And Barnaby Jack wins posthumous lifetime achievement Pwnie


¡Bong!If you want to smash through the ceiling to the blue sky, first tear down the WALLS

Virgin Media blames scruffy students for HUGE drop in cable subscribers

No need to plagiarise work using Google once academic year ends

FBI spooks use MALWARE to spy on suspects' Android mobes - report

Spear-phishing: It's not just for the bad guys

Win XP alive and kicking despite 2014 kill switch (Don't ask about Win 8)

On track to be world's second most used desktop OS when security patches cease

Mobes, fondleslabs, web sending Brit families back to THE FIFTIES - Ofcom

Smoking pipes, cardigans and plastic-clad credenza to follow

Icahn sues Dell's board over Big Mike's buyout bid

'Stop Mickey D' campaign fails to halt latest offer

Roses are #f00, violets are #00f. This witty code is a boffinry breakthrough

'I like my relationships like I like my kernel source... open'

Big blue Avatar movie spawns THREE SEQUELS

Cameron to shoot three Navi stories simultaneously by three different writers

Tick-tock, Apple: Obama has just days to stop US iPhone iPad sales ban

US prez has final say on Apple-Samsung patent war outcome

SMBs are tumbling into the cloud? Oh get real

ColumnWe’re barely scratching the surface

IT gear manufacturers trim payrolls in July

But telcos, hosters, and system designers add a lot more workers

Step into the BREACH: HTTPS encrypted web cracked in 30 seconds

Black Hat 2013Online banking, webmail, shopping hacked and slurped in new crypto attack

Ultimate Radio Deathmatch: US Navy missile-defence radar vs 4G mobile mast

Six megawatt bully prepares to kick sand in slim vid-kid's face

SAP boss cops jail time plea after Lego barcode bust

German VP cuts deal to evade deportation

The hammer falls: Feds propose drastic controls on Apple's iTunes Store

UpdatedNot just ebooks, but also 'music, movies, television shows or other content'

Rockmelt! Melts! For! Yahoo's! Millions!

Social startup slurped by Purple Palace

US sales rebound for Teradata as customers run out of capacity

You can only 'sweat the assets' for about a year

Ken Brill, 'the father of data centers', powers down at 69

ObitCreator of Tier system that took data centers mainstream

NASA's cloud strategy panned by NASA auditors

Houston, you have a problem

T-Mobile joins effort to bring Ubuntu phones to US mobile market

Signs on with Verizon, global carriers in Linux-based smartphone effort

Flash upstart: We're doing so well we might even tell you HOW well one day

Tintri races towards IPO: Watch out NetApp, EMC

Carmack blows 'crazy money' on hibernating Armadillo

Space startup in standby after running out of cash, says Doom guy

Qualcomm exec on eight-core mobile chips: They're 'dumb'

'We don't do dumb things,' says man who managed Intel's anemic mobile efforts

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