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29th > July > 2013 Archive

Taiwanese boffins monitor mastication with Bluetooth tooth

Real time streams of data to your doctor

Do you really want tech companies to pay more tax?

When you're old and gray, the national debt is someone else's problem

A drone that can walk home

Creepy-crawly wings are a real drag

Western spooks banned Lenovo PCs after finding back doors

Report suggests 'Five Eyes' alliance won't work with Chinese PCs

Comrade! If you dare f$%^ing swear on the internet, WE'LL SHOOT

Web cuss crackdown: What the f-

Bugs in beta weather model used to trash climate science

Shock revelation: devs test complex code on more than one super

Australia threatens Adobe, Apple, with geo-blocking ban

IT pricing inquiry finds no reason for higher prices, suggests using VPNs

Apple Developer portal partially resurrected

Large community of Sunday night developers overjoyed

Fed up with poor Brit telly and radio output? Ofcom wants a word with YOU

Complaints of repeats won't count, though

Been hacked? Don't dial 999: The plods are too dense, sniffs sec bigwig

'The problem is too big for the authorities to handle'

Google menaces Apple's 3-year-old toddler with its cheap stream tech

CommentChromecast VS AirPlay: Game on

Kids LIE about age on Facebook, gasps Brit ad watchdog

Asks admen to rethink access for impressionable youngsters

What heat wave? Pay still frozen over for 70 per cent at Capita ITS

'Let me just be really, brutally clear here ... we have SOLUTIONED BADLY'

Microsoft haters: You gotta lop off a lot of legs to slay Ballmer's monster

CommentTerrifying ten-legged beast of Redmond is not dead yet

Appcelerator polishes Titanium for platform-neutral JavaScript reboot

One language, one WebKit, to rule them all

'World's BIGGEST online fraud': Suspect's phone had 'location' switched on

Secret Service agents: 'Hey, isn't this a little below our pay grade?'

Apple: 'Average' iPad toiler does a mere 46-hour week

Cupertino vows fresh probe into latest claims of labour rights' abuses

'Fat Wallet Bob' leaves Apple tech chief spot for Special Projects Bureau

No, engineering boff is NOT joining LOHAN team...

Danwood director swaps sick note for resignation letter

'Temp' bloke confirmed in post, already re-arranging the business

Samsung wins not-so-final 'final' pinch-to-zoom patent decision

USPTO issues ruling but fight is far from over

Banknote campaigner's Twitter rape threats ordeal: Bloke, 21, cuffed

Cops told of hours of trolling after Jane Austen win

6fusion probes AWS for performance secrets

All apps must confess sins to the almighty Workload Allocation Cube

Russian cargo ship drops off spacesuit puncture repair kit at the ISS

Luckily someone was indoors to sign for Americans' package

Microsoft introduces warning on child abuse image searches

You know this is illegal, right?

Symantec slams Web Gateway back door on would-be corporate spies

Critical remote code execution vuln fixed - only five months later

Hey, Silicon Valley milky drink fans: Starbucks intros wireless charging

Power Matters, but not to everyone

Romania chucks €21m at IBM for Bucharest IT project

State aid for Big Blue in return for 900 new jobs

Galaxy S4 FIREBALL ATE MY HOUSE, claims Hong Kong man

Was the 'Love Machine' too hot to handle?

Planned SMUT TSUNAMI fails to wreak havoc on email

Flaccid response to Anonymous' call to Goatse arms

Dell takeover latest: Icahn tells Big Mike where to stick his rule rewrite

Shareholder opposition to tech titan's privatisation bid 'underestimated'

Siemens to throw CEO overboard after profits slashed a FIFTH time

Company bigwigs to decide Peter Loescher's fate this week

Texas students hijack superyacht with GPS-spoofing luggage

Don't panic, yet

Microsoft invites more companies into its secret threat circle

Presses on with vuln sharing despite spectre of leaks

First burger made of TEST-TUBE MEAT to be eaten on August 5

Mysterious boffinry backer to be revealed?

Safety first, NBN rollout second, says Minister

Telstra Board to consider plan for safe return to asbestos pits

NSA security award winner calls for hearings into agency's conduct

Spying scandal is killing US cloud business, says Google Doc

Music licensor seeks to block Pandora from running a radio station

UpdatedApplication just a 'bargaining chip' in fight for lower royalties

Intel wants to reconstruct whole data centers with its chips and pipes

AnalysisThe rack is the new server, and the data center is the new rack

AWS cloud expansion BETRAYS new Equinix data centers

CloudFront and Route 53 in India today, Equinix bit barns tomorrow?

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