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26th > July > 2013 Archive

Microsoft offers IE 11 preview for Windows 7 ... but not Windows 8

But you were probably running Windows 7 anyway

Chinese government to spend $277 BEEELION on air-quality improvements

US House Republicans plan moves in opposite direction

Five charged as Feds bust largest credit-card hack in history

Hundreds of millions stolen from biggest names in US

Wikipedia switches on mobile editing

Editing for everyone, not just bored commuters

Mozilla ponders blinkers for your browser

Plans to mine browser history so publishers can serve you what you want

'Wandering Dago' tuck truck ejected from NY race track

Deemed offensive to Italian Americans, oddly, not Hispanics

Apple's shock treatment: An authentic charger-spotting guide

New web page offers advice after electrocutions in China

Assange™ names a Senatorial stand-in

By nominating a successor, the white-haired one signals he's stuck on the sofa

Indian military pondered attack on Venus and Jupiter

Army retreats after boffins prove bright lights are planets, not Chinese aircraft

Guinness: Have a quick bonk over the bar and receive FREE BEER

Irish stout kings offer gratis pints to mobe-touting punters

'The Washington elites fear liberty. They fear you'

QuotWPlus: 'I do not want my name to be on Apple's blacklist'

Rejoice! Sysadmin day is... TODAY. Now get in here and win free stuff

Sysadmin blogDon't forget to thank your BOFH this Friday

London Mayor shows off GIANT BLUE COCK in busy square

'PM's porn war means you won't be able to Google raunchy image', says Boris

MYRA HINDLEY found working in Capita's benefits & revenues unit

Her 'most challenging role' to date, chirps revenues assistant

Signing out of a broken Britain: The final Quatermass serial

Quatermass at 60Ley-ing it on thick with alien beams and hippie dreams

Hotshots' hotchpotch hotspots: Office Wi-Fi is a great big botch

Do you bung wireless points around the place willy-nilly? You're not alone

BOFH: Don't be afraid - we won't hurt your delicate, flimsy inkjet printer

Episode 5'Member when engineers studied ENGINEERING?

Deadly Spanish train disaster exploited by malware mail scumbags

Some people will click on anything

You MERCILESS FIEND... you put that audio file on AUTOPLAY

Something for the Weekend, Sir?I can’t hear you, la la la la

Zynga ABANDONS ALL HOPE of opening US gambling operation

Ex-Xbox boss tosses dice on social gaming instead

Wow! British Gas bungs a million remote-controlled sales-droids in UK homes

Smart meters: What will you do with your '£65' a year saving?

Sky falling: 119,000 Brits flee O2, Be after Murdoch broadband gobble

Whiff of octogenarian media lord sends 1 in 5 running

New in Android 4.3: At last we get a grip on privacy-invading crApps

Decide which app can do what, and when - almost like a real computer

NASA Van Allen probes discover PARTICLE HURRICANES

Twin probes enter spinning rings... for research

UK gov: Brit biz barons, get your privates in check before the spooks arrive

MI5 and GCHQ rub hands with glee at FTSE350 security audit

Work with Microsoft's stuff for a living? Its reorg will mean NOTHING to you

OpinionIs that Ballmer on the bridge of that supertanker...

Pacemaker hack legend Barnaby Jack dies just before Black Hat revelations

Tributes flood in for security titan

SPEARS joins the 19-mile-high club: Intimate snaps

Pics and vidSpaceplane test flight mission photos for your viewing pleasure

Samsung: The cash blizzard continues, but may not last forever

It's raining soup, but is the S4 a mug or a fork?

SolidFire snaps up $31m in funding, brandishes 3.4PB monster

100-node giant far outstrips competition, reckons upstart

NEC tag teams with HP on high-end x86 servers

Taking an Odyssey to fill a Kraken

Apple crushes all competition in US Brand of the Year survey

Top smartphone: Apple. Top tablet: Apple. Top computer: Apple

NASA gets red-hot shots of Sun in action as IRIS goes online

Latest telescope could spot our doom

REVEALED: Hungry termites nibbling at Oracle's foundation

AnalysisSmall firms help companies flee the big red jail

Samsung overtakes Apple as most profitable global handset maker

Apple 'trapped in a pincer movement' between cheap 3-inchers and bigger 5-inchers

T-Mobile US: Go ahead, PAY NOTHING up front for any device

UpdatedSummer promotion bids adieu to down payments

Silicon Valley Cisco reseller charged with $37 million fraud

Staff claimed to have sold kit to fund buying spree

Google's new Chromecast spills its simplistic guts

Teardown'Pure simplicity' innards fuel Chocolate Factory's quest for 'TV domination'

FSF passes collection plate for free Android clone Replicant

UpdatedDonations sought to port free OS to more kit

Cray bags $30m to upgrade Edinburgh super to petaflops-class

Hector XE6 to be upgraded to Archer XC30

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