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25th > July > 2013 Archive

Chromecast: You'll pop me in for HOT STREAMS of JOY, hopes Google

Let the dongle wars commence

Music royalty war spreads to aggregator MediaNet

Aimee Mann finds Voices Carry, dollars don't

Swisscom chief dead in apparent suicide

Company appoints interim CEO

Apache OpenOffice 4.0 debuts with IBM code side and centre

Plays better with Microsoft, makes Macs think it's malware

Man who pulled gun during chess game surrenders to robot cop

No-nonsense tin lawman pacifies testy intellectual with GRENADES

World+Dog hates PRISM: Cloud Security Alliance

We don't need no steenkin' spooks

Grey market mobes on the slide as makers go legit

'We want brands!' shout impoverished punters

The FLOATING mobile phone shop on the edge of the Internet

Reg man splashes down amid Asia's smartphone shift

Android 'Master Key' DEMON APPS sniffed out in China

Send for the doctor, send your IMEI to attackers

'First' 3D-printed rifle's barrel splits after single shot

Meanwhile, 3D printer company says its software detects and won't print gun plans

Dell: New storage dish? Nah - we'll just mash up EqualLogic and Compellent

We have all the ingredients... trust us, it'll taste great

LinkedIn snaps shut OAuth login token snaffling vulnerability

Just in case anyone wanted to add CEO of Yahoo! to your online CV

How Novell peaked, then threw it all away in a year

Netware 4.0 AnniversaryAnd a bunch of Mormons made the biggest tech buy you've never heard of

Fanbois smash iPhone 5s much sooner than iPhone 3s ... but WHY?

Phondleslab survey result shocker

What did the Romans ever do for us? Packet switching...

FeatureAnd the railways, morse code. Sort of

MS, Chinese boffins team up on Kinect-powered sign language recog

Big step forward for deaf and hard-of-hearing gamers

Back up all you like - but can you resuscitate your data after a flood?

Trevor Pott learns a salutary lesson in data restoration

O2 pulls plug on OAP-monitoring service

Help is no longer at Hand - wrinklies and infirm get refunds

IT Crowd thesp eyes giant hot-air-filled FLYING SCROTUM

Chris O'Dowd's 'SkyBalls' balloon to battle testicular cancer

Eurozone still the damp patch on Ingram's corporate pants

Acquisitions lead to Q2 double digit sales and profit bounce

BT's not at home to Mr Profit, but its lordly boss probably isn't too fussed

See, this is how you do it, m'lord Livingston will say

Seagate dock hands: Tea, lads? Fewer hard disks than last year, eh...

Revenue-boosting Thai flood scarcity effect is fading away

Dell buy-out latest: Big Mike makes shareholders an offer they can't refuse

Bonus 10c per share offered if auto-vote rules rewritten

Raid millions of bank accounts. New easy-to-use tool. Yours for $5,000

F... KINS hell!

Enterprise tech market returning, says Arrow CEO Long

Servers still up the swannee but plenty of gear shifted in Q2

Comet ISON seen eructating 300,000km-long methane and CO2 BELCH

Flying ice mountain trailing vast clouds of gas

Microsoft pledges Linux boost for Windows Server and Center R2 duo

Oh, the things we'll do to be your cloud partner

WD: Enjoying our $630m, Seagate? Let's ruin your day with our results

More profitable platters put Western Digital in the lead

Keep calm and carry on spying on Americans, US politicos tell NSA

House of Reps narrowly reject bid to axe spooks' funding

'Nearly 1,350' HP Enterprise Services staffers strike over redundancies – union

UpdatedNah – it was about a tenth of that, HP smacks back

Hooker in Dudley man's car 'just helping to buy tomatoes'

Magistrates unimpressed with kerbcrawler's shopping excuse

Hankering for a Nobel Prize? EAT MORE CHOCOLATE

Study: Nobel laureates consume nearly twice as much chocolate as their peers

Sales deflate and Mellanox swings to a small loss in Q2

A return to a different – and lower – new normal

Bill Gates' nuclear firm plans hot, salty push into power

And a royalty payment from every home

Japanese police bust poker-playing IT boss for Android malware

Infected apps targetted the terminally stupid

Amazon's profit-eating machine revs into overdrive

Massive revenues? Check. Profits? You must be joking!

Chromecast: We get our SWEATY PAWS on Google's tiny telly pipe

ReviewPopping in the Chocolate Factory's two-incher

Three different roads to the 3-nanometer chip

'Moore's Law shall not be repealed!'

Amazon's cloud revenues rocket up as company posts loss

Revenue soars in mysterious "other" category

Adapteva ships Kickstarted baby supercomputer boards

Forget GPUs – use ARMs plus FPGAs plus Epiphany RISCies

Spanish mobile startup offers Firefox OS phones to world+dog

Not just for developers anymore

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