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22nd > July > 2013 Archive

Titsup Apple Developer Centre mystery: Database interloper fingered

Brooding silence bugs code-cutters

LG, Sanyo, fined for price-fixing laptop batteries

US Dept of Justice throws the book, rakes in eight-figure fine

MIT boffins give computers control to clock faster TCP

Kit tuning its own networks: what could possibly go wrong with that?

Middle America pulls up sagging pants menace, belts repeat offenders

Low-slung kecks 'totally offensive', thunders Wisconsin politico

HP closes StoreVirtual backdoor, slings key

Factory account still present, now requires one-time password

Indonesia ponders 5,000% SIM card price hike

Carrot, stick, come out to handle 50 million subscribers churning each month

Spotify: If musicians don't give us their stuff they get pirated more

Most people only steal when they can't buy - but some just like stealing

Rotten hackers feast on mouldy Java flaws

Updates don't remove the elderly versions...

French boffins: Regard, our record-breaking long, fat, wet pipe

Could withstand punishment of a year of porn delivered in ONE SECOND. Ouch

Android MasterKey found buried in kiddie cake game on Google Play - report

Send for nurse for fear of something much, much worse

We few, we happy few: Big boys dominate early stage OpenStack

No need to fret, says Tim Phillips

German students get hot 'n' heavy on Coffee Table of Doom

HPC blogUnassuming sideboard plumbs entire server for liquid cooling

Verity's summer songs for programmers: Sing your pals to sleep()

StobWhen Irish IDEs are smiling, and so on

Goodbye Blighty: The alternative reality of Quatermass II

Quatermass at 60Swapping Pimms for Schnapps and Vodka

Who will Dr Who chew in 50th TV do before Matt Smith bids adieu?

PicAnd we know the answer. Click if you don't mind a mild anniversary special spoiler

IBM taps ex-Lenovo and services exec to run PureSystems server biz

6,000 systems shipped already. No pressure there then

Mass Sony DVR seppuku riddle: Freeview EPG update fingered

Virtual relocation to France brings back vanished English channels

Secret ROYAL BABY birth VIDEO leaked! (And other malware scams)

We KNEW there'd be an IT angle on the little blighter

WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters

No sex please. We're British

How do you drive a supercomputer round a Formula 1 track?

Lotus F1 team gives El Reg a sneak peek into its pits

Top Mozillans dream of quarterly Firefox OS updates ... and users, too

And telcos pushing out the upgrades

Web advert giant (Google) crams cash into Glass eyeball-chip brainiacs

Juicy stake in liquid silicon biz Himax Display gobbled

Going into tech services? It's way bumpier than it looks

Mid-market resellers post less-than-inspiring results

Darth Vader's old gaff awaits exogorth desert DUNE DOOM

To boldly go under Tunisia's sands, right Star Wars fans?

€400k-a-head Iberian Lynx mainly threatened by Spanish politics

Needa habitat connectivy

Sofa, so good ... BigCouch relaxes into comfy Apache CouchDB

Cloudant merges code, Reg can't resist easy upholstery pun

SAP to make do with one CEO after two-headed hub halved

Je ne regrette rien, says co-founder Hasso Plattner

Steve Jobs' death clears way for '13-inch' JUMBO iPAD HYPEGASM

Would late biz baron have tolerated so many iThings at once?

SEC filing spills beans on Falconstor's breakup with ex-main man McNiel

Keep your Macbook Air, see if we care

Mobe SIM crypto hijack threatens millions: Here's HOW IT WORKS

AnalysisYou'll kick yourself when you know how

Feeling HORNY? RHINOCEROS INCEST project underway at Cincinnati Zoo

'I will not sit idle and watch', promises boffin

Bloke raises hand in vid, claims: I sparked Apple dev site hack panic

'I have 100,000+ users' details ... please don't blacklist me'

Happy third birthday, OpenStack: Ready to dominate all clouds now?

'A testament to the power of bourbon and unit test coverage'

Quantum sales boss rocks up at PernixData

Decloaked upstart snaffles another top bod

Google accounts for quarter of US internet traffic – report

Global caching network swallows PCs and mobiles

ARM servers to gain boost from ARM, Oracle Java partnership

Bringing multicore, 64-bit ARMv8 support to Java SE

Aereo streaming TV now bargaining chip in Time Warner Cable, CBS tiff

Time: 'You want 600% more for content? We'll send our boob tube addicts to Aereo'

Texas school strikes devil's bargain, drops RFID student tracking

CCTV replaces 'Mark of Satan'

Google who? Samsung announces its first developer conference

Fall show to feature Android, Tizen tech tips

NBN study: we didn't make it, but may have made a point

Vulture South's attempt to improve NBN debate have ended … for now

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