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16th > July > 2013 Archive

Virtual currency speculators shut down cloud

ExclusiveDigitalOcean forced to halt new signups after cointard flood

HyTrust trousers $13m from VMware and CIA sugar daddy In-Q-Tel

Snowden breach 'a huge wakeup call' for virty security

Elon Musk to release open source Hyperloop plans in August

Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes? Okay, we'll bite: whatcha got, SpaceX man?

Emergency mobile networks take off on model planes

Serval Project's Android-powered VoIP mesh approaches the runway

T-Rex tooth find shows dino may have been a pussy

Prey walked away with fang embedded in spine

Google and fellow ad-slingers PROMISE to starve pirates of oxygen

Invisible hand shakes regulator's iron fist

Aryaka vs. Riverbed FUD-fight fires up again

Cloudy contender buying market share at 'remaining value' of old kit

Google's China boss Liu steps down after torrid time

Chocolate Factory melting in the Middle Kingdom

The IT crowd: Fiercely loyal geeks or 'inflexible, budget-padding' creeps?

Sysadmin blogDo you REALLY want a bunch of risk-taking mavericks running your kit...

Sun sets on Oracle VDI products

Sun Ray going down for the last time

Acer silences Thunderbolt

USB 3.0 is cheaper, more useful and powers kit people actually want

Beijing offers cons reduced sentences for friendly Tweets

Pro-gov comments = sentence reduction in PRC - report

Planet-busting British space bullet ready to bomb ice moon Europa

Lasers are for weaklings, Americans - this is how it's done

Pwn all the Androids, part II: Flaw in Java, hidden Trojan

AnalysisGoogle pushes update but when will it land?

Seagate drops new summer spinners, bares 'quiet', 'fast' models

Disk fly boss walk spin nitty-gritty...

We'll stop Johnny Foreigner gobbling our biznovation - UK gov

By buying it all up OURSELVES. Hah!

6Gbps is for FOOLS! Now THIS is what we call a SAS adapter - LSI

Go-faster flashy app fix

How do you solve a problem like LibreOffice: From Excel to slab fever

AnalysisScrubbing millions of lines of code? Yeah, well, Rome wasn't built in a day

Malware-flingers do it back-to-front : scaM snaps, spans Macs

The mullet of nasty file extensions

Unreal: Epic’s would-be Doom... er... Quake killer

Antique Code ShowThe best single-player FPS of its generation?

CIOs bombarded with hybrid cloud surveys

The battle for enterprise hearts and minds

How the clammy claws of Novell NetWare were torn from today's networks

AnniversaryIn a parallel universe, the LAN king would have crushed Microsoft

PM writes ISPs' web filter ads for them - and it must say 'default on'

Deadline to tweak blurbs just 'days away' - and telcos are furious with 'misleading' words

From Russia with no love: Prez Putin dubs Ed Snowden 'unwanted gift'

Unless he shuts his trap, publicly, of course

Look out, Lenovo! HP: We're not happy with being a 'number two'

PC market crown within its grasp again - but, wait: who cares?

Dear Linus, STOP SHOUTING and play nice - says Linux kernel dev

'Professionalism' is passive aggressive bulls**t, replies Penguin king Torvalds

Good news: Brits can still afford IT services - Computacenter

Revenues flat - no thanks to France though, says hefty Euro reseller

Rap for rap chap in crap rap app flap: Jay-Z blasted by privacy bods

He's got 99 problems but, oh wait, now one more

Emulex execs in boardroom-chair-swap as investors circle

VCs want shareholder payout, to absolutely no one's surprise

Brit telly, laptop flogger Gimmi goes titsup owing whopping £1m

Biz walloped by loss of 'buy now, pay later' finance deals

Just what is Big Blue now shipping exclusively to the Chinese?

And maybe the rest of the world, if we're lucky

AT&T's adds 'Next' plan to allow phone, tablet trade-ins after one year

Pay-as-you-go purchase plan frees Big Phone from profit-eating subsidies

IQ test: 'Artificial intelligence system as smart as a four year-old'

Computing rug rat struggles with common sense

Micron flashes flashy 16-nanometer flash memory

Tiny 128-gigabit chippery for tiny devices – and 'data center cloud storage'

Rackspace won't match Amazon on prices

But will vigorously market against them!

CloudVelocity rips apps from data center, spews them onto Amazon cloud

Coming to Azure and OpenStack clouds real soon now

Fanbois get Outlook app for iOS, but only if they sign up for Office 365

iOS app is free; hosted Exchange Server isn't

Big Blue cedes software and systems training biz to partners

Changing the channel to pump it up

Microsoft DENIES it gives backdoor access to Outlook encryption

Tells Attorney General gagging orders hurt US Constitution

Worldwide smartwatch shipments predicted to top 5 million next year

A 900% increase in 2014? Color us skeptical

Yahoo!'s Mayer turns in another stable quarter, yet sales disappoint

Traffic comes first, revenue later

Cloudera acquisition: It's a Myrrix(cle)

Elephant snorts baby elephant for machine learning skills

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