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10th > July > 2013 Archive

Top chip baker: Rough times, high costs, tech hurdles ahead

SEMICON 2013GlobalFoundries CEO laments EUV tardiness, promises rolled-up sleeves

Citrix lets Microsoft Azure spew virtual desktops from the heavens

Run XenDesktop 7 in the cloud instead of in your data center

HTTP 2.0 interop tests slated for August

Google fooling around with next protocol

Euro GPS Galileo gets ready for nuclear missile use

Encrypted defence-grade signals received and deciphered

Sky asks Ofcom to unlock BT cabinets

Bundled FTTC not competitive

Samsung asks for retrial on rubber-band

New suit tries to overturn loss by stretching a couple of legal points

Big Beardie is watching you: Lord Sugar gets into facial recognition

Most people's faces won't fit, we're guessing

Inventor lobs spherical, throwable camera

Not ready for the Ashes, but howzat for a sports-cam idea?

Acer Iconia W3: The first 8-inch Windows 8 Pro tablet

ReviewMicrosoft’s latest in its tiniest hardware package yet

Sina's self-censorship scheme swamped with spam, not rumours

Weibo giant is planning to increase community censors to 100,000

BlackBerry's retro-look QWERTY Q5 mobe: Resentment by design

ReviewIt was supposed to be BB10's mid-range mauler. What happened?'s digi-by-default plan slammed: Show us the savings - MPs

Concerns raised about cost, security, ID, data accuracy and uptake

Government dials 999. What service do you require? DIGITAL

Open door policy to closed source. And SMEs, of course!

European Space Agency goes for mostly solid Ariane 6

Forget manned, forget deep space. Show us the money

Universal Credit? Universal DISCREDIT, more like, say insiders

ExclusiveGovernment sources reveal 'one dole to rule them all' in 'total disarray'

'Priyanka' yanks your WhatsApp contact chain on Android mobes

If that really is your name, nobody wants to know you right now

Ciseco Pi-Lite: Make a Raspberry Pi trip light fantastic with 126 LEDs

ReviewPerfect illumination for hardware-tinkering newbies

US gov SMASHES UP TVs and MICE to nuke tiny malware outbreak

Yes, that's right. Computer mice and other kit destroyed in $2.7m scorched-earth op

Windows kernel bug-squish, IE update star in July Patch Tuesday

Plus: Dodgy app unpatched for 180 days? We'll kick it out of Marketplace

Oi, jobless yoofs: Upload a witty video bio if you wanna find work

Cringeworthy YouTube self-puffery is the new curriculum vitae, says charidee

How con men snatched £100,000+ in iPads and other kit from IT disties

'Cops are over-worked so suppliers need to police tech channel themselves'

Asperger's and IT: Why my prejudices are great for your business

ColumnBut don't expect me to remember little Johnny's name

Ashes latest: Don't show Ozzies THIS perfect spin bowl science ... too late

Stumped by weird English sport? Ball boffins pitch a top toss

Speaking in Tech: Forget Venezuela, Snowden. Go to Anna Chapman's pad!

PodcastFrom sexpot spy advice to top tech pool parties

Universal Credit: ONLY 6 job centres to get new dole system in October

Minister: 'We get fixated on things like IT'

HDS gives HUS a flashy boost, polishes NAS platters too

Another day, another move into flash

Snowden, schmoden. Let's talk about crushing hackers, say US'n'China

America's web snooping doesn't derail cosy security confab

BlackBerry's Heins beams: We WILL make some cash, just you see

Mobe supremo insists breaking up his biz makes less sense than the Q5

Allied Telesis terminates Northamber contract

Product manager's head rolls, sales floor 'like ghost town'

Dead STEVE JOBS was a CROOK – judge

Fruity firm ruled guilty of fixing ebook prices in 2010

Amazon slices prices on dedicated EC2 private cloud puffs

You'll think we've gone MAD down here at Crazy Jeff's rental hypervisors

HP tries to tempt fussy partners with juicy new rebates

We'll talk you up to end users too. Whaddaya say: are we wingmen?

Former Systemax bigwig Carl Fiorentino to fight bribery allegations

Not guilty plea entered at New York District Court

Red Hat takes OpenShift to 1.2

Makes app containers more modifiable

Google loses Latitude in Maps app shake-up

Don't worry, you can use Google+ instead

Human error blamed for toxic Russian rocket explosion

So, which way is up then?

Skytap development cloud gets admin friendlier

The other cloud that Bezos owns adds NAT, SSO, and CLI

T-Mobile to let US customers swap phones twice a year

Out with the old, in with the new – for a monthly fee, of course

One day your data centre will get you to the pub on time

Virtualisation takes the strain

US Congress proposal: National Park will be FOUND ON MOON

Apollo landing sites to be given protected status?

Kluster Kamph results sliced, diced, pulverized

HPC BlogWho won – and, more importantly, why?

Crowdsourced flaw-finding cheaper than in-house bug hunters

Study shows bug bounties for browsers beats hiring humans

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