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5th > July > 2013 Archive

French snooping as deep as PRISM: Le Monde

Metadata on everything 'stored for years'

FRBs and variable forces: a big week for astronomy

Parkes turns up mystery objects, UNSW tests Einstein

ULTRASONIC BOLLOCK BLASTERS help Hawkmoth battle The Bat

Noisy genitals scramble chiropteran sonar

Spending watchdog SAVAGES rural broadband push

Ofcom, BT and DCMS line up outside headmistress' office with mags down pants

Fedora back on track with Schrödinger's cat

No Ubuntu dream machine this time. Which is good

UK data cops to Google: You've got three months to sort out privacy

Or face the POSSIBILITY we might actually do something. Ha!

I'm 'pretty comfy' with PRISM + 'It's Google. What else do you expect'

QuotWPlus: You don't sweat much for a fat guy, Mr Dotcom

Every Friday is rat-out-your-boss-for-software-piracy Friday

Even so, most workers tick DILLIGAF* box on survey

Hanslope Park: Home of Britain’s ‘real-life Q division’

Geek's Guide to BritainThe Buckinghamshire haunt of spooks, BOFHs and boffins

Upturned boat sails to Shed of the Year title

'Utterly brilliant' Welsh nautoshack elevated to sheddie glory

UKFast hoovers up customer list of BurstNET

Cloud and server hosting biz jumps on M&A trail

Buy a flash kit maker now, Seagate... good ones will be gone soon

Blocks and FilesWe've narrowed it down to the two best candidates

What 80/20 really means: One big failed customer will kill you

CommentWhy channel idiocy convention means we ignore SMEs

Microsoft offloads heap of critical fixes in 'ugly' Patch Tuesday

Sysadmins, take a deep breath...

Germans brew up a right Sh*tstorm

Quality English word named 'Anglicism of the Year'

HP techies reject latest pay offer, closer to industrial action

Nearly 3:1 vote against 1% hike in salary

Tickle my balls, stroke my button and blow the fluff from my crack

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Doug Engelbart’s fnar, fnar legacy

Investors: Oh Samsung. You need to smash those records HARDER

Quarterly forecast misses expectations

Anti-PRISM Trojan explodes over Jay-Z fans

Downloaded music by Jay-Z ... all I got was snooped, dog

Microsoft's cloud leaves manual transmission behind

Get to grips with autodeploy

US: We spied on you Europeans but we can still be chums. Right?

Steelie Neelie: If I were a US cloud provider, I'd be quite frustrated with my government

MoD and tech, arms giants start super-duper cyber fight club

State of white cat and volcano procurement as yet unknown

Credit card donations to WikiLeaks restored as Mastercard breaks ranks

Chip in to get Assange™ some new cushions

Health minister asks elderly patients what they think of data-sharing

Hot damn, there's loadsadosh in personalised medical information

EU crackdown will see tougher sentences for stupid cyber-badhats

The ones foolish enough to work from within Brussels' jurisdiction

Of mice, the NSA, GCHQ and data protection

CommentThere are some things we NEED to know about...

US workforce expands as more job seekers seek jobs

Overall unemployment stuck, but IT cutting more paychecks

Star bosses name asteroid to honor author Iain Banks

Asteroid Iainbanks to be so known 'as long as Earth Culture may endure'

BBC abandons 3D TV, cites 'disappointing' results

Hypegasm collides with reality

Brit server maker Avantek puts its back into ARM servers

Today, one server; tomorrow, the world!

Dell explores wearable computing as PC base crumbles

'Jury still out' on Windows 8

Battery-boosting breakthrough grows on trees – literally

As the hoary baseball cliché puts it, 'Grab some pine, meat!'

Godmother of Unix admins Evi Nemeth presumed lost at sea

Obit'Sails shredded last night,' last message from doomed ship

Cosmic blast mystery solved in neutron star's intense death throes

'As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced'

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