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3rd > July > 2013 Archive

Carbon capture to biofuel process gets go-ahead

Algae.Tec signed up for Bayswater facility

MagicPlay creator crafts Raspberry Pi demo

'Open source AirPlay' unleashed on the world

Space miners reach funding goal for telescope

Planetary Resources' Arkyd passes $US1.5 million mark

Innovative solution to modern art found: Shoot it into space

Meteorite-riddled Earthlings to finally return fire at the universe

Cloud computers are like bananas, says Deutsche Börse

It's fungible, so let's funge it

EMC's ViPR is great ... for other vendors, at least

StoragebodAmitabh Srivastava talks to our bod about object storage

Rest your head against a train window, hear VOICES in your SKULL

'Kill! No wait, give Rupert Murdoch some Monneyyy'

El Reg encounters mObi: R2-D2 for retailers

Is this the 'droid Tesco is looking for?

SanDisk buys dose of the SMARTs for $307m

SSD consolidation speeds up

Modern-day Frankenstein invents CURE for BEHEADING

Italian doctor claims to have workable noggin transplant technique

Bolivian president's jet grounded so officials can look for Snowden

Austria: 'It's OK... he's not here'

Who ate all the flash pie: Samsung, 'course, but hang on... GOOGLE?

Some surprises in SSDS, all-flash array shipments

Show us the money: Big Mike told to up his game if he wants Dell

Carl: Icahn so afford to back mega-bid to take firm private

Broadband rivals 'pleased' over Ofcom's market shake-up plans. Maybe too pleased

BT overjoyed by 'pricing freedom', TalkTalk says it's good for competition

US State Department coughs up $630k for Facebook Likes

Plus rogue manager left staff quivering in fear of the sack

Home Office opens up anonymised crime data API

Please play with our less sensitive bits, UK gov tells mobe devs

Fitbit Flex wristband: What to wear out when wearing yourself out

ReviewGoogle Glass, iWatch, activity monitor.... you're halfway to RoboCop

Vulcan? Not on our tiny balls. Pluto moons named Kerberos, Styx

Astronomers anger Shatner and Trekkies by ignoring public vote

Government IT contracts to be scrutinised by UK competition watchdog

How squeezed are small biz outfits who seek public sector deals?

Apple TV 'close' to deal with Time Warner - report

Hires senior Hulu sales exec to help it with big media negotiations

Growing pile of biz sync 'n' share products try to differentiate

EMC, ownCloud and Box have been polishing their offerings

Regulator sniffs mobile services bods: 'Something's off. Hand me the probe'

PhonepayPlus says there's 'evidence' of ransomware-style marketing

O2 and Capita finally ink £1.2bn outsourcing deal

2,700 staffers shifted - everyone claims victory

EE turns up speed knob EVEN FASTER on 4G spectrum

You'll need to watch HD in fast forward to make any use of this

Speaking in Tech: 'Wanna come upstairs and look at my VRTX?'

PodcastPlus: Place a bet on Snowden's final destination

Yahoo! slurps! up! auto-shorteur! vidapp! Qwiki!

Mulph. Feel a bit sick now with all this gobbling

US states: Google making ad money on illegal YouTube vids

Blackmarket drugs, how-to-do-crime - it's all just content at the Chocolate Factory

Oracle tunes up Enterprise Manager control freak for 12c database

Plays nanny to Exalytics in-memory appliance

EMC's million-IOPS VNX2 monster delayed

Revenues set to dip as result - analyst

AMD joins LibreOffice, adds GPU grunt to free software suite

More mainstream support for rebellious developers

Xyratex CEO: Don't judge us by our droopy revenues

Our 'core businesses are making money'

Motorola teases with Moto X 'design your own' phone

And it's sort-of 'Made in the USA'

Intel rumored to plunk $10bn down for Israeli fab expansion

A whole lot of ticking and tocking

Douglas Engelbart, PC pioneer and creator of the mouse, dies at 88

ObitWe lost a great one

Dotcom, NZ PM clash over spy laws

'Why are you turning red, prime minister?'

Xobni! heads! to! Yahoo! elephant! graveyard!

July 2014 EOL for most products

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