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2nd > July > 2013 Archive

Snowden speaks from Moscow: 'Obama lies'

Putin just wants him to get on a plane and go somewhere – anywhere

Energy sector under increasing attack: DHS

SQL injection, phishing, watering holes – the usual

Google 'disappoints' US congressman over Glass privacy controls

'You have displeased us, Mr. Page' says Barton

Project Loon won't blind radio telescopes

Google notices astronomy

India's low cost tablet dream lives on with Aakash IV

But Brit biz Datawind may not get contract this time around

'The Apprentice' is a load of old codswallop, says biz prof

Flogging your gran for a bag of chips is actually a crap deal

Ecuador: Snowden is Russia's problem

Not considering asylum request

China's e-petitioners crash government site on first day

Chinternet suspects Beijing has its fingers in its ears

D-Wave IS QUANTUM, insist USC scientists

Sceptics remain wary

South African kids win global cluster glory at HPC fest

HPC blogApp-cracking first-timers take the trophy

France sets antitrust watchdog loose on Apple, raids premises

Oh là là, fruity firm accused of anti-competitive practices

Lights, camera, action: Snowden movie hits the web

Hong Kong amateurs rush out mini movie

Crimelords: Stolen credit cards... keep 'em. It's all about banking logins now

Also, Crimeware-As-A-Service is a thing. Really

Apple Time Capsule 2013: Next-gen wireless networking, anyone?

Review802.11ac comes to Cupertino’s NAS-cum-Wi-Fi router to be fully BIM-enabled 'by 2016'

Buildings information modelling cuts risk

In 2017, a pack of hybrid mutants stuffed with NAND flash will descend

How many of 'em? We can't say. But HDD vendors have nothing to fear

Mellanox coughs nearly $130m for optical networkers to fight off Chipzilla

Lighting up your network, from end to end

'Weev' appeals AT&T iPad hack conviction

Bug hunters asked to help data-slurping grey hat hacker's bid for freedom

Facebook's Winklevoss Bros file to launch Bitcoin Trust for investors

Zuck's terrible twins plan first IPO for virtual currency

Dubya: I introduced PRISM and I think it's pretty swell

Ex-prez heartily endorses indiscriminate government snooping

Watch out Tesco Mobile: Vodafone, Sainsbury's want to eat your lunch

Ringing your granny can now earn you Nectar points, folks

3-2-1... BOOM: Russian rocket launches, explodes into TOXIC FIREBALL

VideoThree satellites worth $200m smashed to smithereens

Big Blue man Hansford to straddle saddle of Azlan's UK horse

Will he be able to whip more sales out of trusty nag?

Nominet resurrects second-level namespace plan: 'Before you say no...'

Businesses rejected previous consultation

A short, sharp tool kit to get you to the top in financial IT

Battling the bullshit artists biz analysts with a Black Swan

Firefox OS mobilises HTML5, without the added Steve Jobs

ReviewSucceed or fail, you'll still have a working web app

Surface Pro for enterprise: We name the dates and the lucky partners

Also the Pros and cons (and quid Pro quo) of Pro for the pro

Sources mutter of 'disarray' among EMC's quadruple object products

'Come off it, we're set to hit a $1bn bullseye', insist company chiefs

Fugitive Shadowcrew suspect hauled into US court... 9 YEARS on

Bulgarian cybercrime forum member flogged dodgy IDs - DoJ

DataDirect Networks' COO throws in towel

Keen 'to pursue other interests', apparently

Bigger than Twitter: Opera releases rebuilt Chromium-based browser

Some of the functionality's gone... but it'll come back

Apple launches global 'iWatch' trademark blitz

So far: Turkey, Chile, Colombia, Taiwan, Mexico, Japan, Russia

PC decline whacks 2013 IT spending projections

The falling US greenback does its part, as well

Boffins build telescopic contact lenses to battle blindness

But you'll still need to wear glasses

Apple's new data center to be solar powered, 100% green

PR stunt or canny business move? Ask Barack Obama

Ubisoft admits major hacking breach, advises password change

Will latest straw make Assassins seek a new Creed?

Windows 8 apps pass 100K, Windows 8 passes Vista

Faster to 100K than iPad, Android

Citrix open sources XenServer hypervisor to chase clouds

Forget the complexity: One edition, pay or don't as you please

ACMA lines up 'bill-shock' standard

Phase-in starts September

British Bebo founder buys back social network for $849m profit

Saw AOL coming a mile off

Droid X2 plus ActiveSync equals DATA SLURP

Oh no, Moto

Apple adds Yves Saint Laurent CEO to executive team

Who better to advise on design, marketing of wearable tech than a fashionista?

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