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27th > June > 2013 Archive

Facebook reveals TAO - the data store for its social graph

USENIXCalmly serves ONE BEEEELION reads per second

Windows Store apps for Office probably won't ship until 2014

Build 2013PowerPoint demo shows little progress made

China's piracy watchdog to keep tabs on Amazon, Apple & co

Authorities will keep a closer eye on more sites in ongoing crackdown

Opera network cracked

Malware signed with copied certificate

Help El Reg welcome our new boss

Support our NBN study for the price of red undies

PayPal and SETI aim to go galactic with off-planet currency system

In space, the tax-man might make you scream

Indian govt blocks 40 smut sites, forgets to give reason

Don't mind us, we're just censoring your content for you...

Oz's 2013 heatwave was man made

Dancing on the edge of the bell curve

WarGames IMSAI machine for sale (again)

A real piece of apocryphal computer history

Welsh gov beats off Canada to hand £1m to Nintendo dev

New R&D centre will create 60 jobs

Dancing Sepp Blatter on 'World Cup site' creates security flap

Footy kingpin spotted throwing electronically doctored shapes

Think you're streaming Superman? Think again, punk

Slideshare hit by Man of Steel Spam sign-up scams

Korean doctors: Smartphones really ARE doing your head in

Warning from the future as gadget-mad Koreans get early onset dementia

Osbo jacks up spending on spooks to keep us safe from TERROR

Spending ReviewUK's chief purse-string-puller chucks cash at GCHQ et al

Intel's taking a serious look at object storage. What's their game?

Decoding Chipzilla's objective for long-term storage

Daisy petals close around midge MoCo

Engulfs another chunk of mobile-air space along with it

Privacy activists sue FBI for access to facial recognition records

Feds ignore FOIA queries about massive biometrics database

How City IT is under attack from politicians, diesel bugs, HR

CommentOh, and the stock exchange could blow any moment....

Radio hams tell Ofcom: Put that Wi-Fi mob back in their place

They'll crowd us off the airwaves, huff beardy crew

Throwing arms let humans rise above poo-flinging apes to play cricket

Also baseball, while chimps can only play rounders and suchlike

Flippin' Equus! Unfeasibly old horse bone DNA triumph

Gee-gee ancestor appeared 4 million years ago finally admits it will MISS superfast broadband target

Spending ReviewExtra £250m of licence fee cash now to 'connect 95% by 2017'

LOHAN cranks up old-school clockwork failsafe

Rocket motor ignition back-up gets the tick-tock treatment

That voice you hear from the cloud is Microsoft’s

Unified communications as a service

Secret US spy court lets Microsoft, Google reveal their petitions

We'll see their pleas to be ungagged, no actual gags will be dropped

MSX: The Japanese are coming! The Japanese are coming!

ArchaeologicThe first would-be home computing standard... 30 years on

iOS7 headshaking interface revealed

Face! Face! Face! Give beauty! Face!

Labels to get, count them, 0.13 cents per play on Apple iRadio

If the entire human race plays a tune, it makes ... $11m

UK sitting on top of at least 50 years of shale gas – report

Hey, let's reverse the pipelines and undercut the Russians!

Dish DASHED: No Sprint, no Clearwire, no spectrum. No sale

US satellite telly giant loses out

Kaminario: We can keep it up longer than other flash array bods

Rolls out 7-year guarantee... but read the fine print

Ex-VMware ops chief floats over to Salesforce rival

Hey, you, get offa my cloud

US cops make 'first ever' Bitcoin seizure following house raid

Virtual currency confiscated from alleged drug dealer

SanDisk pumps a few million into cloudy upstart Panzura

Quietly extending tentacles into enterprise flash

Obama says US won't scramble jets or twist arms for Snowden

'He's just a 29 year-old hacker'

Apple threatens ANOTHER Samsung patent lawsuit

Legal beagles miffed at judge's refusal to add Galaxy S 4 to ongoing suit

British lord sets new world electric vehicle speed record

VideoFormer UK science minister crushes 39-year speed barrier

Andreessen, Metcalfe, Stallman and Swartz added to Internet Hall of Fame

Now to find an award's venue that isn't rioting

Sean Parker: 'My fairy-tale wedding harmed no trees'

Billionaire rails against journos, bloggers, and steelhead trout

German engineers demo ROBOT APE

Knuckle-walking metal gorilla

Oracle cranks up SuperCluster with Sparc T5 engines

Anything Big Blue can do, Big Red can do cheaper – and better

Windows 8.1: 'It's good for enterprises, too,' says Redmond

Build 2013Maybe this version won't get you laughed out of the office

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