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26th > June > 2013 Archive

HP StoreOnce has undocumented backdoor

Secret admin account fail

Planetary data merge shows three Earth-like planets in close star system

Only 22 light years away... Pack your bags!

Latest Firefox boosts video chat, 3D graphics, JavaScript performance

WebRTC and asm.js support enabled by default

Intel doubles throughput, slashes power to stave off DATAPOCALYPSE

Research@IntelWith 750 gigabytes/sec looming, strong measures must be taken

SK Telecom launches first LTE-Advanced network with new Galaxy S4

South Korean operator claims a world first....

Oz telco competition still lagging

Competition lobby pitches policy prescriptions

Bank details - PAH! Phishers want your Facebook password

Spam emails? Pff, old hat, dodgy IMs are where it's at now

Boffins create tabletop ANTIMATTER GUN

Petawatt laser is positronic gold

HGST: Enough of those mutant hybrids. We'll do an Apple, thanks

We don't care what the other HDD guys are doing

Even Microsoft couldn't crack it, but eHow daddy still wants to try it

Ecommerce, that is, despite Brazilian job wax

Stock dips as fanbois complain of dodgy Wi-Fi on MacBook Air

Peak AppleCupertino tells staffers 'Capture. Troubleshoot. Service. Now' - report

Panasas: We'll move the earth for you SIXTEEN times faster than FTP

HPC supplier promises compressed moon-on-a-stick

Internet daddies win Blighty's 'Nobel for engineering'

Digital pioneers to share £1m prize pot

Ex-inmate at Chinese prison: We made airline headsets

Claims Dongguan lags were tasered if targets missed

US trade commish kicks off patent-troll-nixing plan

Hey, do you even do business here?

FTC tells Google and pals: Not labelling ads properly is 'deceptive'

Yahoo!, Microsoft et al told to distinguish money hits from search stuff

Hey Britain, want to link your mobile to your BANK ACCOUNT?

OK, but what if it meant Visa and pals didn't get paid...

'Do the right thing and tell on a pirate' - software bods

Anti-piracy organ launches roadshow in a town near you...if you live in Bristol

Mint 15 freshens Ubuntu's bad bits

ReviewSlipping between GNOME and Unity sheets with Olivia

Chinese 'nauts return to Earth after vigorous space coupling

Break out the lawn chairs, get some flowers... they're back

Ex-Yahoo! Hadoopers hoover up $50m into trunks

Hadoop SummitOpen source purist Hortonworks sharpens tusks for Hadoop 2.0 battle

VMware preps Project Serengeti Hadoop virtualizer for biz bods

Hadoop SummitCertifies various big data munchers to run on ESXi hypervisor

Apple dives through iRon curtain, launches Russian online store

Hope there are no Kremlins in the system, фанбои

Breaking with your back-up supplier is a sticky business

How to dissolve the glue

One airport not enough for SCC kingpin Sir Peter Rigby

What happened to the planned IT spending spree? to grab fistful from £150m city broadband pot to pay for digi skills

Win for small biz AND Virgin Media - but will townies suffer speed lag?

'Flash Gordon' tech: How Sir Maurice Wilkes made practical computers possible

CentenaryENIAC - a time before integrated circuits

Samsung: Psst, EU regulator. About that $17.3bn fine... let's talk

Koreans wriggling off hook over Apple injunctions

Galaxy S4 phondleslab selling like lukewarm cakes, analysts reckon

Korean behemoth takes a punch in the stock ticker

Cloud silo and services firm UKFast hires personal shopper

M&A specialist to help it score after 'missing out on past targets'

LEO, the British computer that roared

Live ChatReg readers quiz duo who worked on world's first biz computer

ASA bans Samsung's 'misleading' free Galaxy Tab 2 ad

Watchdog says Sammy should've been clearer about T&Cs

Oracle slips out long-heralded 12c cloudbase in SECRET

Right hand turns on download, forgets to tell left hand+world

Play the Snowden flights boardgame: Avoid going directly to Jail

NSA leaker needs Steve Jobs' jet, not WikiLeaks lawyers

Amplidata: Could storage biz end up inside Intel?

Blocks and FilesChris Mellor talks to insiders about the buyout buzz

A simple SSL tweak could protect you from GCHQ/NSA snooping

It might slow you down, but hey, you can't have everything

First quartet of low-latency broadband satellites now in space

Tropical backhaul pioneers build it and hope the world's poor will come

Google gets AGILE to increase IaaS cloud efficiency

USENIXYou will be assimilated task rationalised

Microsoft loads rival into its platform cloud

Engine Yard revs up inside Azure as Redmond beckons to developers

Oracle to channel: want some extra rebate love?

Only if you give us 'Oracle on Oracle' action

Report: Android malware up 614% as smartphone scams go industrial

iOS users look smug, but with reason this time

At last! Virtual domain controllers just work

VDCs in Server 2012 ease sysadmin headaches

StoreOnce: HP issues patch

Spikes undocumented support account

Oracle partners with NetSuite for people management

Companies team up to make all organizations work like heartless robots

ICANN puts Whois on end-of-life list

Pesky service costs registries too much, apparently

Microsoft talks up devices, Windows 8.1 at developer shindig

Build 2013Win8's long awaited overhaul is here, but will it satisfy?

Cisco revs up top-end Nexus switches with F3 chips to 100Gb/sec

More throughput and less power for end-of-row aggregators

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