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25th > June > 2013 Archive

CSIRO seeks seagoing sysadmin

A life on the ocean wave

Pink Floyd blasts Pandora for 'tricking' artists with petition

Musicians asked to 'support their own pay cut'

Huawei's new 7-inch MediaPad Vogue feeds Wi-Fi+3G phablet frenzy

Tablet cum mega-phone to pump up fashonistas' muscle tone

PlayStation 4 is FreeBSD inside

Devil's in the bootloader

Qld opens government data for app prize

Four $5k prizes on offer

PRISM leaker strands hacks on booze-free flight

Unconfirmed claim: already in Iceland

Trend Micro turns RAT catcher as Taiwan cops cuff hacker

Ghost RAT attacks hit thousands on the island...

India's eager IT grads fall for fake interview scams

Emails and letters call for deposit to secure shot at dream job

Bitcoin now accepted in London pub. In Hack-ney, of course

Hipster connection rather than organised crime - in this case

Moses tablets ease Noah's flood headaches

Philippines' first responders' fondleslabs

Galaxy S4 way faster than iPhone 5: Which?

Samsung first, daylight second

Apple reveals payouts for parents of in-app purchase nippers

Full refunds and iTunes credits ... now lock up that CREDIT CARD

WD HAMRs down shingles on disk drive road map

AnalysisWhat sort of nightmares do CTOs have?

German Kim Jong-un lookalike spaffed official Nork pics over Instagram

Teutonic teen passed self off as DPRK diplomat - say Korean news bods

Premier League seeks court order to ban footie-streaming Swedish site

BT probably most keen...

Charlie Miller to tell Vegas punters how to hack your car

Lock up your SUVs, folks

Edinburgh students' heaving racks: UK's only hope for cluster-wrestling glory

HPC blogChemnitz rounds out Euro cluster squad defending the Continent

Steelie Neelie eyeballs ENCRYPTION PLAN for telco data breaches

That way you won't need to tell subscribers you've lost their stuff - EU veep

The future of cinema and TV: It’s game over for the hi-res hype

FeatureAll you've ever been told sold about moving pictures is wrong

Business is slow. Here's a good idea, let's compete with customers

StoragebodEnterprise vendors: You really wanna become service providers?

Saucy selfie app Snapchat hits $800m valuation as VCs chuck cash around

Latest round pumps $60m into popular photo-messaging platform

BlackBerry introduces iOS and Android to Work Space

Sit here. Use this. Don't even think of copy/pasting that

Freed LulzSec hacker banned from contacting Anons, wiping data

Returns to Twitter to plan prison diary, film project

Fusion-io spins up ioTurbine, enhances server flash caching

Meanwhile, SanDisk's doing the same thing

Hugs all round as Google relaunches Groups service

Sharing is caring advertising

Finance CIOs sweat as regulators prepare to probe aging mainframes

Outages compound interest in creaking IT

US cluster kids bring noisy gear, 'fun' toys to World War HPC

HPC blogColorado and Purdue put pedal to the metal

Google NOT REQUIRED to wipe 'sensitive' search results after all

But MUST adhere to EU data law, says Court of Justice advocate general

Joyent spins up ZFS object store

Sons of Solaris glue compute and storage together

Rainforest Eagles 2.0 and African cluster boffins head to Europe for app WAR

HPC blogScary beastie'll scare the pants off you - once we know its name

Windows 8 hype has hurt PC makers and distributors - Gartner

Sigh. 'Bought in too high and too early'... paying cost now

IBM axes nearly THREE THOUSAND staffers in North America - union

Big numbers laid off by Big Blue in US, Canada

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo: The big three slug it out at E3

Game TheoryDo gamers really need next-gen consoles? Many new games suggest not...

North and South Korea hit by cyber-blitz on Korean War anniversary

Official Nork portals knocked offline, South Korean prez and PM also KO'd

Sci-fi and horror scribe Richard Matheson: He is Legend

Obituary'These stories hold all their original hypnotic appeal'

Windows 8.1 start button appears as Microsoft's Blue wave breaks

MSDN devs already surfing

2 Chinese teams. 1 unbeaten. Cluster wrestlers, be warned

HPC blogTsinghua and Huazong join the international high performance cluster match

Salesforce and Oracle bury hatchet in historic cloud partnership

'Simplicity and power'

Microsoft: Someone gave us shot in the ARM by swallowing Surface tabs

Go on, have a guess who...

Puppet gooses admin tool performance with Enterprise 3.0

Major release sports new orchestration engine, data store

Barnes & Noble sheds Nook tablet albatross, will focus on ebooks

Nook HD and Nook HD+ reach their final chapter

Sweaty European youngsters get to grips with ‘coffee table of doom’

HPC blogIt's the last day of the students' high-performance cluster battle

Massive Media dumps Amplidata, makes eyes at Caringo

Amplidata exec hits back: 'Nonono, you've got it all wrong'

Sony unveils latest attempt at an Android SmartWatch

Meet the new boss, same as…

Microsoft: Half of all organizations will use 'Facebook-like' tools

One year after Yammer buy, sees social behind every shrub

The Register's NBN study: a good start, let's ramp it up

$5k within sight

AT&T sells out of HTC First Facebook phones

Much-loathed mobes are all collector's items now

Intel demos real-time code compression for die shrinkage, power saving

Research@Intel'Direct Compressed Execution' to boost affordability of 'Internet of Things'

Salesforce and Oracle forge partnership to smash rivals

Analysis'False cloud' floats into 'roach motel'

Oz data breach notification law close

Committee says bill should pass

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