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24th > June > 2013 Archive

FTC to cast an eye over Google's Waze buy

Rubber-stamp withheld for now

AARNet hits 40 Gbps to USA

Universities get fatter submarine pipe

Data retention a very hot potato says Oz parl't commitee

Update: A-G shelves the idea, for now

NSA hacked China's top carriers in hunt for SMS data - report

Snow joke for NSA as latest revelations point to extensive campaign

Spaniards deploy self-propelled ROBOT BALLS

Motorised automatic bollocks to prowl Iberian fields

Blind activist Chen given spyware-laden iPad and iPhone

Malware claim denied by ChinaAid

Quantum transistors at room temp

Save Moore's law by getting rid of semiconductors

Glasgow subway's new smart tickets aren't, moan passengers

Technical snafu or sneaky excuse for a price rise?

Home Office launches £4m cyber security awareness scheme

Be afraid. Be judiciously afraid

Steelie Neelie: One cloud contract model to rule them all

The road to hell's paved with good intentions, though

Angry punters slip contract shackles in T-Mobile crystal ball bill rumpus

Others flung back into mobile dungeon by adjudicators

Tearing a strip off Microsoft's Brazilian: That's no way to attract mates

AnalysisEnvy Amazon and eBay, sure, but leave it there

Snowden: 'Hey, Assange, any more room on Ecuador's sofa?'

NSA whistleblower trumps WikiLeaker by actually travelling to US-proof nation

Ed Iacobucci: Brains behind OS/2 and Citrix, nicest guy in tech

ObituarySome people are bigger than big data

Vodafone coughs up £6.5bn for Kabel Deutschland

Hopes new bundles will bust up rivals

Hey Google, Facebook has a 'Reader' that might actually make money

Mobe-stroker-powered news-scraper caper - report

Three's Irish network goes titsup

Taking a nap after swallowing O2?

That enough, folks? Starbucks tosses £5m into UK taxman's coffers

Beancounter's beancounters court Joe Public with voluntary payment

HPC geeks ponder 100 petafloppers and quantum supercomputers

ISC 2013Crowdsourcing prognostications for fun and profit prophet

SUPERSIZE my CLOUD - Microsoft plans $677m data centre embiggening

Redmond gets bigger in corn-fed Iowa

Apple's Tim Cook: I'm risking my own MEELLLIONS if we sink

Jobs' successor ties pay packet to fruity firm's performance

Google defends search biz as EU competition market test nears end

'Our proposals are meaningful and comprehensive' says Mountain View

Telly psychics fail to foresee £12k fine for peddling nonsense

Insert 'didn't see that coming' gag here

WD catches falling flash star, slurps up sTec

Moshayedis move on

SURPRISE! BT bags more gov broadband cash - this time in Bucks & Herts

As usual, deployment won't be finished until 2016

Media phone-hacking? Tip of the iceberg, says leaked police report

Thought the NotW was bad... check out the lawyers, insurers

O3b's satellites on launch pad, ready to bring cats+porn to billions

Google-backed birds brace for launch

Snowden dodges US agents in Moscow, skips out on flight

'Thought I would enter US airspace? Think again!'

Apple said to dump Samsung as chip-baking partner – again

Yes, it's déjà vu all over again, but this time it might be true

Privacy expert dismisses PRISM-busting typeface as 'art project'

If you really want unbreakable message security, buy a pigeon

Eye spy future HP Moonshot server nodes

PicsMany processors will be coming in small packages for 'Gemini' chassis

US Supremes sit on hands in $625m patent case, hand Apple victory

Mirror Worlds' world shattered

Samsung quits desktop PC biz, will stick to all-in-ones and portables

Tower PC apocalypse continues unabated

Cloud company avoids the cloud

Firebase goes for heavy metal performance over easy cloud VMs

Oracle puts database, middleware, Linux on Microsoft Hyper-V, Azure

Ballmer and Hurd bury the hatchet – perhaps in the Oracle Cloud

Euro students cluster fest: Configurations LAID BARE

HPC blogUniversities spark Kepler vs Phi Face-Off

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