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18th > June > 2013 Archive

Let the software run the network

Go configure

New material enables 1,000-meter super-skyscrapers

Before you read on, see if you can guess how the new stuff will be used

Google Brain king slashes cost of AI gear

Anything CPU can do GPU can do better

Australian unis to test quantum-comms-over-fibre

Tests to see if entangled photons can survive real-world networks

Oracle's Ellison outlines plans for Hawaiian Electriclarryland

Solar-sourced eau d'Oracle the key to island revival

Internet fraud still stings suckers

Australians twice as gullible as Americans

Samsung plans LTE Advanced version of Galaxy S4

1Gbps download capability could stiffen drooping S4 sales forecasts

AMD lifts the veil on Opteron, ARM chip plans for 2014

Hey Samsung, let's see your chippery handle 64GB of RAM

PowerCloud launches new kit, partner program

WiFi upstart pitching cloudy management

'Smart ring' revealed by upstart Chinese mobe-maker

Kiss the ring to your mobe and you'll unlock something to share

When asks 'Who's your daddy', companies HAD BETTER reply

HMRC will be able to access details of firms' beneficial owners

Global tax data exchange plan floated to recoup cash

OECD outlines plan for automatic exchange of data if IT can agree on formats, crypto

Fifty, fired and fretful: Three chaps stare down CAREER MORTALITY

Reg chats to fifty-ish fellows, learns of hopes, dreams, fears etc

SAP users slack, slow and backward on security

Some systems unpatched since 2005, says researcher

Number of cops abusing Police National Computer access on the rise

Only a telegram from the Queen can get you off it

Flash flaw potentially makes every webcam or laptop a peephole

But it's a Google problem - Chrome only, insists Adobe

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Proof the pen is mightier?

ReviewSammy’s iPad Mini killer has a stylus to stab other rivals too

G-Cloud overlord McDonagh gets CBE nod from Queen

'How long have you worked here? What do you do? Have a medal'

Shrinking iPads, Ultrabooks will lead to disk boost: WD boss

As EMC, Netapp become the meat in a cloudy enterprise sandwich

Spin doctors brazenly fiddle with tiny bits in front of the neighbours

Quantum computer address bus just nanometres wide

France Telecom dials up support for its capitaine in Sarkozy gov cash probe

Surrender? Jamais! Je suis innocent, imbéciles

Drug gang hacks into Belgian seaport, cops seize TONNE of smack

9 nabbed after shipping container system used to transport heroin, cocaine

Microsoft lures buy-curious vixens, corduroys with a cheap fondle

Surface slab sales latest: Will no one rid Ballmer of these turbulent tabs?

O2 averts strike action over mass Capita outsourcing deal

Details of new agreement not yet released


Newbie 'nauts include lady Marine fighter pilot, male doctor

Quadrant Visual Solutions goes into liquidation

Delayed projects and lack of funding kills veteran channel firm

Yahoo! joins! rivals! in! PRISM! data! request! admission!

Keep calm and carry on using American tech firms, folks

Robbing a bank? Carberp toolkit now available for just $5k

Trojan forum sale may mark split in Carberp gang

HPC server sales spike: Buyers get chops around juicy cheap flops

ISC 2013Big Data-supercomputing mash up, coprocessors included

BBC-featured call centre slapped with hefty fine for unwanted calls

PPI pests: Swansea-based firm stung for £225k by ICO

CLOUD TO SUCK UP ALL YOUR CASH: Govts around world slash IT spending

Survey: Bring your own device, because we sure as hell won't buy you one

Ask Trevor Pott ANYTHING about Office 365

Live ChatSysadmin and pals spread The 365 Knowledge

UK telcos chuck another £1m at online child abuse watchdog

Web enforcers IWF gain power to seek and destroy illegal content

Brit biz-gobbling comms giant Daisy Group splutters with indigestion

Can't... possibly... eat... any more... ah, yes it can with £200m spending pot

HP PCs 'n' printers boss steps down, replaced by Aussie

Just check that seat to see if it can be dropped into a furnace

Huawei unwraps Ascend P6: World's slimmest smartphone

Don't mention the info war

Apple's screw-up leaves tethered iPhones easily crackable

24 seconds from pickup to pwned

Nvidia stretches CUDA coding to ARM chips

ISC 2013OpenACC is building up momentum as Chipzilla ignores it

Ex-HTC execs launch UK-based smartphone maker Kazam

Startup threatens to 'disrupt status quo' this year

GE partners with Amazon for 'industrial internet'

Proprietary cloud for the internet of things, with help from Accenture and Pivotal

Tor users locked out of Facebook after wave of dodgy traffic

Don't panic, a solution is at hand

Soylent days and soylent nights

Food 2.0 fails the post-pub nosh test

Canonical unveils Carrier Advisory Group for Ubuntu phones

Eight possible launch partners already signed on

Remote code execution vuln appears in Puppet

Big trouble in automated clouds

Increased cell phone coverage tied to uptick in African violence

'Significantly and substantially increases the probability of violent conflict'

It's time to suck the marrow from the NBN debate

The Reg has a plan to ensure Australia knows what its billions will buy

Google mounts legal challenge to surveillance gag orders

Argues free speech trumps security secrecy

TypeScript 0.9 arrives with new compiler, support for generics

Biggest update yet for Microsoft's JavaScript alternative

Kiwi telco Two Degrees to roll out 4G in 2014

BNZ backs Huawei kit buy

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