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17th > June > 2013 Archive

Nearly-transparent screen adds solar charge to phones

French startup hopes to market in 2014

SCO vs. IBM battle resumes over ownership of Unix

Zombie lawsuit back and wants to suck the brains out of Linux

Sony allows hacking of its unloved SmartWatch

Flash your bits to take firmware off the wrist

Rally supports Snowden amid claims GCHQ tapped G20 summit

NSA accused of ops on UK soil

'BadNews is malware' says outfit that found it

Google says code harmless but Lookout says code base is evolving

Shy? Socially inadequate? Fiddling with your phone could help

App 'tells the brutal truth' about social inadequates' chatup lines

Panda-peddlers cuffed for chess gambling gambit

More porridge on the menu for Chinese coders after second offence

Google launches broadband balloons, radio astronomy frets

A careless Loon could blind the square kilometre array

Anon posts Filipino president's phone numbers

Attempts to give Aquino a wake-up call and democracy a kick-start

Boffins find evidence Atlantic Ocean has started closing

'Embryonic subduction zone' that flattened Lisbon headed for Blighty

You don't need phone lines or cable for ANYTHING, says Dish

The satellite-dish man can sort you out with phone and broadband over the air too

Top500: Supercomputing sea change incomplete, unpredictable

ISC 2013A mix of CPU and hybrid systems jockey for HPC hegemony – and lucre

Don't wait to check your parachute until you're out of the plane

Does it do what it says on the tin? Credit insurance, that is

Ad-slingers! Punting peeps' pics into promos? You must read THIS

If you're sucking Twitter twits dry for stuff, you need to follow the law

When to say those three little words: 'I am quitting'

FeatureRuthless headhunter also dispenses tips on when NOT to

HP sacks English employees to bag Scots gov jobs cash

My taxes went to Scotland and all I got was this lousy P45

Bone up on fresh EU privacy law - or end up in the clink, IT biz warned

McAfee Channel SummitResellers no longer just flogging boxes - now they must offer legal advice

Fusion-io opens trenchcoat, flashes cheap PCIe cards

Wants to slurp up R&D cash and spaff it on ioScales

Ecuador: All right, Julian, you CAN stay on our sofa - it's your human right

Minister and Wikileaker share cosy chat in tiny London flat

NSA PRISM snoop-gate: Won't someone think of the children, wails Apple

10,000 things probed, mostly about missing kids, Alzheimer patients, we're told

Telecoms band wants to drag White Space into the real world

Big players pressing for green light on data networking tech

Google flings another £1m at online child sex abuse vid CRACKDOWN

See, see, we're trying, ad giant tells Daily Mail

Bjarne Again: Hallelujah for C++

StobPlus: Now officially OK to admit you never used STL algorithms

Supercomputer vid proves NASA black-hole ring sniffers were RIGHT

VideoBILLION-DEGREE blasts from cosmic halos turn up in simulation

Seagate reveals a NASty side, tears wraps off WD Red copycat disk


Major Brit IT provider denies turning to fellow resellers after burning up lines of credit

Mutterings tell of another refinance for Azzurri

Julian Assange: Google's just an arm of US government

Pale, embassy-dwelling blond claims conspiracy betweeen ad giant, politicians

Swedish watchdog: Google's chocolate cloud? Nej, not private

Bans official use of ad giant's apps suite

Icahn scratching head over BEEELLLIONS needed for Dell deal

Never mind how rich I am, you need HOW MUCH?!

Samsung wins Apple MacBook contract, starts spitting out PCIe SSDs

Blocks and FilesSmall-time card-shufflers are toast

White Space wonga time: White House tips $100m into next-gen comms

Empty frequencies right place for tomorrow's mics, phones and fridges

Intel widens Xeon Phi HPC coprocessor lineup

ISC 2013We are family – and spoiling for a feud with Nvidia Teslas

Intel previews future 'Knights Landing' Xeon Phi x86 coprocessor with integrated memory

ISC 2013It can swing both ways: multicore CPU or offload engine

NSA whistleblower to tech firms, Obama: 'Grow a pair!'

Ed Snowden: Email tracking grabs 'IPs, raw data, content, headers, attachments, everything'

First look: iOS 7 for iPad

Screen grabsNo, Apple hasn't released it yet, but that doesn't stop intrepid devs

NSA: We COULD track you by your phone ... if we WANTED to

Honestly, too much work, can't be bothered

Swinburne starts design of pulsar-hunting supercomputer

Australian Uni plans LGM hunt with FPGAs

Google Chromebooks now in over 6,600 stores

Major, worldwide retail push begins this summer

Fusion-io's founding CEO quits board

Flynn flies off

Boffins build headless robo-kitties

VideoSoft kitty, warm kitty, cuddly little ball of wire kitty

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