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14th > June > 2013 Archive

Kaspersky slips server security into PC software as attackers get crafty

Want to bag a CEO? Aim for his family

DHS warns of vulns in hospital medical equipment

Has your doctor's anasthesia machine been hacked?

Microsoft adds two-factor authentication to Windows Azure

Encircles Active Directory with PhoneFactor security tech

You dirty RAT: Trend Micro spots new Asia-wide attack

Campaign targeting governments, telcos, and other organisations

Who's to be the next Dr Who? Sherlock beats Maurice - says you

Cumberbatch EXTERMINATES Ayoade, Atkinson, Pegg - and Tilda Swinton

WTO sets new date for copyright crunch

'Least-developed' countries excused from policing IP laws until 2021

EU signs off on eCall emergency-phone-in-every-car plan

GPS and a mobe in every car - do you suppose the NSA would fancy that?

Japan proposes NSA-style agency and new snooping laws

Don't you guys read the news over there?!

Badger bloodbath brouhaha brings 'bodge' bumpkin bank burgle bluster

Not a black-and-white case

Intel bakes smaller, slower flash memory. Aah, now that's progress

800GB of 20nm chippery will set you back nearly a grand

'Sometimes life doesn’t afford proper goodbyes'

QuotWFanbois and the poledancing girlfriend of Edward Snowden bemoan losses

Array slinger X-IO jumps on Windows Storage Server filly, digs in heels

Giddy up, there's a new NAS box to flog

Girls, beer and C++: How to choose the right Comp-Sci degree for you

FeatureYou're just a child. But trust me, I'm a headhunter

Apple: iOS7 dayglo Barbie makeover is UNFINISHED - report

Plus: You don't like the icons? Blame marketing

Reg hack prepares to live off wondergloop Soylent

Our man puts eating people powder Food 2.0 to the test

CRINGE! Home Office wants to know whether your boss BEATS YOU

Skeeved-out staffers: No, I said we flog BOXES...

Apple dangles Spangles while Dabbsy's cables rankle

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Screw skeuomorphism, f**k flat - I want stuff that WORKS

I told you I'd be back: Arnie set for another career revival

Don't worry voters, Schwarzenegger's talking about Terminator 5

We want to put a KILL SWITCH into your PHONE, say Feds

The only good mobe is a dead mobe

McAfee: Not all partners are cut out to be SaaS providers

McAfee Channel SummitEMEA boss reckons there's some cloud confusion going around

Review: Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock

Apple WWDCMissing Mac ports reunited, for a price

MPs demand UK rates revamp after Google's 'extraordinary tax mismatch'

Report: 'Highly contrived' structure has damaged HMRC's reputation

Microsoft Office 365 on iPhone NOW: No, we're not making this up

Word, Excel, Powerpoint for your pocket-stroker

REVEALED: The gizmo leaker Snowden used to smuggle out NSA files

You probably have one in your pocket

Jaguar to open new car-making factory in Blighty (virtually)

Britain still makes stuff, it's just not real any more...

At #guardiancoffee, we can now taste the future through a PRISM!

¡Bong!I have measured out my life in espresso spoons

Former QiComm CEO cleared in money-laundering case

Too late to save the business, though

Symantec sharpens axe as 1,700 awarded the Order of the Boot - report

Bennett follows through with middle-management cull promise

Report: Foreign owners blocked T-Mobile, Verizon from NSA snoops

Sprint/Softbank merger hire suggests Japanese will play ball

CenturyLink grabs AppFog for cloud expansion

The old 1 + 1 = 3 approach

Surprise! Intel smartphone trounces ARM in power trials

Tests show equal performance while sipping significantly less juice

Not just telcos, THOUSANDS of companies share data with US spies

It's all perfectly legal, trust us

Facebook killing off Sponsored Results in search pages

Plans radical slim-down of ad options

Microsoft unleashes wave of Azure mobile updates

Azure and Android backends caught in push notification love-in

Critical Java SE update due Tuesday fixes 40 flaws

And yes, most are remotely exploitable

Hubble spies unlikely planet being born in hostile neighborhood

Hoovering a cloud of sand 7.5 billion miles from a tiny star

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