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11th > June > 2013 Archive

Australian 'Apple tax' repealed for MacBook Air

But the new MacPro is priced at a premium

Microsoft announces $499 price tag, new games for Xbox One

Europeans pay more, Brits face biggest pricing rip-off

Apache devs: 'We'll ship no OpenOffice before its time'

There's no race with LibreOffice – honest

Tim Cook: Android version fragmentation is 'terrible for developers'

Tells devs there's far more money to be made in the iOS ecosystem

BadNews not so bad, says Google

Android malware not installing SMS-spreading-spamware

BIND 9 patched against remote crash vuln

Protection against DoS

Linus Torvalds threatens verbal assault on developers' pets

Bloated rc5 for kernel 3.10 makes Linux Lord grumpy with devs, hamsters

VMTurbo brings 'invisible hand' to storage, fabrics, and public clouds

Control freaking more than your private cloud

US judge revives lawsuit vs Baidu and China

Pro-democracy group allowed to throw censorship sueball

Chewbacca held up by TSA stormtroopers for having light sabre

'Mrauuun' 'Right, Chewie, giant man do need giant cane'

Chrome and Firefox are planet-wreckers, IE cuddles dolphins

Microsoft-commissioned study finds IE sucks less power than rival browsers

Boffins hide cute kitty behind invisibility shield

VidNo polarisation or microwaves needed, yet the cat and fish disappear

Airbus imagines suitcases that find themselves

Point your mobe at your smalls to track their every move

Which big rack should you splash out on at ISC’13?

HPC blogHave a punt on your favourite cluster-crafting students

PM Cameron calls for modern, programmable computers! (We think)

IT education musings to G8 chiefs to mystify IT industry

Tech giants' offshore cash-stashing is only ever a delaying tactic

CommentSomeone always pays, sooner or later

Review: Beagleboard Beaglebone Black

Pi-eyed killer - or should we give Pis a chance?

Obama-Chinese premier summit achieves little on cyber-security

Analysis'Nothing to do with the-NSA-program-which-shall-not-be-named'

Want a fast, private Wi-Fi channel? Fine, go fight the regulators

Testing proves technical side of satellite biz's new model

We'll miss SEC financials deadline, says accounts-blundering Tech Data

Fails to tally beans within 45 days, books still being probed

Techies finger Bradley Manning for US secret files database breach

While Ecuador looks to boot Assange out of its embassy

Cold, dead hands of Steve Jobs slip from iPhones: The Cult of Ive is upon us

OpinionBillionaire biz baron's death clears way for uber-shiny iOS 7

1-in-10 e-tomes 'are self-published'... most are 'rubbish' says book ed

Publishing man scoffs at go-it-alone writers, ursines still fouling in forests

Buffalo herds DDR3 RAMs into DriveStation's spinning rust corrals

Claims cache-packed gear keeps up with flash drives

NSA PRISM deepthroat VANISHES as pole-dance lover cries into keyboard

VideoBlogging bikini babe blubs about 'the ones I never got to bid adieu'

Yes, maybe we should keep hackers in the clink for YEARS, mulls EU

Watch out black hats, they just might throw away the key

Online music world on iRadio: Apple, imagine our concern

*Sarcastic face*

Comparex posts single-digit margin returns for fiscal '13

Making a mint from software reselling? Uh, not quite

Magpie Apple plunders the competition for cosmetics, as egos run wild

CommentIs it 1985 again?'s £530m bumpkin broadband rollout: 'Train crash waiting to happen'

Whitehall whispers of damning watchdog report next month

KEEP CALM and Carry On: PRISM itself is not a big deal

AnalysisBut yes, Skype's no longer safe ... and keep an eye on GCHQ

VMware sucks server and app logs into vCenter control freak

All your IT operational data are belong to us

Bill Gates slurps bigger share of Olympics bungle-boys G4S

Windows zillionaire slaps down £110m as security giant rebuilds dented rep

What's HP got under wraps? Looks awfully flash and tape shaped

HP DiscoverWhat happens in Vegas won't stay there - we've got the details

Compusys founder Sam Kazerounian returns to channel

Industry veteran rocks up at one-time rival Centreprise as MD

China's second woman 'naut blasts off for coupling in HEAVEN

Wang and pals test the cosmic waters for Chinese space station

Google gobbles map app Waze

Gold coins lure Pac-Man map app into Chocolate Factory

SoftBank sweetens Sprint bid by over $1bn

Sprint bigwigs reckon Dish deal's probably inferior

AMD announces 'world's first commercially available 5GHz CPU'

UpdatedWhen is 5GHz not quite 5GHz?

HP adds 'Haswell' Xeon E3s to entry ProLiant servers

Gussies up MicroServer for SMBs, adds baby switches

Sony sucker-punches Xbox on price, specs, DRM-free gaming

UpdatedAs ever, there's a catch

Dell goes for riches in niches with Gov Cloud

'Amazon? That's a square peg'

Crusading lawmen want more details on Apple's iOS 7 'Activation Lock'

'Apple Picking' mobe thievery on agenda for Thursday Smartphone Summit

Amazon SLASHES hosted database prices

Microsoft, Google, stare meekly at own margins

Cray cracks Oz military for super simulating silent subs

Computational fluid dynamics off the port bow

Wireless mics to clear Oz 4G bands by end 2014

Check, one, two, check, says ACMA

Report: Cloud could slash biz software energy use by 87%

Study sees millions of redundant servers slurping power

Ticketmaster warns phishers using tickets as bait

Why did you buy tickets to THAT?

Google inflates BigQuery AaaS

Bigger, faster, more queries

IBM to port KVM hypervisor to Power-Linux iron

Does spit and polish on Power Systems lineup

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