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10th > June > 2013 Archive

New Android plan: Gurn at your phone to unlock it

'No, mine's an iPhone. This is actually how I look'

Telefonica's new offering: We will penetrate you by surprise, every day

'Not now, Cato!'

Enter the Dragon: The Chinese superputer set to win the Top500 crown

Full specs on the 17-megawatt 'Sky River'

The Reg's best-looking reader reveals list of jobs for the beautiful

Our sexy mole goes undercover in a world without ugly people

Now you can use your phone instead of your wallet at the ATM, too

Blimey, these little paper towels out of the vending machine are really expensive

The toy of tech: The Mattel Aquarius 30 years on

Archaeologic'A machine so cheesy, they should have supplied rubber gloves to wear while using it.'

Trustmarque completes £43m MBO

Equity house Dunedin replacing LDC

Ex-CIA techie Edward Snowden: I am the NSA PRISM deepthroat

US gov's super-web snoop system whistleblower flees to Hong Kong

'THINNEST EVER' spinning terabyte beauty slips out of WD fabs

Size-zero drive packs a whopping 143GB per millimetre

Who's the daddy of Virgin Media now? That would be Liberty Global

$24bn ISP gobble completes

Sexy models clash at big bash over catty tweets: Yup, it's HTC v Samsung

Tech titan twits taunt: Doncha wish your mobe was hot like me?

The only Waze is Google: Ad giant tipped to gobble map app 'for $1.3bn'

Pac-Man-satnav-ish upstart in bidding war with Apple, Facebook

CIA-funded upstart: THE TRUTH about Prism and NSA's web snooping

Mystery of what's inside the spooks' black boxes

Chinese 'nauts prep for next coupling in Heaven, clear way for new station

Second woman taikonaut and pals test tech for China's own orbiting platform

Waving an Eye-of-Sauron pulsating mock cock? Stop immediately

NSFWMains-powered sex aid recalled ... Ultimate O turns into ultimate Oh no

Windows NT grandaddy OpenVMS taken out back, single gunshot heard

HP signals end to legendary big iron beast

US chief spook: Look, we only want to spy on 6.66 billion of you

Americans assured they are not in the NSA's sights

HMRC ordered to cough up compo for winding-up petition, says Enta

Telford-based distie was victim of 'Civil Service Syndrome'

FUTURE of mobe tech: Today will be dry with chilly gusts of 12Mbps

Mobile web 'weather reports' predicted as networks overload

Obama faces off China's prez: We can't be pals with all this cyber-theft

'No doubt about what is going on here'

Microsoft borks botnet takedown in Citadel snafu

Stupid Redmond kicked over our honeypots, wail white hats

QLogic brandishes axe over staff, seeks $20m cost savings

Numerous employees at risk of redundancy

NSA PRISM-gate: Relax, GCHQ spooks 'keep us safe', says Cameron

Whatever they are up to, it's all above board, we're told

FBI, DHS and DoJ cool with SoftBank-Sprint merger

Add blessings to those of investment probe - just FCC to go now

Curtain drops on Apple Store ahead of WWDC: What lies behind?

Steve Jobs watching from on high. No pressure, lads

Hacker who helped find Steubenville rapists threatened with decade in prison

While the rapists get minimum sentence and rehab

Google boasts of app tuning prowess on 'warehouse scale clusters'

Making Gmail and search sit up and bark on NUMA servers

Comcast expands public Wi-Fi net using customers' modems

Home monitoring features added, too

Red Hat parachutes into crowded PaaS market

OpenShift jostles with Azure, GAE, Heroku, Elastic Beanstalk, for developers

Cisco and iRobot build videoconferencing robot for remote workers

AVA 500 takes telepresence to slightly creepy levels

Apple at WWDC: Sleek new iOS, death of the big cats, pint-sized Mac Pro

UpdatedCEO Cook: 'The biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone'

HP cloud gets crucial fed security certification

Joins Amazon as certified US gov provider

Singing astronaut Chris Hadfield resigns from Canadian Space Agency

Time to hang up the ol' helmet

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