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6th > June > 2013 Archive

Telstra mulling asbestos-free future

'Will consider' complete removal

Curiosity prepares for year-long road trip to Mount Sharp

Some interesting stops planned along the way

Big Switch Networks quits OEM-led SDN scheme

'Goliath beat me up,' says David. 'What did you expect,' says world

Leaked docs show NSA collects data on all Verizon customers

The Patriot Act strikes again

Copyright troll Prenda Law accused of seeding own torrents

Web of companies formed an end-to-end production, piracy and lawsuit-filing machine

Raspberry Pi DUMBS DOWN to target world+dog

NOOBS tool simplifies setup process for non-techies

Boffins develop 'practically free' sulphur-powered batteries

Scientists suck batteries dry

OpenStack head unworried by Dell, IBM, reversals

No public cloud from Dell? IBM loves CloudStack? No worries, says Alan Clark

Brit adventurer Nick Hancock postpones Rockall holiday to 2014

Maybe El Reg can offer some tips?

LinkedIn snarfing contacts from Exchange

UpdateDefault server settings surrender data to social network

Smart TVs riddled with DUMB security holes

Fake content, snooping, LAN attacks and more

Microsoft and FBI storm ramparts of Citadel botnets

Next: The hunt for evil botnet overlord 'Aquabox'

Hmm, you do look ill. I prescribe a good dose of mobile data

Oh thank you, Dr Mobenbiz

Who wants a 'robot companion'? Look no further than Intel Labs

InterviewSci-fi predicts the future, says Chipzilla CTO

Interview: Steve Jackson, role-playing game titan

FeatureFighting Fantasy creator and gaming prof talks to the Vulture

All major UK ISPs prepping network-level porn 'n' violence filters

AnalysisOptional, yes - but will the default be off, or on?

Amazon reaping $600m a year in ad sales

You thought they just sold books? Tsk

Publishers put a gun to our heads on ebook pricing, squeals Amazon

Wanted to damp down our Kindle-ing dominance

MYSTERY Nokia image-mangling mobe spotted in public

Unique Finnish downsampling tech sees daylight

Jack Vance: Science fiction’s master of magic, mischief and sex

ObituaryA journey through the legend's fantasies

Culture Sec: You - Google. Where's the off switch for all this filth?

Maria Miller summons web giants for filtering confab

Q10 India: Another last-chance saloon guzzle for BlackBerry

Fingers on buttons, ladies and gentlemen please ... oh please

Gourmet chemists sniff out ultimate cheese on toast

Recipes needed for the perfect Brit grilled snack

Albert Einstein brings cheese and clean pyjamas to space station

'Nauts' peanut butter also in heaviest ATV load yet

Russian cops lack kit to fight cybercrooks, says Brit security buff

CyCon 2013Web bods snub state enforcers, turn to private sector instead

Network Rail axes hundreds of tech suppliers

Coughs to creating one framework worth up to £350m

Whitehall grants copyright pirates safe haven until 2015

Come to the UK, and fill yer boots!

UK plods, Vietnamese feds cuff 11 in $200m cred-card forum blag swoop

Scotland Yard crushes website - alleged ringleader charged

Western Digital promises long hot summer of S&M products

That's small and medium business, of course

BT links with Huawei raise national security concerns, say MPs

Parly committee staggered by Chinese firm's 'self-policing' arrangements

Amazon cloud database graduates into general availability

Hosted Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server DB gets SLA to boost biz adoption

Obama administration defends mass call-data slurping

It's either that or the terrorists win, apparently

Google says it can predict movie box office with 94% accuracy

Online searches key indicator for future film success

Police 'stumped' by car thefts using electronic skeleton key

Appeal for the public's help

Google's Schmidt calls climate-change deniers 'liars'

The media 'doesn't believe in facts,' but the internet will come to the planet's rescue

Study: US iPhone owners tend to be rich, educated, white

Android is much more egalitarian, results show

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