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28th > May > 2013 Archive

SAP launches mostly-free online courseware

No mention of cheap beer in software giant's offer to 'go back to university'

Huawei: 'trust us, we are being transparent'

Security chief advances charm offensive with 'our stuff is made all over' spiel

DSD's 'don't be stupid' mitigation strategies still work

Journos booted from talk in which senior Oz spook says some agencies 'never compromised'

China's 'human flesh search' hunts down teen vandal

Angry online mob identifies shameful defacer of 3,000 year-old Egyptian relic

Tennis pro serves up pic of bad French Open line call

Racket-smashing made obsolete by smartphones and Twitter

Stand by for PURPLE KETCHUP as boffins breed SUPER TOMATOES

Die Überfrüchte

Security boffins say music could trigger mobile malware

Justin Bieber really evil virus theory just got more credible

Big Data is bovine excrement says Obama's Big Data man

You probably have 'medium data' and are paranoid about privacy, says CTO

Symantec retires low-end security software

PC Tools' security wares won't make it into post-PC era, but PC-tuners safe

Hot new battery technologies need a cooling off period

IBM boffins want to run your car on air - and lithium

HP's plunging storage revenues could yet be saved

Green shoots springing up amidst decline

Dialog Bluetooth chip boasts battery life of four YEARS

We're definitely killing off IR forever with this

We gave SQL Server 2012 one year to prove itself: What happened?

Deep diveThe pros, the cons and the fail in Microsoft's package

Forget tax bills, here's how Google is really taking us all for a ride

AnalysisWhat's that saying about knowing the price of everything?

Google cyber-knight lances Microsoft for bug-hunter 'hostilities'

While revealing a Windows 0-day security flaw

HP veep scrambles for exit as PC unit burns

Replaced by EMEA grand fromage

HP, Dell stack up back-end iron for XenDesktop 7 virty PCs

Turning tablets and thin clients into PCs without the actual PC

Mozilla teams up with Foxconn for Firefox 'fondleslab'

Taiwanese firm holds hands with open source foundation

Moss reanimates after 400 years in DEEP FREEZE

Frozen veg shocker: Boffins revive glacier-bound plants

My, my Pi, did it spy ya? Bye, bye Pi, did it go higher?

PicturesStratospheric raspberry-shaped ARM PC in proto-cam test

Bill Gates: Corporate tax is not a moral issue

I happily coughed $6bn, but firms shouldn't VOLUNTEER extra cash from shareholders

Oi, butterfingers! Drop your mobe in a pint? Hope it's not an iPhone

VidsSamsung, Apple pocket-strokers swim with the fishes

Opera debuts Chromium-luvvin' desktop browser Next 15

Replumbed Norwegian browser beta released

Boffins' brilliant plan: CONCRETE COMPUTERS

Bricked smartphone for real? Return of the walled garden?

Danwood axes 200 after discovering 'accounting weaknesses'

Troubled print biz lost £8.5m in fiscal '12

SoftLayer sticks with Super Micro servers, ponders Open Compute

It's all about the supply chain - THEN the price

May threatens ban on 'hate-inciting' radicals, even if they don't promote violence

Right, so you'll be wanting even more power then?

'$6bn money-laundering website' Liberty Reserve kingpin cuffed in Spain

Feds seize 'cyber-crooks' favourite' dot-com, lay charges

Hammond pleads guilty to Stratfor hack: 'It's a relief'

Says he won't be cooperating with the Feds, though

Yahoo! ready! to! fling! $600m! at! Hulu!

Greedy Purple Palace sets its sights on yet another slurp - report

Transporter upstart Connected Data could will merge with Drobo

UpdatedBarrall, beam me up!

ODMs and DIYs chomp x86 server racket

Shipments and revenues take a dive in Q1 – thanks a lot, EMEA

PC market facing worst-ever slump in 2013

IDC: Tablets to outsell everything by 2015

Microsoft loads botnet-crushing data into Azure

C-TIP gives ISPs near-realtime access to MARS data

How God and übergeek Ron Crane saved 3Com's bacon

Ethernet SummitHistory lesson: Persistent perfectionism trumps marketing every time

Oz opposition says to stop hackers first stop refugee boats

Australian opposition says to stop hackers first stop refugee boats

Intel nabs mobile GPS business of moribund ST-Ericsson

Hemorrhaging slowed but not halted

ASIO still secure, says government

China denies scooping plans for new Oz spook HQ

First 'adult' app for Google Glass planned 'within days'

Mom warned it'll make you go blind

Fedora 19 lands in beta with updates for devs, cloud

OpenShift Origin stack now bundled by default

Savvis summons swarm of data centers

Adds two facilities, expands in eight

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