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24th > May > 2013 Archive

Samsung, carriers tout first Tizen mobes for late 2013

TDC2013HTML5 seen as key to open source smartphone success

Googorola loses bid to ban US Xbox sales after ITC slapdown

Microsoft escapes $4bn payout

Oz shared services collapse looks bad for NetApp

Central IT agency didn't deliver, likely to quit storage-as-a-service caper

STROKE this mouse to make apps POP, says Microsoft

Windows 8 Start button comes to Redmond's rodents

SoftBank gives Washington veto over Sprint board job

The things you do to stop spooks worrying about Huawei

Peak Facebook: British users lose their Liking for Zuck's ad empire

One in 10 UK Facebookers: I quit this... bitch

'Catastrophic failure' of 3D-printed gun in Oz Police test

Panic on the streets of Sydney, as US says printed guns 'unstoppable'

US Senator introduces 'Patent Abuse Reduction Act'

Rackspace and industry groups like it, trolls maybe not so much

China’s state-run rags brand Mars One mission a scam

Beijing doesn't like the idea of its citizens visiting RED planet

INSIDE GCHQ: Welcome to Cheltenham's cottage industry

Geek's Guide to Britain'If this nerve centre didn't exist, neither would I' says Reg man

Grim outlook for Big Storage as revenues dip across board

Snapping up the minnows only keeps the wolf at bay for so long

The BOFH is BACK: And it's cloudy with a 90% chance of beatings

Episode 3So you deleted my advice? By accident? THREE times?

'Google IS a capitalist country... er, company'

QuoTWPlus: 'Apple execs, I apologise for this theatre of the absurd'

Did Kim Dotcom invent 2-factor authentication? Er, not exactly...

Pull out your pagers and your Hammer pants, we're going back to the '90s

Internet advertising giant (Google) 'mulls' map app Waze gobble

Gonna offer anything less than $1bn? No Waze, Jose

Is the next-gen console war already One?

Game TheoryMicrosoft’s new Xbox - and more

Woolwich beheading sparks call to REVIVE UK Snoopers' Charter

What? You don't agree? What are you, a terrorist?

Microsoft exposes green users' privates in web quiz snafu

Web design 101 guys, this is basic stuff

4G LTE: Good for tweets and watching Dr Who. Crap at saving lives

Critical Communications WorldWhy cops, medics must stick to walkie talkies

Feds slam hacker-friendly backdoors in jalopy, grub factories

Kit easily violated by miscreants with 'minimal skill'

Curse you, old person, for inventing computers!

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Too sexy for my (night)shirt

Hey, you, dev. What do you mean, storage is BORING?

StoragebodListen, codemonkey, do you want to take this outside...

Paul Allen buys lovingly restored vintage V-2 Nazi ballistic missile

First space rocket of humanity, used to bomb London

Daft tweet by Speaker Bercow's loquacious wife DID libel lord

Why is Sally feeling so very sorry? *innocent face*

Open wide, Google: Here comes an advertising antitrust probe

Can one ever escape the Choc Factory, FTC 'ponders'

BBC suspends CTO after £100m is wasted on doomed IT system

Revealed: The digital monster that ate Shepherd's Bush

ServiceKey, Oracle end 'grey market' code spat without bloodshed

No damages, no tears, just a shedload of paperwork to fill

Jumping on the ethernet bandwagon? You should!

Cloud, virtualisation, mobile tech require fatter pipes

Judge: Evidence will likely show Apple DID fix ebook prices

Reckons DoJ can prove Cupertino 'knowingly participated in... conspiracy'

Westcon bidding farewell to chief bean counter

John O'Malley set to exit next month

Security Twitteratti: Twitter's 2FA does sweet FA for biz

Shared accounts? #FacebookIsBetter

Total Computer Networks latest to cock a snook at downturn

Double-digit sales jump, profit rises less dramatic

World's richest hobo (Apple) has worked 'tax-free' in Ireland since '80s

Ex-veep lifts lid on homeless fondleslab maker's finances

Computacenter: We've so much cash we're giving away millions

One-off 'return of value' to lucky shareholders

Investor Icahn needs a loan of $7bn to tick off Mike Dell

I do not like it, SAM-I-am. I do not like Michael's big plan

Wikileaks leaks documentary script about Wikileaks

Simply no teddies left in this pram

Industry execs: Network admins an endangered species

Ethernet Summit'IT peasant, you are mere human middleware'

Reports: New Xbox could DOOM second-hand games market

UpdatedThe cost of your cloudy new console

Now it gets serious: Fracking could RUIN BEER

German brewers concerned about water purity plead case to Merkel

Amazon expands Appstore reach, gives devs more user data

Alternative Android store now in nearly 200 countries

Microsoft caves to Google, pulls YouTube app from WinPhone Store

Back to the older version for now

AT&T adds 61¢ 'Mobility Administrative Fee' for users

Nickel and diming customers because it can

SAP shuffles execs to chase cloud success

Former SuccessFactors CEO says Auf Wiedersehen

Internet cafés declared 'illegal businesses' in Ohio

Wretched hives 'harm more people than do good'

Experts: Network security deteriorating, privacy a lost cause

Ethernet SummitOne suggestion: 'Don't armor the sheep, hunt the wolves'

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